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Things we love about Valentine’s Day: the February 15 candy sales (oh hey there, box of chocolates all to ourselves). And OK, fine, we’ll admit: We also love roses, gifts and, heck, even love itself. IRL. On our social feeds, though? It tends to go a bit overboard. Here, seven things you should refrain from posting on February 14.

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valentines day makeout

Makeout Shots

Save the French kissing for behind closed doors (or on private camera rolls).

valentines Day lingerie

The Lingerie You Picked Out

Let us remind you: Your future mother-in-law follows you on Instagram.


Gift Brags

We all gawked at the David Yurman ring and eight dozen roses your hubby sent to the office. No need to hit us over the head with it again.

valentines day tiffanys

Price Tags

C’mon, people. Keep it classy.

valentines day dinner

Your Candlelit Dinner

It’s less about the bragging and more about the actual picture quality: Food in dim lighting is a major no-no, people.

valentines day Couple carousel

The Public “I Love You” Paragraph

It doesn’t matter if 201 people like a post dedicated to your boyfriend. He’s the only one that matters. And if we learned anything from The Notebook, it’s that real deal, snail mail love letters are everything.

valentines day lovenote

The Note from Your Valentine

Again, keep it between the two of you. Do you really want your college professor who likes all of your posts on Insta reading about the time your hubby first laid eyes on you? We didn’t think so.

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