‘Virgin River’ Shares Revealing Photo of Jack & Mel: ‘What’s Going on Here?’

Virgin River just shared a glimpse of what’s to come in season 5, and it’s leaving us with more questions than answers.

Last week, the show’s official Instagram account posted a behind-the-scenes photo, featuring a candid moment between Alexandra Breckenridge (Melinda “Mel” Monroe) and Martin Henderson (Jack Sheridan).

The photo shows Breckenridge and Henderson holding champagne flutes at what appears to be a backyard party. If there’s one takeaway from the pic, it’s that both Mel and Jack are dressed the nines, which is a rare sight. Not only is Mel wearing a fancy dress, but Jack is also sporting a suit. We never thought we’d see the day.

“What’s going on here? Well, that’s a secret I’ll never tell,” the caption read, referencing a line from the iconic show Gossip Girl.

virgin river season 5 jack mel photo
Courtesy of Netflix

Fans immediately filled the comments section with supportive messages. One person wrote, “XOXO GOSSIP GIRL.” Another added, “Engagement party [winky face emoji].” Others expressed their excitement about Virgin River season 5: “Exciting I cannot wait for S5 and then S6.”

virgin river mel jack season 5 photo
Courtesy of Netflix

To answer the show’s question, we have no idea what’s going on here. Are Mel and Jack celebrating the twins’ arrival? Or are they toasting to their future wedding? Or maybe the pic is nothing but a candid behind-the-scenes moment? Only time will tell.

Unfortunately, Netflix hasn’t announced a premiere date for Virgin River season 5. But if it’s anything like previous seasons, fans can expect the new episodes to drop next summer.

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