4 New Shows That Are Actually Worth Watching, According to Our Editors

If you’ve already finished Bridgerton, Get Organized with The Home Edit and The Ultimatum, you’ve come to the right place.

On this week’s episode of PureWow’s Stream On podcast, co-hosts Phil Mutz and Rachel Gulmi highlighted four new shows that everyone should watch: The First Lady, Anatomy of a Scandal, Roar and The Flight Attendant.

At the eight-minute mark, Mutz and Gulmi dive into their hits of the week, where they discuss four new shows that are worth the watch.

Let’s begin with Showtime’s The First Lady, which is told through the lens of three iconic women: Eleanor Roosevelt (Gillian Anderson), Betty Ford (Michelle Pfeiffer) and Michelle Obama (Viola Davis). “I think that, in addition to Renée Zellweger, these ladies are all going to be battling it out for Emmys this year,” Mutz says.

Second is Netflix’s Anatomy of a Scandal, which stars Sienna Miller, Michelle Dockery and Rupert Friend. “Is it the best show I’ve ever seen? No,” Gulmi says. “But it got me thinking.”

Next is Apple TV+’s Roar, which is an anthology series based on Cecelia Ahern’s book of short stories. Although Mutz admits that it’s a “slow burn,” he also says, “The star power is incredible.”

Last (but not least) is HBO Max’s The Flight Attendant, which is back for season 2. The latest installment further explores Cassie’s new partnership with the CIA. “I really like the tone of the show, which is quirky,” he explains. “So, I think that’s what makes it enjoyable.”

In the episode, the co-hosts discuss several other shows and movies. Mutz encourages listeners to go see Everything Everywhere All at Once (which is now in theaters), claiming it’s the “best movie” he’s seen in years. Plus, now that Netflix has revealed that it’s losing subscribers, what does this mean for the streaming service? The co-hosts weigh in.

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