15 Stocking Stuffers for Kids That Will Arrive By Christmas

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We’ll be honest—stocking stuffers aren’t exactly Santa’s strong suit. After spending weeks scouring the web for the best gifts for kids and then staying up until an ungodly hour wrapping said gifts, we usually make a late-night mad dash to the drugstore for something—anything—to put into the kids’ stockings. But this year, our children deserve—nay, needsome fun playthings in their festive socks that have been hung by the chimney with care.

What Are Good Stocking Stuffers for Kids?

The best gifts for kids of every age can span any dollar amount, from basic gumballs to an elaborate Lego set they’ll probably never get around to building. But when it comes to stocking stuffers, there are a few things that make them “good.” First, they should be small enough to literally be stuffed in a stocking. They should also be relatively affordable: most stocking stuffers will be under $50, and the majority under $20 even. But most importantly, good stocking stuffers will be things that fit with the child’s likes and interests, and bring a smile to their faces when they furiously rip open the wrapping or unearth it at bottom of their stocking.

So without further ado, here are the 15 best stocking stuffers for kids that will arrive by Christmas.

25 Awesome Gift Ideas for Kids (That Parents Will Love Too)

1. Skip Hop Explore and More Rattle Toy

Best for a Baby's First Christmas

Why We Love It:

  • Doubles as a teething toy
  • Great for sensory play

Your babe may not technically need a stocking stuffer, but it’s their first holiday season and how can you resist this adorable little hedgehog rattle? Easy to grab, this one also doubles as a teething toy, making it a good investment for the future. It’s also a cinch to clean—simply wipe it with a damp cloth.

Age range: 3 months+

2. Tomy Toomies Hide & Squeak Eggs

Best for Learning Colors

Why We Love It:

  • Educational and fun
  • Easy to transport

It can be hard getting tiny tots a gift they’ll actually enjoy more than the box itself. But this fun plaything does double duty as fun packaging (peep the bright yellow carton) plus an interactive toy (the chirping chicks). It also helps kids learn color and shape recognition by sorting the hatching eggs in their own special base in the carton.

Age range: 1+

3. Crayola Twistables Crayons Coloring Set

Best for Avid Doodlers

Why We Love It:

  • A wide variety of colors
  • Twisting design prevents the need to peel

Got an artsy kid on your hands? This 50-piece crayon set features plenty of bold colors for hours of doodling, and the crayons are twistable, so they don't ever have to be sharpened.

Age range: 3+

4. Sky Organics Bath Bombs Gift Set

Best for a Kid Who Dreads Bath Time

Why We Love It:

  • Makes bath time fun
  • Toy revealed when they dissolve

These bath bombs will make any child excited to get clean. They dye the water, but not the tub, and the scents aren’t too cloying for grown-up noses. And yes, the toy inside is very exciting every time—kind of like fancy Cracker Jacks (but all cleanliness and no corn syrup–coated yumminess).

Age range: 3+

5. Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch

Best for a Kid Who's Always Asking to Play on Your Apple Watch

Why We Love It:

  • Includes two languages
  • Disguises learning as fun

OK, so this isn’t the most budget-friendly stocking stuffer. But it sure is a lot cheaper to give your kid one of these instead of letting her play with your own Apple Watch (it’s not entirely crack-proof, after all). This high-tech pick lets kids take pictures and videos, play games and tell time. Genius.

Age range: 4+

6. Britebrush Gamebrush

Best for a Kid Who Could Use Some Motivation to Brush Their Teeth

Why We Love It:

  • Promotes good dental hygiene
  • Kids will get excited to brush the full two minutes

OK, so we promised no boring gifts in your kid’s stocking this year, but this interactive toothbrush is actually really fun, promise. How so? The BriteBrush features seven games (including arcade, space attack, dance star and race car rally) and your child can unlock new levels as they brush. Meanwhile, parents will love the Parent Check Light to make sure that those little rascals have actually brushed their teeth properly.

Age range: 5+

7. El Nido Design Store Vsco Stickers

Best for Sticker Collectors

Why We Love It:

  • Older kids will love it, too
  • Encourages personal expression

With 70 colorful stickers to choose from, your kid could spend the entire day adding these to their bedroom, water bottle, computer and more, and still have stickers leftover. But don’t worry, parents—these guys can easily be removed, without leaving any icky residue behind.

Age range: 7+

8. Uno Emoji Card Game

Best for Game Lovers

Why We Love It:

  • A modern twist on an old classic
  • Can be played with just two people

Chances are that you remember this one from your own childhood, but here’s a quick recap in case you’ve forgotten the rules: The goal here is the usual race to empty one's hand but game-changing action cards (like skip, reverse and color-changing wild cards) can either help or hinder a person’s strategy. But this oldie but goodie has been given a fun upgrade thanks to popular emojis including—you guessed it—the poop emoji (so yeah, your kid will love it).

Age range: 7+

9. Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty

Best for Any Kid Obsessed with Gooey and Slimy Things

Why We Love It:

  • Simple, soothing fun
  • Good sensory activity for kids

Sure, your kid loves the latest high-tech gadget or super realistic video game, but trust us on this one—ooey, gooey putty never gets old. Especially this non-toxic version that won’t dry out and comes in multiple fun colors including this very cool star dust shade.

Age range: 8+

10. BuYess 5-in-1 Board Games

Best for Game Board Collectors

Why We Love It:

  • Multiple game options to play
  • Everything stores away neatly in a compact case

This deceptively simple board game folds to a compact 8.7 by 5.1 inches, so it's great to take on car trips or in a backpack. And the rules of moving the pieces around the board before your opponent can is a great exercise in strategy and steely patience.

Age range: 13+

11. Fisher-Price Work From Home Office Playset

Best For the Kid Who Loves to Mimic

Why We Love It:

  • Novelty fun
  • Kids can play grown-up

If your kid loves to mimic you while you type away at the computer during the workday, this playset will be a hoot for both you and them. It comes complete with a wooden play laptop, four fabric apps to attach to the computer screen, a pretend smartphone, headset, and even a to-go cop for their fav bevvy (grande latte with oat milk for Karen?) It’s pure fun that will make for some seriously hilarious Insta-worthy pics. P.S. You must order by December 20 to guarantee delivery by December 24.

Age range: 3+

12. Scratch and Sniff Scented Bookmarks

Best for the Bookworm

Why We Love It:

  • Encourages a love of reading
  • Inspirational sayings are daily pick-me-ups

Is your kid often found in a corner, head firmly in a book? Maybe they’re sneaking in extra late-night reading when you think they’re fast asleep in bed. Bookworms will love these scratch and sniff scented bookmarks they can enjoy as they read. Let’s face it, though. Not every kid loves to read. But even those who loathe it will revel in cracking open a new chapter when they have these sweet-smelling bookmarks to entertain them between pages. The inspirational sayings on them are pretty awesome, too.

Age range: 5+

13. Msdada Store Hair Chalk

Best for Expressive Kids

Why We Love It:

  • Non-allergenic and water soluble
  • Won’t stain hands or pillowcases once dry

If your kid has been pleading with you to take them to the salon to dye their hair purple, a decision you know they will quickly regret once their bestie deems purple “so last week,” you can compromise with this temporary, completely washable hair color. With six shade options in a set (and multiple sets to choose from), kids with blonde or lighter colored hair can easily go from purple to blue, green to red, from one day to the next. It’ll come in handy during the holidays, too, for a festive twist.

Age range: 4+

14. Baby Einstein Curiosity Clutch Toy

Best for New Babies

Why We Love It:

  • Lots of activities in one
  • Stimulating colors, shapes, and sounds

It’s so simple, yet it will mesmerize a newborn for hours as they grasp, pop, twist, press, and interact with it any way they can. The oodles of colors, cool shapes, and various sounds will have them squealing with delight as they figure out how to use those funny little grabber thing-a-ma-jigs on their hands.

Age range: 3+

15. LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book

Best for Expanding Vocabulary

Why We Love It:

  • Includes two languages
  • Disguises learning as fun

Once kids start to talk, they don’t stop. Like, ever. But watching them learn is a wondrous experience, and books like this one will help them develop language using fun facts, words, and even sounds (it comes with the required two AA batteries—phew!) Tap a picture to learn about colors, science, animals, and more. It even includes Spanish should you want your child prodigy in the making to be bilingual. Psst...You must order by December 20 for guaranteed delivery by December 24.

Age range: 1+

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