Good News, ‘Virgin River’ Fans: Alexandra Breckenridge Is Set to Star in a Brand-New Thriller

*Trigger warning: This film deals with potentially distressing subject matter*

It appears Alexandra Breckenridge is taking some time away from the romance and drama of Virgin River in favor of a more thrilling environment.

According to Hello! Magazine, the 40-year-old actress is set to star in a new thriller called In Limbo. The project, which is currently in production, follows a man struggling with the loss of his wife, who sadly dies by suicide. He attempts to free her from a purgatory to which she's been condemned. 

Per IMDb, the upcoming project will include the This Is Us alum as well as Danny Masterson (That ‘70s Show) and Stark Sands (Inside Llewyn Davis) in the ensemble cast. At the moment, a release date has not been confirmed.

Alexandra Breckenridge attending an InStyle event.
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Meanwhile, Breckenridge has also been pretty busy filming the fifth season of Virgin River. Earlier this month, the actress made a Cameo video for a fan and shared that the new season may be coming sooner than expected. “The fifth season that’ll come out probably, I don’t know, maybe July again?” she explained in the video. “I’m not sure, nobody’s really updated me!”

Mel and Jack from 'Virgin River.'

Her co-star Martin Henderson, who plays Jack Sheridan on the show, shared a similar sentiment in a separate video. In a Cameo clip posted to Twitter, he revealed, “Virgin River season five [is] coming out, I think, probably in July. So, not long now, a few months. Another installment of hot, steamy gossip and intrigue on the river.”

Hmm, this new thriller sounds like it’s going to be worth the wait.

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