Mindy Kaling on How the Last Year Would Have Been ‘Fertile Ground’ for ‘The Office’

the office

Mindy Kaling hasn’t had to write a script on the life of Michael Scott and his Dunder Mifflin employees in eight years (!), but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t think about it. 

PureWow recently sat down to chat with The Mindy Project actress about her latest partnership with T.J.Maxx and the launch of "The Change Exchange" Pen Pal Program. The empowering letter-writing program is designed to help women connect with each other and feel supported as they navigate moments of change (sign up here). 

Naturally, we took a moment to ask The Office star how she believes Michael Scott and Kelly Kapoor would be handling the coronavirus pandemic. According to Kaling, neither of them would be coping with work from home life well. 

“I feel like this past year and a half would have been such fertile ground for The Office,” Kaling told us. “I think that Kelly—whose job could have been done pretty much remote throughout the beginning of the show—would be hating not being at work because she thrives so much on work gossip and being around Ryan. So, it would be killing her.”

As for Michael Scott, working from home would simply not be an option. She continued, “I think Michael would be the person who would just say, ‘No, no one can work from home,’ because he's just so needy and thinks of his workplace as his family. He would be the person at the height of the pandemic who was like, ‘Everyone has to come in, there’s no such thing as remote working.’ He might also be that person who does a lot of faux pas on Zoom, like clipping his toenails while the video is going. You know Michael Scott definitely has a goofy backdrop on Zoom.”

We couldn’t agree more. 

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