The 49 Best Gifts for Tweens That Aren't Serious Cringe

From Fidget Spinners to Sneakers

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Gifts for Tweens: collage of various gift products like a Fujifilm Instax Instant camera, a Guts by Olivia Rodrigo vinyl album, Vans checkered sneakers, Apple Air Pods Max headphones, a Stanley Cup Tumbler, a Throw Throw Burrito game and a create your own video game handheld console set against a blue background
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Shopping for a pre-teen this holiday season? Word to the wise: Don’t be daunted by the seeming impossibility of choosing something they'll actually enjoy. After all, while tweens between 9 and 12 years old are notoriously hard to shop for, they do have a lot of interests, ranging from science to art to scrolling TikTok for hours. Speaking of TikTok, it's where we first spotted the viral platform mini UGGs ($160) and the exclusive GUTS by Olivia Rodrigo vinyl ($30) which garnered 5.5 million views on one fan’s reaction video alone.

Bottom line: We've listened to parents, reviewers and tweens themselves and compiled a list of the 51 best gifts for tweens to help you win Christmas, birthdays and any other gift-giving occasion. We’re talking decor, things for school, clothes—like this cozy Abercrombie & Fitch sweatshirt ($60; $45)—and so, so much more.

The Best Gifts for Tweens at a Glance


For the Guy Jock

Nike Kids' Training Pants

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For the Future Astronaut

Amazon BlissLights Sky Lite Evolve LED Laser Star Projector

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For Nail Biters

Olive & June Press-on Mani System

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For the Adventure Seeker

lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag 1L

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For Movie Nights

Popsmith The Popper

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How We Chose the Best Gifts for Tweens

When choosing the best gifts for tweens, we took to the social platform that started it all…TikTok. We spent hours scrolling through videos, vetting which products are actually tween-approved and accessing the likes, views and comments. We also spent over a hundred hours researching products and reviewing thousands of customer reviews, weighing the pros and cons and evaluating whether the items met our standards for usefulness, quality, spunk and uniqueness. We even relied on a few trusted PureWow editors who are either parents or tween-item enthusiasts themselves.

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For the Guy Jock

1. Nike Kids' Training Pants


He may already have a lot of workout joggers, but these are fancy and Nike. Thanks to the moisture-wicking signature Nike Dri-FIT technology, these will keep your tween cool and dry on and off the court, field, track and wherever else he wants to wear ‘em. They were designed for running and training purposes, so every detail—from the ultra-soft, stretchy and adjustable waistband to the roomy hips to the front and back zipper pockets—is intentionally and carefully crafted with the athlete in mind. It comes in Big Boy sizes on Nordstrom’s site, which range from S to XL or 8 to 20. “My son is 10 and wears a M (10-12),” says one customer. “His legs are on the muscular side. These are his favorite pants, and he never complains. He usually prefers shorts, [but we] bought one pair and then bought two more! The grey is extra soft.” Speaking of soft, they're so versatile and comfortable thanks to that stretchy fabric, he won’t want to take them off once he’s dominated his workout. But don’t worry mom, it’s available to shop in a heather grey colorway, too, so he’ll have a backup pair to wear the next time you dare throw his smelly load of clothes in the laundry.

Your little wannabe scientist will go nuts over this unique projector that can fill any room with numerous nebula clouds. In other words, it’ll make them feel like they’ve travelled space and time to enter another galaxy. As one parent put it, their children are pretty much mesmerized by anything remotely bright. “My kids are into anything that will light up their room and this was by-far the biggest wow factor yet,” he raves. “It has so many options and really puts out great light. Depending on where you put it, it will be very bright and fill a room. [I] absolutely love it and will be doing the whole basement!” Along with the projector, there’s a compatible app where users can control the speed, adjust the brightness and swap the colors as well as set presets, smart timers, routines and more. Let’s just say, we know who’s hosting the next slumber party under the stars.

For Nail Biters

3. Olive & June Press-on Mani System

Olive and June

Gen Z has made friends with press-on nails, and the new iterations come in subtle colorways and shorter lengths that are cool without being extra. This kit will help the tween with nervous hands get a jump on nail grooming with nine included tools such as a cuticle pusher, nail clipper, file, buffer, strengthener and set of short, mani press-ons. Actually, you’ll have the option to purchase one or four sets of press on nails and pick from the company’s wide selection of styles. (Let’s not forget about how much you’ll save on nail salon visits.) And once you own the system, all you’ll have to stock up on are more press-ons. Most of the Olive and June press-ons come with 42 nails per package and 21 sizes that can be filed and shaped to your kid’s liking. (So go ahead, sneak some to use on yourself—we won’t say anything.) Oh, and it includes a removal kit too for when it’s time to switch ‘em out. So, which style do you think your tween will like more…the cheetah French almonds or the star clusters in the squoval shape?

For the Adventure Seeker

4. lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag 1L


This lululemon belt bag is all over TikTok and almost always perpetually sold out. It’s made with a water-repellent material and features an exterior zippered pocket and roomy interior compartment that can feature your tween’s essentials and snacks come the next field day or adventure. “This belt bag has so much space,” raves one lululemon reviewer. “That I normally store in it is my phone (it’s an iPhone 13, so it’s pretty big—like all phones these days), my lip gloss, my various cards and some hair ties, and there is still enough room for [about] three more phones, another couple of lip glosses, cards and [around] 20 more hair ties—and that’s just the main compartment! There is still a back zippered spot that is able to hold lots of belongings! Absolutely love this belt bag!” With the holidays around the corner, we suggest you hurry up and snag one before it sells out again.

For Movie Nights

5. Popsmith The Popper


We didn’t know that making popcorn could ever look as cool and fun as it does with the Popper pot. This stovetop device is made from premium stainless steel that’s extremely durable and won’t ruin when placed into the dishwasher—a huge perk because there’s nothing more taxing than having to scrub away oils and butter off a pan post-pop. Its multi-clad metal bottom evenly distributes heat, and the spinning mechanism rotates the kernels (the same technique that theaters use) to make that perfectly popped popcorn without the burnt bits in under five minutes. But don’t just take it from us, it’s the “Coolest thing since sliced bread,” says a Popsmith customer. And it’s a gift the entire family can enjoy. “This is a stunningly beautiful and well-made product that does exactly what it promises. It allows you to easily make top quality popcorn from home. I'm a huge popcorn nut and I've never seen anything else like this on the market. I've already made several batches with my family, and we've devoured with delight. It's been fun to let my kids help and best of all, it's an opportunity to connect and do something fun as a family with a delicious outcome.”

For the Nintendo Switch Collection

6. Nintendo Switch Sports Accessories Bundle


What do you get your Nintendo-obsessed tween who seems to have all the Switch add-ons and games, from steering wheels to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe to Minecraft? Enter: the holy grail, the crème de la crème, the jackpot of Nintendo Switch add-ons…it’s the one and only Nintendo Switch sports accessories bundle, which includes two golf clubs, two wrist bands, two tennis rackets, two swords, two leg straps and two bowling grips that are compatible with all switch sports games like Zumba Burn It Up! or Nintendo Switch Sports—which just so happens to include soccer, volleyball, swordplay, bowling, badminton and tennis. To get it to work, they’ll need to lock the controller in to the desired accessory and voilà, your tween has a more realistic experience at their fingertips. And parents will love to discover that each accessory comes with a wristband strap. (Psst, that means there will be less “accidents,” like no more rackets flying across the room.) For one Amazon reviewer, it almost sounded too good to be true. “I was prepared to be disappointed in this set because of the low price, but we are 100 percent happy with it! The controllers easily fit into each attachment without forcing them in, keeping the controller safe and snug, [and] they are easily removable without the risk of breaking them. It took my seven-year-old a few minutes to get used to the buttons on the fencing grip attachments, but he loves them now. The attachments helped him feel more confident in his games, especially the tennis.” Don’t forget to check off the Amazon coupon box to receive $7 off your purchase at checkout.

For the One with Wild Style

7. Crocs Unisex-Child Kids' Classic Clogs


Thermoplastic clogs with a strap that can be flipped back or hinged forward to make a slip-on shoe…convenience, thy name is Crocs. These puppies will mold to your child’s footbed as they wear them and look cute with everything from surf trunks to skirts. Plus, they have a cozy fuzzy lining for total comfort. It’s no wonder they’re an Amazon number one best seller with a cult-like following. Don’t believe us? These rubber shoes garnered over 142,000 five-star reviews from Amazon customers alone, who collectively rave that they have a comfy sole, are easy to slip on and feature a wide toe box that can help prevent your kiddo from developing blisters or more serious foot issues later down the line. Plus, they have a myriad of colorways to choose from, like a banana yellow, lime green, orange sorbet, ballerina pink and much more. Now put ‘em in sport mode and lock that strap down because it’s go time.

For the One Who Runs Cold

8. Abercrombie Kids McLaren Graphic Popover Hoodie

Abercrombie & Fitch

“I bought these for both of my sons and have repurchased three as birthday gifts for some of their friends on their football team, says one Abercrombie Kids reviewer. “[It’s] so soft and cozy! I love the “vintage” vibe, [and it] washes well. We sized up one-to-two sizes for each child for a more oversized fit or just in case they shrunk.” The cotton and poly-blend provides a next-to-none comfortable fit that’ll feel just as cozy—if not more—than his worn-out sweats (you know, the ones that have seen its day). The sweatshirt has a relaxed fit that’ll just ooze cool vibes in the school cafeteria, and moms love the fact that it’s machine-washable and can be tossed into the dryer without the fear of shrinkage. Snag one in one of the six graphic options (like NFL, Pokémon and racecars) available before it sells out.

This might be the only time you’re OK with your kids throwing food because, well, it’s not real. The Throw Throw Burrito game by Exploding Kittens is sure to get a rise from your goofball, and it’s especially fun for a packed house to play. “My family had a riot playing this, but it’s not for the easily insulted,” says one Amazon reviewer. “There is a lively physicality to it and there were smiles and laughter for the players and the spectators as well.” Think of this as a card matching game and dodgeball combined…with flying burritos. The players will want to collect cards, match three cards of a kind to earn points, and throw burritos at people to make them lose points—hence why you’ll want to dodge. And look out for the three types of cards that trigger burrito battles? Yeah, that’ll be the Burrito War that’ll pit all players against each other, Burrito Brawl that forces the player on your left and right to attack and the Burrito Duel where players begin back-to-back, step forward three paces and throw. (Did we mention it’s a safe and fun way to get some aggression out?) Let the burrito wars begin.

For Field Trips

10. Athleta Girl Cool Days Down Jacket


Save your kid from freezing their butt off the next time they have a field trip. They won’t mind wearing this super sleek jacket from Athleta, which has a comfortable, padded lightweight down fill that adds an extra layer of warmth in addition to the thumb holes and secure pockets to protect the skin on their hands from becoming chapped. They’ll go crazy once they see that it has an adjustable bungee at the hem, which they can pull taut for or leave relaxed. It’s made from high-performance recycled nylon that can repel water and withstand snags and tears, plus it’s super lightweight so your tween can’t complain about having to carry around a bulky lump.

If your tween asks you questions like, “Which major league soccer team does David Beckham own?” and “Who was the 2012 MLB World Series champions?” practically everyday, then this book is the perfect gift to school them at their own game. The sports trivia paperback book features 226 pages full of an array of superfluous facts, fun tidbits and backstories your sports-obsessed fanatic will devour. It covers 12 popular sports categories, from baseball to football, plus there’s a bonus section with 50 multiple-choice questions and answers. “This book has so many good categories for trivia to interest almost everyone,” raves one Amazon reviewer. “Baseball, football, basketball, hockey, soccer, boxing, golf, tennis, olympics, bowling, horse racing and auto racing. The questions are all multiple choice and the answers are at the bottom of each page with a short explanation to each of them. [It’s] excellent for family game night, trivia night, or just sitting around a campfire and having some fun. My family sat around the kitchen table having a contest on who could get the most questions correct. I would recommend this book to get your brain active!”

For the Future Engineer

12. Uncommon Goods Create Your Own Video Game Set

Uncommon Goods

If your tween is interested in the way gadgets and gizmos start from a pile of buttons, plastic, circuit boards, screens, wires and magnets to becoming a full-on working game console, then you just might have a future engineer on your hands. Good news, with projects like this Create Your Own Video Game Set from Uncommon Goods, they’ll take the first step at pursuing their dreams and developing a better understanding of what goes into the mechanics of constructing a handheld video game console. The beginner-friendly kit will introduce them to coding and programming languages like JavaScript and Python, and the purchase comes with everything your child’s going to need to get started, including: Xtron Pro, silicon case, cable tie, USB type-C cable, Sprite design card, stickers and a quick start guide. According to Uncommon Goods, this has many functional forms; for example, they can use the gadget’s standard directional pads and buttons or enable the internal gyrosphere to transform the unit into a motion-sensing controller. Forget the Apple Watch or Fitbit models on the market because they’ll be amazed to find out that they can convert it into their own smartwatch, too.

For the One Who’s Competitive

13. Spikeball 3 Ball Original Roundnet Game Set


Got a competitive tween on your hands? They’re going to go crazy for this Spikeball set, which is meant to be played outside in the yard, lawn or sand. In a nutshell, the rules are strikingly similar to volleyball, and you’ll need at least four people to play. “I purchased this as a ‘family gift’ and it was a huge hit! My 12-year-old son and 15-year-old daughter both loved it, as did my husband and I,” says one Amazon reviewer. “When our holiday company arrived, it was easy to teach beginners the basic rules so they could join in. We played variations of games, 2v2 and 3v3, and one afternoon the neighbor kids (ages seven, eight and nine) even played. We loosened some rules for them, but they had fun and stayed interested playing for two hours! Game is portable [and] easy to understand but surprisingly hard to master. It's harder to hit the ball onto the net than you expect in the beginning! But after playing for two weeks over holiday vacation and watching YouTube videos for game play tips, we've all come really far and get some really fun rallies going. Awesome way to spend time together!” Prepare to break a sweat.

For the Photographer

14. Urban Outfitters Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 Instant Camera

Urban Outfitters

They may have their handy dandy smartphone to snap all the selfies and pictures they desire, but there’s something so special and exciting about getting an instant photo. The Fujifilm Instax pack features an automatic exposure that’s designed to capture the perfect shot whether it’s nighttime or daytime, and it comes in five dreamy pastel colors like this sky blue option. According to one satisfied customer, the “camera has a nice focus to it [and] all the images come out vibrant and crisp. [I] would definitely gift it to a teenager or young adult into photography.” While you will have to purchase the film separately, this purchase does include the two AA batteries needed to operate and strap for easy travel. And did you know that there’s even a selfie mode with a selfie mirror built into the camera? Now that’s what we call getting the shot.

For Target Practice

15. NERF Inflatable Target Set


Whip this out the next time the boys come over after school and they’ll be occupied for hours practicing their aim on this inflatable target set by NERF. It comes with a mini foam football, which some reviewers say is just big enough to make it a difficult shot. And it has an opening at the base which can be filled with water or sand to make the target pop back upright once it’s been knocked over by a strong throw from your aspiring quarterback. “You can blow it up in less than two minutes with a good pair of lungs,” says one Amazon reviewer. “You can also buy any size nerf ball to make it easier…it's even fun for an adult to play with the kids.” He’ll especially love to find out that it’s compatible with all NERF blasters like the Elite 2.0 Flipshots Flip-8 blaster and the DinoSquad Raptor-Slash dart blaster, to name a few.

Pottery Barn Teen has some of the coolest luxe selects on the market. Case in point? This fuzzy bean bag chair that your child will love to lounge in after school while they complete their homework or when they’re playing video games. It comes with a plush insert (or you can choose to buy the cover only) that’s filled with 50% recycled polystyrene beads. But it’s the luxuriously soft faux-fur slipcover that makes this a best seller. You can expect it to feel exactly like it looks—extremely soft and genuinely relaxing. And, before you say it, we know what you’re thinking, “Ivory is a bad idea.” While we can’t assure you that this will stay pristine forever, especially when the kids seem to spill drinks and leave markers open all the time, we can tell you that the cover is removable and machine wash- and tumble dry-friendly. Ahh, the joys of stain remover.

For Chapped Lips

17. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask


Buyers can't stop talking about how buttery smooth this mask makes their lips feel. And the results last all day, so they can make it through school feeling good about their pout. PureWow Associate Fashion Commerce Editor Stephanie Meraz attests, “While I no longer trudge to school every morning, I do still suffer from chronically dry lips—especially during the bitterly dry winter months—and the Laneige lip mask is a godsend. I slather it on every night before bed, making sure to coat my lips with a nice glob (although a little goes a long way, too) and it’s prevented my lips from quite literally peeling off. I’ll even use it before I do my face makeup as a way to keep my pout looking plump. Then, when my makeup is complete and the last step is to add on a lip liner, I remove the Laneige mask and my lips are extra moisturized, soft and smooth, making it a breeze for my lip gloss to glide along. Plus, the small tub has lasted me months on end. Seriously, I can’t tell you the last time I ran out.”

For the Aspiring Engineer

18. Kiwico Levitating Lantern


Perfect for the junior electrical engineer, this easy-to-assemble lamp teaches them all about the principles of tension and tensegrity as they build a lantern that floats in mid-air. It comes with all the equipment they’ll need to construct their lantern, such as the individual lantern pieces, a stand base, sticky foam sheets, cords, rubber rings, cord spacers, an LED strip and an illustrated illustration booklet that they can use to follow along step-by-step. One reviewer found it to be both an entertaining and fun way to preoccupy her daughter, saying, “The Levitating Lantern might be our favorite crate yet. It’s functional and magical at the same time! My daughter needed some help taping the wires down (she broke one of the connectors the first time we tried) because it’s a delicate and tight area. But other than that, it was a simple build. She loved having the choice of color for the light.” And they’ll get to read up on the mechanics and science behind other cool optical illusions, too. Flying candles, anyone? Yeah, we thought so.

OK, picture day is right around the corner, so that means the hair must look good or else a temper tantrum will be had. Enter: The Revlon One-Step Volumizer PLUS 2.0. That’s right, the OG brushbeloved by PureWow’s Editor-in-Chief—got a few upgrades this time around. It’s lighter, slimmer and narrower in design, so buyers are in agreement that it feels less like a workout to blow out their hair. One reviewer explains, "My arms don't feel like they will fall off when I'm done. The 2.0 also seems to glide through my hair easier." And as one TikToker demonstrates, the new brush boasts three times the ceramic titanium tourmaline technology, which will help protect your hair from heat damage and minimize the frizz. Looks like a smooth, silky blowout is in the cards for picture day after all. (Just don’t forget the heat protectant!)

For Dazzling Ears

20. Baublebar Dalilah Earrings


Your little girl is growing up, and she probably has her eye on a pair of hoop earrings like the Baublebar Dalilah earrings. These stunning hoops are made of gold-plated brass that has a good resistance to tarnishing if cared for properly—i.e., she may want to take them off before cannonballing into the pool—and a comfortable post-back closure. They’re also hypoallergenic, so they shouldn’t cause any irritation or allergic reaction to those with a nickel allergy or sensitivity to jewelry. It’s available in two additional sizes (37- and 46-millimeters), but we like the petite size of this 23-millimeter set for an everyday wear that she can reach for again and again. If she’s a fan of delicate fine jewelry, this keepsake pair of earrings is going to get you a gasp of appreciation.

For the Lego Enthusiast

21. Uncommon Goods Sound-Activated Light Blocks

Uncommon Goods

Prepare to become the favorite aunt with this sound-activated light blocks kit from Uncommon Goods that’s compatible with standard Lego blocks. “My nephew loved these,” raves one reviewer. “He is [obsessed with] ALL things Lego! These were great because he can build whatever he wants, then use it as a nightlight! I bought the bigger set so he would have more to build with.” This interactive kit gives your tween full creative and imaginative range to build amazing geometric sculptures like a skyscraper or robot, and they’ll lose it once they figure out that it 1) lights up and 2) is sound activated. Now all that’s left to decide is whether they’ll want the set of 50 blocks or 240 blocks to get started.

For the One Who Always Forgets to Hydrate

22. Stanley The Quencher H2.0 Flowstate Tumbler


From salty snacks to soccer practice, trying to keep your tween hydrated is no joke, especially when they could care less. The Stanley Quencher tumbler just might be able to help you out with that. This stainless steel and dishwasher-friendly bottle is travel-friendly—so it can be lugged to and from school and practice—and holds up to 40 fluid ounces of their favorite beverage. And that drink will stay iced for up to two days or hot for up to seven hours, thanks to that double-walled vacuum insulation. Basically, their hot chocolate can stay piping hot or their ice can keep from melting all day long. It can even fit in most cars’ cupholders since it’s made with a wide shape up top and narrow base at the bottom of the cup. If Olivia Rodrigo and TikTok say it’s cool (and the 30.6 million searches certainly says something), then you can bet your tween will think so, too.

For the One Who’s Always Active

23. Razor Ripstik Ripster Caster Board


This upgrade to a basic skateboard features a pivoting deck and 360-degree inclined casters, meaning that just by shifting their weight, riders can speed up or slow down. At only eight pounds, this is a wheeled challenge tweens will love taking on, as long as they’re wearing the helmet you’ve gifted along with it. There’s a bit of a learning curve with this one, but once they get the hang of the swivel acceleration, there’s no stopping them. “I still think about my Ripstik fondly far too many times than I should probably admit to,” confesses PureWow Editor Meraz. “It was the board I’d pull out every day after school and ride back and forth down our quiet street. It was blissful. It was a little scary at first to learn the mechanics of it all (i.e., how to accelerate, stop or turn), but with a bunch of practice and helpful hands—literally, hands—from everyone in my family, I eventually got the hang of it and was gliding in no time. And while I’ve never been snowboarding, I think I’ll be a pro the first time I hit the bunny slopes thanks to this smooth ride.”

For the History Buff

24. A Young People's History of the United States


It’s said that history is told from the perspective of the winning side, and this young people’s version of Howard Zinn’s adult-focused work tells history using the voices of workers, enslaved people, immigrants, women, Native Americans and more. The book written by Howard Zinn and adapted by Rebecca Stefoff is 464 pages in length and suitable for grade level 6 to 9 (or ages 10 to 15), though we suggest you break this up into parts as not to overwhelm them with more social studies readings outside of the classroom. It might become an educational activity for the both of you to look forward to, as it did with one reviewer. “I bought this book for my son. We read to him every night before bed, and now that he's getting a little older, I wanted to begin introducing some history along with the fictional stories we read him. I read him passages from this book, and then we have a little discussion about the content, where I provide additional context to the period in question, answer his questions and ask some of my own concerning his thoughts on the topic. In short, I think he is getting quite a lot of value out of the book, and I hope it impresses upon him the same passion for history that I had as a child.”

Whether they’re a diehard skateboarder or just want to look cool, these comfy, classic water-resistant slip-ons will be appreciated. The popular California brand specializes in providing some of the most iconic and classic skate sneakers, designed for movement and wear. According to the brand, riders are “drawn to the sticky soles, durable construction and laid-back vibe.” And we find that the thick rubber sole has a nice bounce to it and provides a flexible cushion for the bottom of your foot. However, one mom writes that you don’t have to be a skater to wear them—her daughter wears them every day and finds them to be comfortable, easy to slip on and off and fashionable for school. TLDR? These shoes, which are available in sizes 10.5 to 3 for both girls and boys, are designed to get scuffed up.

A liquid bronzer with a vegan and cruelty-free formula that also doubles as skincare? No wonder this racked in over 300 million views on TikTok. The hype is *so* big around these Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi drops, that it caused a flurry of demand, and the product flew off the shelves. Good news: It’s back in stock and just as good as ever. “The vegan formula includes cocoa extract, which features antioxidants that brightens the complexion and reduces redness,” says PureWow Associate Editor Chelsea Candelario. “You'll also find platinum peptides and chronocyclin (which is similar to vitamin D) that helps soothe, smooth and hydrate your skin.” There’s a good chance your tween already owns this, but she’ll appreciate the backup.

If there’s one thing we trust your pop-obsessed tween to want more than anything in the world right now, it’s the new and exclusive GUTS vinyl by Olivia Rodrigo. Back when the album released in early September, fans of Rodrigo jumped at the opportunity to get their hands on this colorful vinyl. Some even took to TikTok to record their genuine reactions to her new songs, which include “get him back!,” “ballad of a homeschooled girl” and “bad idea right?” But as TikToker @daylightgab quickly noticed, the catchy, new songs were overshadowed by the deluxe track hidden at the end of the vinyl. Parents, your tween will definitely want to hear it.

For Monkeying Around

28. Moody Tiger Breezy Leggings Gomera Print

Moody Tiger

Your kiddo won’t want to take off these cute Moody Tiger leggings, which are made with a high performance four-way stretch, buttery soft lightweight fabric that’s meant to feel like a second skin. If she spends hours monkeying around on the monkey bars, these might just be the leggings for her. They feature UPF50+ sun protection, which basically means that your tween will be protected from more than 98 percent of the sun’s harmful rays, per the brand. And they come in a sweet iridescent cotton candy colored pattern. Whether she chooses to wear them at school, during sports practice or while playing, they’re designed to feel extremely comfortable and durable. But don’t just take our word for it, one Moody Tiger reviewer says, “The breezy leggings are very good quality. My seven-year-old girl is a little dare devil that climbs the trees and rides everything from mountain bikes to skateboards and amazingly the leggings still have no holes and wash out pretty well.” Another reviewer says, “I bought a pair of these for my daughter. They are her favorite leggings and she wants to wear them every single day. She's worn them a lot over the past month [and] she can be pretty rough on clothing, but they are very durable.” Oh, and did we mention that these are sweat wicking, too? Yeah, that’ll come in handy at recess.

For the Slumber Party

29. Zara Avengers Marvel Pajamas


School is in session, so you know what that means…lots and lots of slumber parties. What better way to send your tween off than with a brand-new Avengers-adorned PJ set for the Marvel fanatic? This two-piece pajama set comes with a white, long sleeve T-shirt and green pants that have an elastic waistband. They’re made with a breathable and comfortable cotton fabric, which will keep them warm at night and feel cool against the skin—and if you ask us, that’s definitely something you want to feel when you hit the hay. Not to mention, the Marvel print is pretty cool, and it features some of the most beloved characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe like the Hulk and Captain America. Refer to Zara’s measurement chart to find out which size will fit your tween best.

For Science Fiction Fans

30. Lego Star Wars: The Mandalorian The Child


This 1,073-piece Lego sculpture is rated for ten and up, so it’s not going to be impossible to put together. In fact, many reviewers rave about the easy assembly and sturdiness of the finished product. But don’t let that fool you; your tween can spend hours taking their time on the build, so you’ll still have the chance to reclaim some me-time after all. “This was a gift for my grandson's 10th birthday,” explains an Amazon reviewer. “He and his brother are whizzes when it comes to putting together complex Lego projects partly because Lego instructions are so detailed and clear. He was able to construct "The Child" over a few days with no adult help. The finished project is very cute! I was able to see the construction as it was progressing and found that it started with a very sturdy inner base of Lego bricks. It should not come apart easily if it were to get knocked over. And once it’s assembled, the mouth and ears can be adjusted to their liking.

For the Trendsetter

31. UGG Classic Mini Platform


As TikTok knows, everyone and their moms want a pair of UGGS. We’re not talking about just any style of UGGS. We’re talking about the mini platforms. Chances are, your kid already has them marked down on their wish list because it’s all anyone (1.5 million people, to be specific) can think about on TikTok. They boast the same treasured qualities as the originals but with an extra two-inch platform bottom. Whether you choose to style them with sweats or under straight leg denim jeans, the ultra-minis make it so easy to style since it doesn’t have the added bit up top that can make your pants bulk out. “These are the most comfortable footwear that I have ever had on my feet,” raves one buyer. “I used to think regular UGGs were the greatest, [now] multiply that feeling by a hundred and you have these.” The big kids sizes’ range from a US size 13 to 6, so we recommend referring to the size guide to find your tween’s perfect fit, plus there’s a black and dark brown colorway available, too.

Take it from TikTok, you’re going to want to play this at the next family fun night. This video, posted by @tiktokboardgames, gathered a ton of attention from viewers—3.8 million views, to be exact—showcasing the card game adaptation of what originally started off as a public campaign to promote safety on Australian Metro Trains, says Digiday. Of course, that catchy jingle went viral and has since been used for video games, TikTok voice overs and now card games. The premise of the game is simple: stay alive and kill off your opponents’ beans. Think: a modern-day Uno with accident, death and psycho killer cards hidden in the deck. Stay safe, kids.

For the Emerging Content Creator

33. Sensyne Extendable Tripod Stand


Whether they’re into makeup tutorials, fitness demos or just the latest TikTok dance, the tween in your life will find a use for this adjustable ring light that has over 47,000 five-star reviews on Amazon when they’re making videos or joining a Zoom study session. It has a high sensitivity touch panel with three color modes (cool white, warm yellow and daylight) and ten—yes, ten—brightness levels. It’s USB-powered, so you can forget about replacing any batteries, and there’s a phone holder in the center that’s compatible with most smartphones. What’s more, this comes with a pocket-sized remote control that uses Bluetooth to snap selfies and group photos in an instant without needing to connect via an app. Psst...Don't forget to apply the coupon to get $2 off.

This cunning read is a part of a four-book series called, The Tween Witches’ Guides, and it unlocks all the secrets of the starts astrology has to offer. They’ll get to explore all the juicy and fun details, from zodiac signs to powers of the planets to astrological houses. They’ll even get a kick when reading predictions and finding out what the universe has in store for them. Pretty soon, your tween just might surprise you when they explain what a star lore is and how it pertains to your personality at the dinner table. It’s ideal for readers aged 10 and up who are curious to read about how the stars influence things in their everyday life, like their latest grade on their math test or the big food fight that broke out in the cafeteria last week. Your tween will certainly get a kick out of this entertaining guide full of colorful, graphic illustrations. And remember, they’ll have three additional books in the series (on crystals, palm reading and spells) to look forward to once they’ve finished reading up on astrology.

Someone’s going to have to explain the Metaverse to you, and it might as well be the kid who is 11 years old now. This hands-free headset lets the user just slip it on and set up with the smartphone app right out of the box. It’s a totally immersive 3D experience that places you directly into the virtual reality world, plus it’s completely wireless, has a build-in-battery and doesn’t require a PC or console. The advanced hand tracking and haptic feedback makes your virtual reality feel unbelievably real. Your tween is about to be entertained for hours travelling universes, taking VR tours of the Eiffel Tower or getting the bejeezus scared out of them in a horror adventure.

For the Campfire Entertainer

36. Donner Soprano Ukulele Beginner Kit


A digital tuner, a strap and everything your little warbling giftee needs to become uke adept is in this bundle featuring a 21-nch soprano ukulele, picks and more. The musical gift comes with free online profession video lessons for beginners, and there’s an added digital clip-on tuner that’ll help your little entertainer hit all the notes. “I have to say how impressed I am with the sound of the Donner—it is rich and warm. Fit and finish is beautifully done, albeit somewhat plain. It was totally out of tune after delivery, and it took a lot of turnings to get the strings close, but after a day of tuning and playing, it seems to be staying in tune well,” says an Amazon reviewer who gifted it to her granddaughter. “It is versatile in that it includes guitar and other instruments. It gives sharps and flats indications, and the screen turn green when you're in tune. Overall and for the money spent, this is nearly a perfect way to start playing ukulele,” she adds. Psst…don’t forget to check off the Amazon coupon box for an additional $10 off.

For Dancers, Gymnasts and Other Bendy Bodies

37. WTHN Linen Acupressure Mat Set


Any young athletic person will appreciate how pressure-point manipulation can help loosen strained or tensed muscles. This set comes with a coconut fiber and linen acupressure mat and memory foam and linen acupressure pillow that have tiny little spiked discs to really get the neck, shoulders, lumbar, back or other regions going every day or weekly for 20 to 30 minutes at a time. There’s even a how-to guide with the purchase that’ll help explain the traditional principles of acupressure and how to properly use the set to get the most relief and relaxation. You might find yourself “borrowing” it when your kid isn’t looking.

For the Preteen Man Cave

38. Pottery Barn Teen Faux Leather Caramel Modern Lounger

Pottery Barn Teen

He'll want to host hangouts in his room with this 28- or 33-inch wide best-selling faux leather lounger chair that’s a little more structured than yesterday’s free-form blob. The durable saddle-style upholstery cover is spot cleanable and tough enough to stand up to all his ruffian friends. The arm rests and backrests offer soothing support that’ll feel nice to sink into after a long day at school. He’ll dig the rugged look of his new seat and you’ll appreciate that Pottery Barn Teen used a new construction on this model which keeps the filling in place, so there won’t be any lumps, bumps and wonky holes down the road on your watch.

For the Complexion Obsessed

39. Solawave Skincare Wand


The editor-approved and tested SolaWave skincare wand recently got a major upgrade. This warming wand uses twice the red-light therapy compared to the original version to help kill off acne-causing bacteria and calm redness which seems to run rampant for tweens. “I have been struggling with acne and discoloration form PCOS among other things, and this has been the only thing that has helped,” says one reviewer. “For the first time in my life, I’ve been getting compliments on my skin!” The brand even added a new Galvanic current, which purportedly works to boost your skin’s radiance and get your serums to absorb deep into the skin. Instead of the old version’s sensitive touch activation power, this model has a simple on/off button and a 180-degree head rotation to reach all the nooks and crannies of the face. And in as little as ten minutes post-cleansing, a few swipes of this vibrating Galvanic current wand will really bring out your giftee’s healthy glow.

For the Overstimulated Tween

40. PP Phimota Sensory Fidget Toys Set


With so much information bombardment, social pressure and school responsibility, it can be helpful for them to let off a bit of steam by squishing a squeeze ball in their hand, setting a liquid motion timer or playing with a flippy chain. All those toys and more are in this cornucopia, which features extremely good stress relievers, especially for those who may struggle with anxiety, attention span or quieting an overwhelmed brain. Plus, it’s lots of fun and adult-approved, too. “As an adult with ADHD and sensory overload, these toys have been some of the best thing for me,” says one Amazon reviewer. “I keep some of the smaller ones in my car for when I go out with friends and start feeling overwhelmed. They fit in my pocket perfectly so I can have them when need be. [They are of] good quality and [at a] good price for so many. I definitely recommend these to help decompress or to calm your nerves.”

Soft faux suede texture covers this oversized pillow that can help the student (or Netflix binger) not get a sore neck or back when they’re logging in the hours. It is filled with 100 percent polyester that’s supposedly incredibly supportive and comforting according to one reviewer who received the pillow as a gift. So while it won’t necessarily get them up and out of their bed rotting activities, it will provide an extra layer of support that’ll stretch all the way up to the head (thanks to that extra tall back design) as they do it. As a parent, small wins like this are vital. There’s a carry handle on the back, too, for those moments when your tween wants to shift form the bed to the floor.

For the Over-the-Top Dresser

42. slip Core 5-Piece Pure Silk Scrunchie Set

Saks Fifth Avenue

She will shriek when she gets a load of this excessive in-the-best-way satin five-piece scrunchie set. Her parents will also appreciate the way it keeps her hair off her face. This pack of five comes with four skinny scrunchies and one large one in an assortment of pinks and reds. These uber-popular scrunchies are made from 100-percent mulberry pure silk that won’t tug, damage or tear your hair like traditional hair ties tend to do. In fact, these won many accessory and beauty awards across various publications such as Women’s Health, Marie Claire and Allure, to name a few. Fancy awards aside, she’ll just appreciate that it won’t leave any lumps and ridges in her hair when she takes out her ponytail.

For the DJ

43. Best Buy Apple AirPods Max

Best Buy

These aren’t your average headphones, folks. If you’re looking to reward your superstar student with something that you know they’ll appreciate and use daily, look no further than the Apple AirPods Max. They’re the new, reimagined over-ear headphones designed to deliver exceptional sound quality and optional noise-cancelling capabilities. (Of which the latter half might become an issue the next time you’re asking them to clean their room or take out the trash.) The battery life can vary by use, but there is typically around 20 hours of listening on this sleek gadget. One of the really cool features with the Apple product is that it uses spatial audio and dynamic head tracking, which basically means that it’ll sound like there’s a surround-sound movie theater experience happening around them. And these headphones won’t leave them with sore, achy ears either because of the soft knit-mesh canopy and squishy memory foam ear cushions.

For the Dress Shirt Denier

44. J.Crew Factory Boys Plaid Long-Sleeve Casual Shirt

J.Crew Factory

If he’s the type of guy who sees no problem wearing a t-shirt to a wedding, ease him out of his comfort zone with this loose-fitted blue plaid number made by J.Crew, known for their preppy, well-made and timeless clothes. He’ll enjoy the soft, feel of the cotton fabric that contains a small blend of elastane, which will give this thicker long sleeve button-down a slight stretch that he’ll appreciate the next time he has to dress up for an event. He just might forget the fact that it (erm) has on a collared neckline and traditional button closures because of how comfortable and cool it is. And as the colder months approach, the long sleeves will be a godsend for the times he refuses to wear a jacket. When he’s not dressing it up for family events, he’ll probably want to style it unbuttoned over his favorite T-shirt, like all the other boys at school.

For Crafty Tweens

45. Kiwico Crystal Soap Making Kit


Thanks to KiwiCo, the science lab can now come home with your tween. This kit lets them craft two kinds of soap that looks like quartz in a science experiment and only requires the included molds and a microwave. They’ll get the chance to play with colors, learn about mineral science and experiment with mesmerizing chemical reactions. Then, when they're done, they've got something to inspire them to keep clean.

For the Outdoors Lover

46. Supergoop! Mineral Sheerscreen Spf 30


You’ll want to start nagging them early about always wearing SPF, and this all-mineral sunscreen goes on practically invisibly, so no one will think they are wearing anything on their face. In fact, Dr. Alexis Stephens, a board-certified dermatologist and founder at Parkland Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery based in Florida, completed an review to determine if the mineral formula—which typically has a white tint to it due to zinc—leaves a white cast on darker complexions. Spoiler: it doesn’t. And if they give you some pushback about slathering on sunscreen, just remind them that 139.6 million TikTokers love it. Bonus: The formula protects against blue light, too.

For the Aspiring Chef and Baker

47. Raddish Kids Cooking or Baking Subscription Box

Raddish Kids

If your tween whisks the batter and preps the veggies with you in the kitchen or watches The Great British Baking Show, Beat Bobby Flay and the whole lot of cooking shows for hours on end, then they’ll appreciate this subscription box. With Raddish your little helper will quickly become a little chef equipped with all the cooking and baking skills needed to whip up a healthy meal they’re proud of. Join one of three specialized cooking clubs (cooking, baking or global), and Raddish will send a cooking kit and digital recipes every month. Think: handmade sushi, Swedish meatballs, three cheese raviolis and more mouth-watering meals the whole family can enjoy. The only caveat? You’ll have to supply the ingredients, but they will provide a complete grocery list to use at the store.

For the House Lounger

48. Aemilas Sherpa Hoodie


Ask any tween: Robes are so grandma and grandpa. So gift an oversized hoodie that they can toss over their PJs for body confidence, no matter what is going on growth-spurt-wise. It’ll feel like they’re wrapped in their favorite fuzzy, comfy blanket all the time. And they’ll get a kick out of the giant pocket with top and side openings at the front that’s big enough to hold their book, snacks and even the cat (yes, really) all while keeping their hands nice and toasty. It's one-size-fits-all, so you can be sure it's loose enough to be comfortable. Forget “You had me at hello,” because this had us at sherpa lining. P.S. Apply the coupon to snag $10 percent off.

For Makeup Storage

49. Ulta Caboodles Rose Gold On The Go Girl


Your little makeup guru will be speechless when you gift them his ginormous box big enough to store all their beauty faves, from lip glosses to blushes to concealers. “This caboodles makeup case has been perfect for storing my makeup. It's cute, affordable, and holds a lot of products,” says one reviewer. “I love that I can keep it under my sink and easily bring it out to do my makeup and keep my counters clear.” Some reviewers wish it came with additional compartments in the bottom interior, but we like that the 13” x 8” x 5.7” storage box comes in a dreamy rose gold and has an auto open tray in the middle with a flip-lid mirror that’ll come in handy when your tween has a sleepover. Besides the spacious interior, it also has a secure lid that won’t spill open on a whim.

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