This Sandra Bullock & Hugh Grant Rom-Com Just Hit Netflix’s Top 10 List

The oldest story in the book: You’re scrolling through Netflix (for the hundredth time) and can’t seem to find a feel-good movie to satisfy your needs. That’s where Two Weeks Notice comes in.

The movie stars Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant as an employee-boss duo. While it premiered back in 2002, it recently claimed a spot on Netflix’s list of most-watched movies. (It’s currently ranked number seven behind Training Day, Parker, The Dark Knight, Moxie, Sentinelle and Bigfoot Family.)

The story follows Lucy Kelson (Bullock), a dedicated environmental lawyer who gets hired by a billionaire, George Wade (Grant), who’s trying to preserve a community center. It doesn’t take long for Lucy to grow tired of George’s indecisiveness and personal requests. As a result, she puts in her two weeks’ notice and finds a worthy replacement for her role. *Cue the second thoughts*

In addition to Bullock and Grant, Two Weeks Notice also stars Alicia Witt (June), Dana Ivey (Ruth), Robert Klein (Larry), Heather Burns (Meryl), David Haig (Howard), Dorian Missick (Tony), Veanne Cos (Melanie) and Janine LaManna (Elaine).

The movie was directed by Marc Lawrence (Miss Congeniality), who also wrote the screenplay. Bullock served as an executive producer alongside Bruce Berman (Training Day), Scott Elias (The Lake House) and Mary McLaglen (Red Sparrow).

You had us at Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant.

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