What Are the Best lululemon Leggings? We Ranked the 10 Most Popular Styles

These leggings are actually worth buying.

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best lululemon leggings

Ask anyone to name the best workout leggings of all time, and there's a good chance they'll reply without hesitation: lululemon leggings. The only problem we’ve encountered with the mega-popular activewear company? It makes so many different styles that it can be overwhelming to decide which pair to buy. And considering these bottoms don’t come cheap, you want to make sure you’re getting the pair that’s right for you.

That’s where our expertise comes in. Our editors tested the brand’s many best-selling styles (ten, to be exact). When we tried them out, we took into consideration their wear through various workouts over months (at least) and are here to report our absolute favorites. Lululemon leggings are made for working out (even though sometimes they're so comfy we lounge in them, too), from yoga to Pilates to HIIT to running to weight lifting, they're engineered to withstand mostly all exercises. Some of our favorite fabric features? The four-way stretch with added Lycra for shape retention, sweat-wicking capabilities and quick-drying fabric for those super sweaty workouts.

How We Tested lululemon Leggings

We've put these leggings to the test in a variety of workouts, ranging in intensity from easy (hi, hot girl walks) to incredibly tough (no more burpees, please), then monitored how they wore over time. Based on that wear and tear, we were able to report on which leggings are the best and for what workouts.

How We Chose The Top lululemon Leggings

Our editors offered up opinions on their favorite lululemon leggings they've owned for years and new top sellers we've tested firsthand. Not every style made the cut, as we tried to highlight the crème de la crème in terms of quality, fit and durability, from material to waistband thickness to product features to which workouts are suitable for each pair, here are some of the things we considered while testing:

  • Fabric features: sweat-wicking, four-way stretch, breathability, waistband pockets, external pockets
  • Workouts we tried: yoga, Pilates, weight lifting, running, spinning, walking, HIIT
  • Durability: monitored any pilling over time, seam construction, shape retention

The Best lululemon Leggings at a Glance:

Best Overall

1. lululemon Align Leggings


  • Pro: great for low intensity workouts
  • Con: sell out frequently
  • Promising Review: "If I could live in a pair of leggings (which I frequently do), it would be these ones," Olivia Dubyak, commerce editor
  • Material: Nulu
  • Length: 25-,28 and 31-inches
  • Size Range: 0 to 20

With more than 7,000 five-star reviews, these are hands down lululemon’s most popular leggings. That said, a lot of people prefer to wear them as everyday loungewear because of their signature buttery soft material and flattering fit. The Nulu material is lightweight and soft, providing excellent flexibility for comfy day-to-day lounging and low-intensity workouts alike. "They're literally so soft, and I feel like my body is fully supported through my Pilates workouts," says commerce editor Olivia Dubyak.

If you do want to work out in them, they’re best for low-impact activities like yoga or Pilates, since they're not as sweat-wicking as other styles. “I'm newly pregnant and the bloating is insane, so I was pleased to find out the leggings stretch along with my body, which is great news for when the real bump comes along," she adds.

Best for Sweaty Workouts

2. lululemon Invigorate High-Rise Leggings


  • Pro: moisture wicking
  • Con: runs out of popular colors frequently
  • Promising Review: "This pair has turned me into such a legging snob," Catrina Yohay, managing editor
  • Material: Everlux
  • Length: 25- and 28-inches
  • Size Range: 0 to 20

If you’re into high-sweat workouts like hot yoga or HIIT, you’re going to want the Invigorate Tights. "Between the high-rise waist that makes me feel supported and confident to the quick-dry fabric that reveals zero sweat stains, I'm constantly reaching for this pair no matter the occasion: treadmill run, hot yoga, pilates, you name it," reports managing editor Catrina Yohay.

They’re made from the brand’s fastest-drying Everlux fabric, which is breathable, moisture-wicking and feels cool to the touch (because the last thing you want is hot, uncomfortable legs while you’re in the middle of a sweat sesh). Oh, did we mention they have pockets? That may be Yohay's fave feature: "I also refuse to wear a legging without pockets now, it's just so dang convenient!"

  • Pro: thick waistband
  • Con: material can pill through time
  • Promising Review: "I train in these constantly, they never fail me thanks to how supportive and comfortable they are," Dubyak
  • Material: Everlux
  • Length: 25-, 28- and 31-inches
  • Size Range: 0 to 20

Dubyak swears by these for her intense workouts. "I grab for these leggings constantly when I'm heading to spin or to the gym to lift weights," she says. The Wunder Trains are just as soft and comfortable as the Aligns, but they’re made from a more sweat-resistant material, so you'll feel like you can actually work out in them. The four-way stretch fabric makes them super flexible, too.

"If my Aligns are in the wash, this set is my second pick for feeling comfy around the house," she continues. One thing worth noting: While multiple reviewers note that they don’t pill over time, the fact of the matter is, if your thighs rub together even a little bit and you wear them frequently, you're likely to get a smidge of pilling after a while.

Best for HIIT

4. lululemon Fast and Free Leggings


  • Pro: very lightweight
  • Con: not available in 31-inch length
  • Promising Review: "These are light as air and incredibly breathable so I can feel dry and comfortable through my entire workout, even if that workout is a 9 mile run," Abby Hepworth, fashion editor
  • Material: Nulux
  • Length: 25- and 28-inches
  • Size Range: 0 to 20

Finding a pair of leggings that actually stay put while you are working your butt off is no small feat. This pair's waistband is made to fit tight and has a built-in drawstring that you can adjust if needed. They're designed to be lightweight and breathable to keep you cool during tough workouts so you aren't drenched in sweat by the end.

"I love lululemon’s Fast and Free line because it’s just so lightweight. TMI, but I am basically the sweatiest person I know and therefore can’t stand leggings that are thicker or more substantial in weight," says Abby Hepworth, fashion editor. These babies also have convenient side pockets and five smaller waistband pockets. "They are the perfect size for all my essentials—phone, keys, ID, energy chews—and can even expand to fit more if I want to stow gloves or a headband or even a small water bottle," she says.

And if you prefer HIIT workouts or are a long-distance runner, Hepworth has a hot tip for you: "I find they run pretty true to size but I often go up one to account for swelling on hot days and to ensure maximum comfort. The fact that they have a drawstring waist means I can make adjustments easily so I never worry about them sagging or falling down," she says.

Best for Yoga

6. lululemon InStill High Rise Leggings


  • Pro: smoothing material
  • Con: waistband isn't super supportive
  • Promising Review: "It feels like I'm not wearing any pants at all when I'm in my yoga class (in the best way)," Olivia Dubyak, commerce editor
  • Material: SmoothCover
  • Length: 25- and 28-inches
  • Size Range: 0 to 20

When shopping for leggings for yoga, you typically want to look for a pair that’s comfortable, stretchy and doesn’t need to be readjusted after every sun salutation. lululemon’s InStill style checks all those boxes and more. "I do yoga twice a week, and these are my number-one pick for a successful session because they're super stretchy and comfortable in every pose," raves Dubyak. The material is similar to the Wunder Train's Everlux fabric in feel and performance. It's also sweat-wicking and quick-drying for those hot yoga workouts, too.

Reviewers say the waistband rarely rolls down, which is great for yoga. "The only thing that I don't love about these leggings is how high the middle seam of the waistband is because it doesn't offer much support to my lower belly, which I prefer to feel a little more sculpted," she mentions.

Most Lightweight

7. lululemon Base Pace High-Rise Leggings


  • Pro: cooling to the touch
  • Con: almost a little too slippery
  • Promising Review: "The slipperiness of these leggings make them great for avoiding chafing during long runs," Olivia Dubyak, Commerce Editor
  • Material: Nulux
  • Length: 25-, 28- and 31-inches
  • Size Range: 0 to 20

These leggings have pretty much everything. They are so comfortable, durable and versatile for any workout (we should know, we've worn them for running, lifting and spinning). But according to Dubyak, she'd maybe skip these for Pilates and Yoga. "The slipperiness of the material is a little too slick for these workouts when you have to hold intricate poses that require a lot of focus; like my foot is sliding down my leg during tree pose."

The Nulux fabric is basically weightless and super breathable, so if you are running outside on a hot day, these won't overheat you. They have a back pocket, hidden drawstring in the front and no inseam to avoid pilling of the thread. Can you ask for anything more in a workout legging?

Most Breathable

8. lululemon Swift Speed High-Rise Leggings


  • Pro: back zipper pocket
  • Con: only three color options
  • Promising Review: "I love how supportive these leggings are and how they're built to stay in place during my whole workout," Olivia Dubyak, commerce editor
  • Material: Luxtreme
  • Length: 25- and 28-inches
  • Size Range: 0 to 20

If leggings tend to feel like you're stuffed in sausage casing, this breathable, flexible pair will change your mind. "The fabric is super soft and slippery, which is great because there's no chafing and the crotch doesn't pill," Dubyak says. "I feel like this material is a mix of the Everlux and Nulux material with a dash of Nulu in there. My only issue is is that it's a little thick, so if you prefer a super lightweight, thinner legging, these may not be for you."

  • Pro: very sculpting
  • Con: can feel too tight at times
  • Promising Review: "When I trained for my half marathons, these leggings were my absolute favorites," Olivia Dubyak, commerce editor
  • Material: Everlux
  • Length: 25- and 28-inches
  • Size Range: 0 to 14

The narrow waistband and high-rise fit make these leggings a wonderful choice for an intense workout. "I was training in the winter for my half marathon and these leggings kept me warm and my legs feeling supported through my 10-milers," says Dubyak. The fabric is sturdy, which is great for avoiding snags or rips. It's also fast drying, so even the sweatiest workouts won't leaving you feeling damp. Customers also love the adjustable drawcord at the waist for keeping them in place during their workouts.

Best Cropped Style

10. lululemon Align High-Rise Crop Leggings


  • Pro: 22 color options
  • Con: not optimal for high-energy workouts
  • Promising Review: "Being only 5'2'', the Align Crop Leggings are my top choice for low-impact workouts like barre, yoga and walks with my dog," Natalie LaBarbera, assistant commerce editor
  • Material: Nulu
  • Length: 17-, 21- and 23-inches
  • Size Range: 0 to 2o

You already know all the reasons why we're obsessed with lululemon's Align legging (from their buttery-soft feel to cozy, contoured fit), so it really shouldn't come as a surprise that we're equally as obsessed with the cropped Align style.

"I love that they hit perfectly above my ankle and don't bunch up like some of the longer lengths do on me. You also can't beat the barely there soft fabric and high-rise band that stays up without having to constantly be adjusted," says assistant commerce editor Natalie LaBarbera. They're available in 17-, 21- and 23-inch lengths, so you can pick where you want them to hit your ankle.

Readers' lululemon Leggings FAQs

What Fabrics Are lululemon Leggings Made Of?

One of the many reasons we love lululemon leggings is because they're so damn versatile. Whether you're wearing them for yoga, running or lounging, they feature great stretch and, often, moisture-wicking capabilities. Here's a break down of the legging materials you can choose from:


The Align leggings—lululemon's most well-known style—are made with the brand's Nulu fabric. This material is buttery soft, very stretchy and lightweight. It's great for lower impact workouts like Pilates and yoga because of the minimal compression.


Extremely lightweight, this material is wonderful for running. It has a slippery finish and is cool to the touch to avoid overheating. Leggings with this material are very stretchy and have Lycra, which ensures they keep their shape after a lot of wear.


The brand claims this material is as soft as the Nulu fabric and offers a second skin-like fit. It has a matte appearance and is sweat-wicking. It's blended with an added Lycra material which allows for it to retain its shape and not wear out.


This material is great for high-intensity training because of the high compression, breathability and sweat-wicking features. The fabric has a sleek, brushed feel which is great for running or circuit training for that slipperiness (AKA no pilling or rubbing).

What Length of lululemon Leggings Should I Get?

Leggings from lululemon are available in seven different lengths across styles: 17-, 21-, 23-, 25-, 28-, 31- and 33-inches. The best way to decide which is right for you is to consider your proportions and what part of your leg you want your leggings to hit. For example, if you're very tall and want the hem to stop at your ankle, you probably should opt for the 28- or 32-inch length. If you're short and want a cropped fit, the 17- or 23-inch styles are going to fit you the best.

Take measurements of your inseam (your upper thigh to your ankle) and you can see where each length will fit you from there.

What Are the Most Popular lululemon Leggings?

If you pop onto the women's leggings page on the site and filter by top rated, you're going to find that the Align styles flood the top spots. The comfort and soft material of these leggings are truly unmatched, which is why we rated the Aligns as our best overall title. You'll also find that other bestsellers like Wunder Trains, Fast and Free, Swift Speed and Base Pace are well-loved for all of the higher-intensity physical activities.

How to Wash lululemon Leggings

The brand has a guide for how to care for your lululemon gear on its website, so we recommend following each tip there to ensure your leggings stay in tip-top shape for as long as possible. But here are a few call-out tips to remember when you're ready to wash your lululemon leggings:

  • Wash on cold and hang dry
  • Wash with like items (workout gear, like materials, etc.)
  • Avoid fabric softener on sweat-wicking items
  • Wash bright colored items alone and before first wear

Are lululemon Leggings Worth the Money?

This depends on your standards. Do you prefer high-end leggings that are made for specific activities and have the technology to withstand workouts? If so, then absolutely. If you couldn't care less and just like the lululemon logo on your clothing, then we would steer you in a different direction to save some money.

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