4 Creators Share Their Advice for Delivering a Beautifully Wrapped Gift

When it comes to gift giving, it’s easy to forget: The material goods inside a package often pale in comparison to the magic (and mystery!) brought on by someone else’s thoughtfulness. That’s why it’s ever-so-important to dress up the present you bring. (Cue the friend/family member/colleague that nails the presentation part of gift giving every single time.) Here, four creators share their best advice for wrapping your presents right.

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Liz Libre Lewis Gift Wrap Idea
Courtesy of Liz Libré

1. Layer Different Prints & Patterns

“I love layers of print and pattern, especially since so many holiday gifts tend to sit unopened for the duration of a party or gathering. It’s all about kicking up the visual interest.” — Liz Libré, co-founder Lewis

Try This: “Because I own a print-forward kids’ brand, I gift a lot of printed pieces, which happen to look great as the ‘gift wrap.’ Like here, I wanted to show the print of one of our Zip pouches, so I wrapped a part of the gift (the middle layer), then layered in the printed product (the bottom layer) and tied it up with a pretty ribbon. I also collect printed paper—artist postcards, stationery, even wallpaper—so I’ll use that for a card (no need for an envelope) and then add a gift topper if I have one, like a rubber snake for a kids’ gift or an ornament for a grown-up.”

Supplies Required: Lewis Pouch Set ($48); Paper Source Evergreen Mistletoe Flat Wrap ($7); Berwick Ribbon ($2)

ana gambuto sharpie idea
Courtesy of Ana Gambuto

2. Illustrate Your Gift Wrap

“In addition to other gift wrap, I always keep a roll of Kraft paper on hand since it can serve as a blank canvas and is so easy to personalize.” — Ana Gambuto, Photographer and Founder of Shelter Isle

Try This: “You could play around with a holiday stamp set or just grab a Sharpie and try hand-drawing your own trees, holly—really, any festive-feeling doodle works. Then just add a white, red or metallic bow and voila! Simple and pretty.”

Supplies Required: Bryco Kraft Paper ($16); Sharpie Permanent Markers ($10); Willbond Ribbon ($21)

folding paper technique
Courtesy of @GiftWrappingLove

3. Play Around with Fancy Folding Techniques

“Pleating is a great way to add visual interest to a gift. With a little patience, I believe anyone can master this technique.” —  @GiftWrappingLove

Try This: “There are YouTube videos you can watch, but one of the most important steps—and the trickiest—is cutting the paper to size. You’ll eventually get a feel for how much paper to cut, but when it doubt, add a little extra as a buffer. For the best results, take the time to create sharp, clean folds and use double sided tape.”

Supplies Required: Rifle Paper Co. Mistletoe Wrapping Sheets ($11); Sugar Paper Wrapping Paper ($6); Wondershop Ribbon ($6)

Caylin Harris Gift Wrap Idea
Grace Cary/Getty Images

4. Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle

“Some of the prettiest presents I’ve wrapped have been with repurposed wrapping paper or a plain grocery bag, scraps of fabric or wallpaper or ribbons I’ve repurposed from other gifts—the time is now to get creative!” — Caylin Harris, Lifestyle Expert

Try This: “To really make the result sing, I smooth leftover wrinkled silky with an iron. I also love to add an embellishment on top like a sprig of greenery, a vintage ornament I’ve thrifted, a cinnamon stick, dried orange slices or some bells.” 

Supplies Required: Crate & Barrel Forest Gift Wrap ($11); Smart & Casual Twine ($5); Vintage Ornament ($7)

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