‘Virgin River’ Fans Have *Another* Shocking Theory About Who Shot Jack

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Although several weeks have passed since we finished bingeing the romantic drama on Netflix, the same question remains: Who shot Jack on Virgin River?

For those who need a refresher, season two ended with Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) finding Jack (Martin Henderson) wounded and bleeding at his bar. However, the actual incident was never revealed. So naturally, fans have been discussing plenty of theories about the real culprit and, so far, two of them have seemed to be the most plausible. First, there's our original theory, where Brady (Ben Hollingsworth) gets involved in some dirty business, and then there's the possibility of Jack's ex Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley) being the guilty party. But now, we've got a third suspect in mind: Charmaine's partner, Todd (Patrick Sabongui).

If you recall, Charmaine embarked on a whirlwind romance with the successful attorney, but clearly, Todd was still very skeptical of Jack and Charmaine's romantic history. Because of this, he insisted on taking full custody of Charmaine's twins. And to make matters worse, he's trying to convince the mother-to-be to move out of Virgin River and get rid of her pet dog, which was a present from Jack.

Considering his shady behavior and his suspicions about Jack, it certainly looks like Todd could be capable—but these aren't the only signs that have fans raising an eyebrow. The biggest clue came when Charmaine brought Todd to Jack’s bar for the very first time.

While there, Charmaine revealed that he first met her at the salon about one month ago, but Todd immediately corrected her and said that it was “more like three weeks,” which happens to be around the same time that Jack was shot.

So, could it be that Todd had an ulterior motive from the moment he first met Charmaine? And was he aiming to get rid of Jack so he could have Charmaine and the twins for himself?

Judging by his narcissistic and controlling behavior, we certainly wouldn't put it past the attorney to try.

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