‘The Dropout’ & ‘Severance’ Season Finales: One Was Incredible, One Totally Missed the Mark

The internet is blowing up with theories about that wild Severance finale. And while the Apple TV series is returning for season two, there is one other show that’s being overshadowed because (unlike Severance) the conclusion majorly missed the mark: The Dropout.

On this week’s episode of PureWow’s new Stream On podcast, co-hosts Phil Mutz and Rachel Gulmi discussed all the latest entertainment news. The pair focused on two series finales—one that was mind-blowing and one that was a disappointment. (Listen below or here.)

Mutz dove right into the Severance finale, saying, “It is the single best piece of television I’ve seen in years. Years, Rachel. It’s so good!” He even compared it to the famous season finale of Lost because it gave him “that kind of goosebumps feeling.”

Gulmi confirmed that she had a similar reaction. “I did not sleep that night,” she said. “And I still cannot stop thinking about it.” However, Gulmi didn’t have very positive feedback about the series finale of The Dropout, which stars Amanda Seyfried as Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes.

“I loved the season as a whole. I loved it,” Gulmi said. “But I was really disappointed with the series finale (it’s a limited series).”

Gulmi explained that her negative review has nothing to do with Seyfried’s performance. Instead, it was the abrupt end to the story line. “Even in the finale she did a good job, I was just disappointed with the way it ended,” she added. “I wanted to see what happened after.”

In the episode, the co-hosts talk about several other shows—like Moon Knight on Disney+, which is a must-watch for Marvel fans and newbies. They also share their thoughts on ABC’s Abbott Elementary and Netflix’s The Ultimatum. (Hellooo, Nick Lachey.)

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