Amy Poehler’s New Movie ‘Moxie’ Just Hit Netflix’s Top 10 List—Will There Be a Sequel?

moxie sequel

Amy Poehler’s new movie, Moxie, just hit Netflix a few days ago, and it’s already claimed a spot on the streaming service’s list of most-watched films. (It’s currently ranked number one ahead of Bigfoot Family, Biggie: I Got a Story to Tell, Training Day and I Care a Lot.)

In honor of Moxie’s success, we sat down for an exclusive interview with stars Hadley Robinson (Vivian Carter) and Sydney Park (Kiera Pascal), who answered the burning question: Will Moxie get a sequel?

When asked about the possibility of Moxie 2, Park immediately said, “We’ve put the idea in Amy’s ear.” Although Netflix hasn’t made an official announcement, Park revealed that she’s hopeful about reuniting with the cast in the near future.

“I love these people. We really are best friends,” she told PureWow. “We got super close, and I was really fortunate to work on a project where the cast is super talented. So, I hope that we get to make more magic, whether that’s a series or Moxie 2. We are trying.”

Robinson confirmed that the entire cast is “open to the idea.” She added, “We were saying, ‘What would it be? Would it be these girls in college? Would it be them in New York living their lives?’ We were all questioning what it would look like.”

As for Robinson’s prediction for the (hypothetical) Moxie sequel, she said that it would likely involve the Big Apple. “I see [Vivian] going into journalism, actually, and living in New York and knowing who she is,” she said. “I think she would stay in touch with all her friends, as well. I think these are lifelong friendships that she makes in school.”

Your move, Netflix. Moxie is now available for streaming.

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