10 Wrapping Paper Storage Solutions to Keep Things Neat and Tidy Until Next Year

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A flurry of gift wrapping is about to take place and when the season is over, you’ll likely be left with some overstock to deal with. Good news: We found the very best wrapping paper storage solutions so you can neatly tuck the holiday supplies away until next year.

The Best Wrapping Paper Storage Solutions at a Glance

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For those among us who haven’t already maxed out the space under their bed, this nifty structured fabric container will be the perfect storage solution for wrapping paper and all its related accessories. The container features a detachable velcro divider that can be kept in place for additional organization or removed to store longer 40-inch rolls of paper. The lid boasts a zippered closure to protect supplies from dust and tears during the off-season, as well as two spacious (interior) pockets that are just right for stashing ribbons, bows, tissue paper and more. It’s also worth noting that this reasonably-priced product has earned nearly 6,500 glowing 5-star reviews, so it’s safe to say it lives up to its promise.

Best Plastic Wrapping Paper Storage

2. Rubbermaid Wrap n’ Craft Wrapping Paper Storage Container


This durable plastic storage container is designed to keep up to 20 rolls of standard 30-inch wrapping paper in prime condition. The hard plastic exterior of the container ensures that the rolls are in no danger of getting smooshed or ripped, and its tall-but-slim design makes it easy to tuck away into tight spaces for vertical or horizontal storage. There are no bells and whistles here, so don’t expect it to accommodate your leftover bows and ribbons. That said, if you’re looking for a wrapping paper fortress that’s suitable for small spaces, this one certainly fits the bill.

Best Hanging Wrapping Paper Storage

3. SimpleHouseware Hanging Wrapping Paper Storage Organizer


Here, a hanging storage bag with ample room for all manner of gift wrapping materials. The backside of the bag features three deep pockets for gift bags, while the front of the bag has multiple smaller compartments for bows, ribbons and the like, as well as two deep pockets that can fit up to eight rolls of wrapping paper. Best of all, happy customers report that it's well-made and sturdy—so feel free to stuff it to the gills.

Best Upright Wrapping Paper Storage

4. Elf Stor Wrapping Paper Storage Box

Elf Stor

Slim but surprisingly spacious, this tall storage box boasts a heavy-duty fabric construction, reinforced seams and enough room to house a whopping 20 rolls of 40-inch wrapping paper in a tidy fashion (thanks to a divider system at the base). Just keep in mind that a) this one can only be used for upright storage, as the lid isn’t attached, and b) it only comes in red and green, so unless Christmassy colors work with your year-round decor, you better have a hiding place in mind.

Best on a Budget

5. Elf Stor Wrapping Paper Storage Bag

Elf Stor

When it comes to getting the most bang for your buck, you really can’t do better than this wrapping paper storage bag. Constructed from durable polyester and equipped with a reinforced base, this cylindrical number can be stored upright or rolled under the bed. It also fits an impressive 25 rolls of wrapping paper, and is long enough to accommodate the 40-inch variety, too. Bottom line: If wrapping paper is the only thing you need to store, this is an efficient and budget-friendly way to do it.

Best Open Wrapping Paper Storage

6. Safco Steel Wire Roll File


Blueprints, maps, vintage posters, wrapping paper—any type of roll you want to store can fit in this guy. And yes, it, too, rolls…but only if you want it to, since you can always lock the front casters. Overall, the steel construction is sturdy and utilitarian, and the unconcealed storage it provides is particularly convenient for folks who want easy access to their wrapping paper supply.

Best Wrapping Paper Storage Cart

7.  Tangkula Wrapping Paper Storage Cart


Here, a rolling storage solution with a wider range of use. Attractive and easy to store under a craft table or next to a desk, this particle board cart features a two-tiered dowel rack for ribbon and twine, three small drawers for bows, labels, tissue paper and office supplies and three tall compartments in the back for upright wrapping paper storage. This is a pricier storage solution but it scores high marks for functionality—provided you only have a relatively modest amount of gifting materials to stash away.

Best Wall-Mounted Wrapping Paper Storage

8. Z-Things Wrapping Paper Storage Station


Ideal for use in a craft room, this wall-mounted rack includes ten detachable dowels that can be spaced out according to your needs and used to store cellophane, wrapping paper rolls, ribbons, gift bags and more. The natural wood construction is nice to look at, and the user-friendly design promises to keep things organized while providing easy access to the goods.

Best Over-the-Door Wrapping Paper Storage

9. Modacraft Wrapping Paper Storage Holder


Use the included stainless-steel hooks to hang this puppy over a closet door and then slide gift wrap, craft paper, cellophane or cricut rolls into each of the 26 vinyl pockets. Scores of enthusiastic reviews indicate that this bargain buy is a simple-but-amazing space-saver that far exceeds expectations.

Best Customizable Storage Solution

10. Elfa Wrapping Paper Storage Rack

The Container Store

This basket and top-rack duo do a bang-up job of keeping long, awkward things like umbrellas, posters and—you guessed it—rolls of wrapping paper in place and out of the way. Just keep in mind that this guy is designed to be mounted on a wall or door, and additional Elfa Utility components must be purchased to make that happen. The end result, though, is a highly customizable unit that addresses storage needs, both big and small.

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