All the Wrapping Paper and Gift Supplies You’ll Want to Stock Up On for the Holidays

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Give yourself a pat on the back because you secured the gift for everyone on your list (yes, even grandpa). Now, it’s time to move on to the next step and brush up on your wrapping skills. Let’s face it, we secretly enjoy tying each present with a nice festive bow—even if we’re not the most adept at the actual wrapping part. But instead of slapping a layer of snowflake print paper on every gift, how about switching it up and unleashing your inner elf? Here’s how to upgrade your gifting this holiday season with the best wrapping paper and gift supplies that can be sent straight to your front door.

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best wrapping papers and gift supplies beyonce

Wrapping Paper

1. Beyonce Holiday Wrapping Paper

It’d be criminal to not get this for the Queen Bey fan in your life. Really, it’s the only thing worthy of the Lemonade vinyl you already bought them. And who knows, it could encourage them to act a little nicer than usual…

best wrapping papers and gift supplies fa la la

2. Fa La La Wrapping Paper Roll

FYI, the first time you hear “Deck the Halls” is also the moment the holidays have officially begun. No debate. Also, don’t be surprised if your mom breaks into song the second she catches a glimpse of this pink and red wrapping paper.

best wrapping papers and gift supplies american greetings

3. American Greetings Christmas Foil Reversible Wrapping Paper

Why spring for a standard roll when you can have reversible wrapping paper instead? This black and gold paper can be mixed and matched (with festive prints like trees, reindeers, plaid or polka dots) so you spread all eight of these patterns across your family and friends.

best wrapping papers and gift supplies with love from santa
The Container Store

4. With Love From Santa Wrapping Paper

Any kiddo will enjoy that Santa has left his mark on their presents. The handwritten font brings a personalized touch that shows St. Nick really, truly had a hand in wrapping their gifts.

Buy It ($9)

best wrapping papers and gift supplies avocado

5. Avocado Holiday Wrapping Paper

We all have that one friend who loves avocados (on toast, via guac, in DIY face mask, etc.), so surprise them with a festive version of the fruit. Seriously, how cute is it that each avo has antlers?

best wrapping papers and gift supplies cat

6. Furoshiki Holiday Wrapping Cloth

We know you’ve thought about being more eco-friendly this holiday season. Luckily, the Japanese tradition of using a cloth (usually silk, cotton or rayon) to carry, gift and protect items is a great sustainable and reusable option for gift-giving. While there’s no ripping open presents when this furoshiki is involved, it does come in four fun patterns that will turn these cloths into an additional gift they didn’t even see coming.

best wrapping papers and gift supplies pj polar bear
The Container Store

7. Pj Polar Bear Reversible Wrapping Paper

Polar bears dressed in holiday PJs? Yeah, it doesn’t get any more adorable than that. This reversible paper features a red and white pattern on the opposite side, for a guaranteed festive season ahead.

Buy It ($10)

best wrapping papers and gift supplies sweater
The Container Store

8. Cream Cable Sweater Wrapping Paper

It’s not sweater weather for nothing. Whether you’re hinting at the Naadam sweater your aunt is getting or the weighted blanket your sister asked you for, the sweater-inspired wrapping paper will definitely be a hit.

Buy It ($9)

best wrapping papers and gift supplies cats
The Container Store

9. Hung Up On Christmas Wrapping Paper

While Whiskers will care less about the wrapping paper (and more about the box that the gift came in), it’s the thought that counts. And hello, who doesn’t love cats in stockings?

Buy It ($9)

best wrapping papers and gift supplies lights

10. When It Rains Paper Christmas Wrapping Paper

Want your presents to stand out under the tree? This bold print should do the trick. Add a color-coordinated bow to subtly give your neighbor kudos for their epic holiday light display.

best wrapping papers and gift supplies 12 days of christmas
The Container Store

11. 12 Days Of Christmas Wrapping Paper

On the 12th day of Christmas, highlight the ultimate holiday hit...via festive packaging. From the turtle doves to the lords a leaping, this is a stunning homage to the classic song. And your very traditional grandmother will approve.

Buy It ($10)

best wrapping papers and gift supplies do not open

12. Do Not Open Pattern Wrapping Paper

Warning: This wrapping paper will make your gift even more tempting to unwrap before Christmas. Your kiddo would find the little sayings like “Do not lick,” “Do not rattle” or “Do not poke” amusing and have them guessing what exactly is inside.

best wrapping papers and gift supplies funny christmas

13. Funny Christmas Wrapping Paper

Animals + festive hats = the holiday party we definitely want to get an invite to. From llamas to dinosaurs to unicorns, the party animal in your life will love the funny pun (and the White Elephant gift to match).

best wrapping papers and gift supplies george and viv

14. George & Viv Very Merry Wrapping Paper Book

Rolls of wrapping paper is so 2019. Instead, get this book that’s stuffed with 12 different wrapping paper sheets (plus a sheet of gift tags to match). Flip through illustrations and easily remove your paper of choice. Mom will thank you for making her holiday bin a little more manageable this year.

best wrapping papers and gift supplies hanukkah
The Container Store

15. Blue Floral Hanukkah Wrapping Paper

Christmas isn’t the only holiday with the best wrapping paper. Ring in the eight days of lights (plus some latkes and dreidels) with this with this festive Hanukkah sheet.

Buy It ($9)


best wrapping papers and gift supplies nutcracker1

1. Nutcracker Christmas Ribbon

Mom’s favorite holiday show can be displayed right on her gift. With five yards of ribbon, you’ll have a ball wrapping it around boxes of all sizes and shapes. It’s also great for DIY holiday hair bows too.

best wrapping papers and gift supplies papyrus
The Container Store

2. Papyrus Gold Glitter Pom Pom Bow

FYI, glitter is always the way to go. Bring some shimmer to your gifts by placing a gold bow right on top.

Buy It ($4)

best wrapping papers and gift supplies sparkling velvet

3. Sparkling Velvet Ribbon

Your sister (aka the trendsetter of the family) will be praising you for the chic addition to her gift. The velvet ribbon will instantly turn even a deck of cards into a luxury find.

best wrapping papers and gift supplies gifting

4. Gifting Ribbon

Tie this ribbon, printed with “I wish I was getting this gift” or “isn’t this exciting,” around your brother’s present and watch him actually LOL at your not-so-subtle finishing touch.

best wrapping papers and gift supplies ribbon bows

5. Joyin 24 Pieces Ribbon Bows

Choose from 12 different styles to match with your wrapping paper of choice. Plus, you’ll impress the crafter in your life with how well you turn ribbons into festive bows in three easy steps.

Gift Tags

best wrapping papers and gift supplies holiday gift tags

1. Holiday Gift Tags

Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or general festive wishes, this 15-pack has a gift tag for celebrations of every type. Each tag is handwritten with symbols representing each holiday and the choice to have standard holiday text (like ‘Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!) or room to write who the gift is for.

best wrapping papers and gift supplies roll gift tags
The Container Store

2. Scandinavian Roll Gift Tags

There are 10+ designs to choose from for everyone on your list. All you have to do is sign your name and affix it to the right present (you’re on your own with that one…).

Buy It ($7)

best wrapping papers and gift supplies mistletoe gift tags

3. Rifle Paper Co. Mistletoe Gift Tags

Your significant other will get the hint if you place this handmade mistletoe on top of their gift box. It’s a sweet gesture that can make even a pair of socks feel romantic.

best wrapping papers and gift supplies santa gift tags

4. Santa Gift Tags

Your niece or nephew will love getting a stamp of approval from Kris Krinkle himself. They’ll be trading their tags to see if they were naughty or nice this year and to check out how Santa delivered each gift (via the chimney, front door, window or a magic key).

best wrapping papers and gift supplies gift tags

5. 500 Piece Christmas Tags

Yup, these 500 Christmas tags should last you for the next 10 Christmases. Choose between five designs (Santa Claus, Rudolph, presents, etc) to mark your friend’s and family’s presents.

Gift Bags & Boxes

best wrapping papers and gift supplies truck dogs
The Container Store

1. Truck Dogs Gift Bag

Throw your doggo’s new squeaky toy right in this dog-themed gift bag. Bonus points if one of the pups on the bag looks just like little Bailey.

Buy It ($4)

best wrapping papers and gift supplies santa pants

2. Santa Pants Gift And Treat Bags

This five-star gift bag (with over 200+ glowing reviews and counting) is a hit among all types of kids and grandkids. Whether you’re using it as a stocking stuffer or a goodie bag for the family holiday party, you won’t regret making these collectable Santa pants the star of the holidays.

best wrapping papers and gift supplies beverage bag
The Container Store

3. Papyrus Multi Merry Beverage Bag

Your dad would love to receive a case of his favorite beer for the holidays. But he’ll really love unwrapping them from this beverage bag, which fits a six-pack and makes it truly the “joy in a bottle.” Oh, and did we mention the gift tag is actually a bottle opener?

Buy It ($8)

best wrapping papers and gift supplies emerald gift box
The Container Store

4. Emerald Gift Boxes

While your bestie will marvel at any gift you toss her way, she might take a moment to admire this luxe gift box before tearing it open. The forest green shade plus the golden trees make opening this box a chic experience.

Buy It (starting at $7)

best wrapping papers and gift supplies christmas treats gift box

5. Christmas Treats Gift Box

The baker (aka grandma) will enjoy displaying her delicious treats in this festive box with a clear window. The 24-piece set comes with three designs (Santa, snowman and reindeers) to store cookies, cupcakes or any desserts that must be taken on the go—or handed out as gifts.

Tissue Paper

best wrapping papers and gift supplies happy holidays

1. Happy Holidays Tissue Paper

Get in the holiday spirit with holly dusted tissue paper. Receive 10 sheets to add to all your gifts (FYI, each sheet is pretty thick, so there’s no need to double up).

best wrapping papers and gift supplies santas dogs

2. Santa’s Dogs

Come on, dogs in festive gear? This tissue paper is just the gift that keeps on giving.

best wrapping papers and gift supplies polka dots
The Container Store

3. Polka Dots

Sometimes simplicity is the way to go. Traditional red polka dots will easily take any gift bag to the next level.

Buy It ($5 for 20 sheets)

best wrapping papers and gift supplies holiday tissue paper

4. Joyin Holiday Tissue Paper

Once you buy this 150-piece set, you’ll never have to rush to buy tissue paper ever again. Pick from ten designs to make it easy to distinguish from grandpa’s gift to your uncle’s.

best wrapping papers and gift supplies americans greetings

5. American Greetings Bulk Tissue Paper

Sometimes you just need standard tissue paper (because your gift is the main star). This set comes with 125 sheets, so go wild with the color mixing.

best wrapping papers and gift supplies tape dispenser
The Container Store

1. Scotch Clip & Twist Tape Dispenser

No more scrambling to hold the wrapping paper and the tape to wrap your gift. This handy tool can clip onto any surface and will cut wrapping time by half.

best wrapping papers and gift supplies craft scissors
The Container Store

2. 3m Precision Ultra Edge Craft Scissors

Want a nice clean cut? These craft scissors are the tool you need to glide through paper, ribbon and even fabric. Say goodbye to ripped or torn edges.

best wrapping papers and gift supplies paper cutter
The Container Store

3. Little Elf Wrapping Paper Cutter

If scissors just won’t cut it (sorry, we had to), this lightweight tool will make trimming wrapping paper quite a bit easier. First, slide it onto your roll, pull out the exact amount of paper you want and run it across, for a neat cut.

best wrapping papers and gift supplies wrapping paper cutter
The Container Store

4. Wrapmaster Wrapping Paper Cutter

Upgrade your wrapping skills with this 2-in-1 game changer. Place the ruler down to measure out the precise cut before lifting up the wrapping paper and watching it tear in a clean, straight line—sans paper cutters or scissors.

Best wrapping paper storage: A silver paper storage organizer box

5. Christmas Storage Organizer

All that wrapping can leave things a mess, so it’s best to keep your gift supplies in one neat place. This storage organizer can hold wrapping paper, ribbons, tools, you name it. With over 1,800+ 5-star reviews, you can trust the holiday hub will fulfill all your wrapping needs.

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