How to Wear UGGs Like It’s 2021 (And Not 2001 at the Galleria Mall)

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In fashion, they say everything comes back around eventually. And to that I say…even I sometimes get it wrong. Yes, in late 2019 I practically begged you all to put down the UGG boots and consider any other shoe style. But the year is now 2021 and I’m writing this to you on a Tuesday afternoon, dressed in sweats with cropped UGGs on my feet. See, circumstances change—and naturally, opinions have to change, too.

While I hardly have to outline the reasons why the world has collectively embraced cozy, fuzz-lined boots, I do think we’ve all finally come to understand the UGG for what it is. The UGG is not, as we thought in the early aughts, a statement-making shoe meant to be worn with mini skirts. Nor is it the all-weather footwear that should be worn through an arctic tundra. Instead, the UGG makes for the perfect shoe to wear around the house and in the walkable vicinity of your home.

So, without further ado, here are five UGGs we currently love, with some tips on how to wear them in 2021.

Ask a Fashion Editor Is It Ever OK to Wear UGGs?

irina shayk uggs

1. Ugg Classic Ultra Mini + Cropped Leggings

They’re sturdy enough for padding around the house but can definitely withstand a winter or two of sidewalk strolls. And in hot pink, they’re actually—I’ll say it—kinda cute.

How to wear them: Listen, you don’t have to be a supermodel to rock these booties. Though we would suggest taking a page from Irina Shayk’s casual street style look and pairing them with your fave black leggings ($88). Top your look off with a cropped workout tank ($45), a tangle of gold necklaces and amp up the cozy factor with a chic fleece ($278). Voilà, you look trendy but still feel cozy.

jasmine tookes uggs jeans

2. Ugg Classic Mini Ii + Slim Jeans + Button-down

It might not be obvious to the untrained eye, but these booties are ever so slightly taller than the Ultra Minis.

How to wear them: Pull out your fave jeans, because these abbreviated booties actually look great with a slim ($135) or straight cut ($208). That said, do not (we repeat, DO NOT) wear them with trousers that hit below the ankle or that have a boot-cut or flared finish. (Trust: You will look like you’re an extra in The Hills.) Finish off your casual-but-cool ensemble with a trusty white button-down ($60) and a classic gold watch ($240). Yeah, this just might be your new go-to work look.

ugg fluff yeah slipper

3. Ugg Fluff Yeah Genuine Shearling Slingback Sandal + Statement Making Loungewear

Yes, these are beloved among the teen TikTok crowd, but they’re also way more fun than the average house slipper. So go ahead and treat yourself to a pair of kicks that have the power to dress up even your most mundane PJs—and yes, we highly encourage a pint-sized pair for your kiddo too. (Just look at how cute they are!)

How to wear them: A statement-making slipper deserves to be paired with some statement-making loungewear. So, now’s the time to test out the sweater romper ($98) you’ve been mulling over or the hot pink short sleeve sweatshirt ($150) and matching joggers ($175) that you can’t get out of your head. Finish off your look with a messy bun and a cozy pair of socks ($18). Next up? Learning a TikTok dance...

tasman slipper ugg

4. Ugg Tasman + A Matching Set

Between the front seam detail, the contrast trim and the silhouette that isn’t quite backless, there’s a lot to love here.

How to wear them: This refined house slipper is just asking to be worn with a matching set—maybe a coordinating sweatsuit with details like a sweatshirt with a front slit ($98) and pants that look like a trouser ($98)—or a legging set ($173) in a coordinating shade. Bottom line: this is one shoe that will make your polished house clothes feel even fancier.

ugg classic weather hiker

5. Ugg Classic Weather Hiker + Flowy Skirt + Chunky Sweater

Lest we forget, UGG does offer a few cute waterproof, snow-ready options that can be worn when the forecast is less than favorable. These babies are lined in shearling to keep your toes warm and have sturdy traction for tackling icy spots and slushy sidewalks. Reviewers praise them for feeling even more solid than OG UGGs—and for the statement-making orange laces.

How to wear them: Look, you don’t have to save these kicks for inclement weather. While they’ll definitely look cute with your fleece-lined leggings, you can also lean into the cabincore aesthetic and pair with a flowy pleated skirt ($45; $36) and a chunky sweater ($395; $79). The overall look will shout outdoorsy, even if you secretly don’t love hitting the trails.

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And The One Way To Never Wear Your Uggs...

As you now know, there are all sorts of bottoms—from uber casual to everyday chic—that look great with your UGG boots and slippers. But we implore you, please do not wear these cozy boots with a mini skirt. Especially not a velour one. Not only does this look like a cast-off from the set of The Simple Life, it's just not a flattering or adult getup.