Hey, '80s Babies: The "Sixteen Candles" House Is for Sale!

Molly Ringwald 4-eva

“Fred, she’s gotten her boobies.” If that quote has been seared in your memory since 1984, you’ll love this. We just got word that the six-bedroom, five-bathroom mansion where all of Molly Ringwald’s birthday wishes came true in Sixteen Candles is officially for sale. This means for a cool $1.5 million, you can move into the 3,250-square foot house in Evanston, Illinois--located just outside of Chicago--and channel the most classic moments from the movie, like Sam’s late-night living-room advice sesh with her dad and her epic staircase outburst. The only thing not included: Jake Ryan.

Check out the official listing and cue all the teen nostalgia.

The “Father of the Bride” House Is For Sale and We’re Freaking Out