The New #2 Show on Netflix Puts a Social Media Twist on ‘Catfish’

Remember Netflix’s social networking show The Circle? Well, it’s making a major comeback.

Season two of the popular reality series recently premiered on the streamer. Since its debut, The Circle has already claimed the number two spot on Netflix’s list of most-watched shows. (It’s currently ranked behind Dad Stop Embarrassing Me.)

The Circle is basically a cross between Catfish and Big Brother, documenting contestants as they get to know each other online. Since they never actually meet in person (only through social media), the goal is to avoid getting eliminated, which can only be done if their peers believe their online profile accurately represents them as a person. (As in, they’re not a catfish.)

After each round, the eliminated player reveals their identity to one remaining participant, creating a mystery element that drives paranoia.

The Circle is back. And this time, it’s more strategic than ever,” the narrator says in the trailer. “To stay in the game, players must become popular. And to do that, they can be real or try to fool everyone with a fake profile.”

Although season one premiered back in January 2020, four new episodes just hit Netflix earlier this week. Additional season two installments will drop every Wednesday until the finale on May 5, so mark your calendars.

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