We’ll be honest—stocking stuffers aren’t exactly Santa’s strong suit. After spending weeks scouring the web for the best gifts for kids and then staying up until an ungodly hour wrapping said gifts, we usually make a late-night mad dash to the drug store for something—anything— to put into the kids’ stockings (sorry about those chewable vitamins from last year, guys). But this year, our children deserve—nay, need—some fun playthings in their festive socks that have been hung by the chimney with care. So without further ado, here are the best stocking stuffers for kids.

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1. Skip Hop Explore and More Roll Around Baby Rattle Toy (Ages 3 months+)

Your babe may not technically need a stocking stuffer, but it’s their first holiday season and how can you resist this adorable little hedgehog rattle? Easy to grab, this one also doubles as a teething toy, making it a good investment for the future. It’s also a cinch to clean—simply wipe clean with a damp cloth.

$8 at Amazon

2. Honeysticks Pure Beeswax Crayons (Ages 1+)

These nontoxic crayons are chunky enough so that they won’t break apart in little hands, non-toxic (you know, in case little Jimmy decides to have a taste) and have the added bonus of having a pleasant beeswax scent.

$23 at Amazon


3. TOMY Toomies Hide & Squeak Eggs (Ages 1+)

It can be hard getting tiny tots a gift that they’ll actually enjoy more than the box itself. But this fun plaything does double duty as fun packaging (the bright yellow carton) plus an interactive toy (the chirping chicks). It also helps kids learn color and shape recognition by sorting the hatching eggs in their own special base in the carton.

$12 at Amazon

4. Blume Petal Pet (Ages 3+)

Instead of getting your kid a piece of jewelry, a toy and an activity in their stocking, gift them this Blume Petal Pet duo that does all three! Each colorful flower magically blooms to reveal a Petal Pet and a collectible charm bracelet (which can be turned into a leash for your pet) inside. With 12 petal pets and 12 charms to discover, your kid can collect ‘em all.

$15 at Amazon for a pack of two


5. Snapstyle Printable Mask (Ages 3+)

Struggling to get your kid to keep their mask on? Well, they might be more likely to don their face covering if it’s one that they designed themselves. This high-tech kit allows children to create a customized disposable face mask with the touch of a button. Simply snap or pull a picture on your phone and use the app to adjust and preview the mask. Then print the design out on an inkjet printer and use the heat-activated adhesive to attach it to the mask—no sewing required. All materials needed (except for the printer) are included in the kit.

$5 at Amazon

6. Floof Modeling Clay (Ages 3+)

No white Christmas this year? Don't worry. They'll be just as content building a snowman out of this foam putty (kids love anything that’s ooey and gooey, after all). And the best part? You won't have to go outside in the cold to get into the holiday spirit.

$18 at Amazon

7. Sky Organics Kids Bath Bombs Gift Set (Ages 3+)

These bath bombs will make any child excited to get clean. They dye the water, but not the tub, and the scents aren’t too cloying for grown-up noses. And yes, the toy inside is very exciting every time—kind of like fancy Cracker Jacks (but all cleanliness and no corn syrup–coated yumminess).

$25 at Amazon

8. Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch (Ages 4+)

OK, so this isn’t the most budget-friendly stocking stuffer. But it sure is a lot cheaper to give your kid one of these instead of letting her play with your own Apple Watch (it’s not entirely crack-proof, after all). This high-tech pick lets kids take pictures and videos, play games and tell time. Genius.

$54 at Amazon

9. Slinky (Ages 5+)

For a totally retro gift that will keep kids entertained indoors (because you don’t want them dragging all that snow back inside before dinner), you can’t go wrong with a classic. Hey, everyone loves a Slinky.

$8 at Amazon

10. Alexa Leigh Kids Rosegold Butterfly Bracelet (Ages 5+)

If your little one is drawn to anything that sparkles (we don't blame them), they'll be delighted by this 14K gold-filled ball bracelet that's strung on an elastic string. Measuring 5.5 inches, it should fit even the smallest wrists. Plus, if you're looking for even more memorable gift ideas, Les Mini is a one-stop-shop for pint-sized sleepwear, Stoney Clover pouches and everything in-between.

BUY IT ($60)

10. BriteBrush GameBrush (Ages 5+)

OK, so we promised no boring gifts in your kid’s stocking this year, but this interactive toothbrush is actually really fun, promise. How so? The BriteBrush features seven games (including arcade, space attack, dance star and race car rally) and your child can unlock new levels as they brush. Meanwhile, parents will love the Parent Check Light to make sure that those little rascals have actually brushed their teeth properly.

Buy It ($39)


12. VSCO Stickers (Ages 7+)

With 70 colorful stickers to choose from, your kid could spend the entire day adding these to their bedroom, water bottle, computer and more, and still have stickers leftover. But don’t worry, parents—these guys can easily be removed, without leaving any icky residue behind.

$6 at Amazon

13. UNO Emoji Card Game (Ages 7+)

Chances are that you remember this one from your own childhood, but here’s a quick recap in case you’ve forgotten the rules: The goal here is the usual race to empty one's hand but game-changing action cards (like skip, reverse and color-changing wild cards) can either help or hinder a person’s strategy. But this oldie but goodie has been given a fun upgrade thanks to popular emojis including—you guessed it—the poop emoji (so yeah, your kid will love it).

$6 at Amazon

14. Alex Craft Rock Pets (Ages 8+)

When you’ve exhausted all other craft ideas, this sweet gift will get your kid’s creative juices flowing once again. Available in different animals (a frog, butterfly, fox, owl and turtle), this set comes with a paintbrush and six different colors. Bring on the rainy days, you’ve got this.

$13 at Amazon


15. Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty (Ages 8+)

Sure, your kid loves the latest high-tech gadget or super realistic video game, but trust us on this one—ooey, gooey putty never gets old. Especially this non-toxic version that won’t dry out and comes in multiple fun colors including this very cool star dust shade.

$15 at Amazon


16. Heytech Magic Flying Butterflies (Ages 10+)

For the prankster in the family, crank up one of these colorful butterflies (they work with a simple rubber band mechanism), place it in a holiday card and watch your kid squeal with delight when they open it up and get a flying surprise. Maybe just ask that they don’t try to pull the same prank with Grandma.

$9 at Amazon


17. Offidea Mancala Board Game with Stones (Ages 12+)

This deceptively simple board game folds to a compact 8.7 by 5.1 inches, so it's great to take on car trips or in a backpack. And the rules of moving the pieces around the board before your opponent can is a great exercise in strategy and steely patience.

$20 at Amazon

18. Apple AirPods Pro (Ages 12+)

Want to win the coolest parent of the year award? Slip a pair of these into your teen’s stocking and they won’t even care what else is under the tree. (Psst: This one’s really a gift for you, too—now they can practice their latest TikTok dance without disrupting the entire house.)

$190 at Amazon

19. SIMARI Touch Screen Winter Gloves (Ages 15+)

The weather outside is frightful, but that doesn’t mean that your teen won’t spend an hour in the freezing cold scrolling through the ‘gram. These high-tech gloves will keep them warm while letting them stay up to date with what their friends are up to this holiday season.

$17 at Amazon

20. Godiva Chocolatier Christmas Chocolate Truffle Flight

Everyone knows that the best gift is the one that you can eat. But it is a special occasion after all, so splurge on one of these fancy truffle boxes instead of the usual Hershey’s bar. Just make sure to pick one up for yourself, too, since there’s no way your kid will want to share theirs.

$18 at Amazon


21. Kanoodle (Ages 7+)

Here’s a game that will keep your kid occupied while you make a special Christmas morning breakfast (or while waiting for her turn to unwrap her next gift). There are hundreds of different ways to play this brain-busting puzzle—all of which can be played solo. No wonder it boasts over 4,800 five-star reviews.

$9 at Amazon

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