15 Celebrity Prom Pictures, from Michelle Obama to Matthew McConaughey

Welp, it’s almost that time of year again. The flowers are about to start blooming, the birds are beginning to chirp and soon enough parents will be snapping prom photos of their kids. As you think back to (and maybe cringe a little over) your own high school prom, rest assured there is plenty of photo evidence of celebrities who were just as embarrassingly pubescent as you. Scroll on for 15 celebrity prom photos you’ll never be able to unsee.

1. Jimmy Fallon

“My date went tanning the night before. I did not. I looked like Powder,” Fallon captioned this tweet. Pure gold.

2. Nick Kroll

The comedian shared his pic as part of @whenweallvote and @mtv’s #promchallenge to help students and teachers find creative ways to register voters. And while we love the message, we just can’t stop staring at that shoulder-length hair.

3. Elle Fanning

When Fanning had to miss her senior prom to be in Cannes (we can’t relate), her date flew out to France to re-create the evening. Even if it is a fake prom, it still counts.

4. Michelle Obama

We hate to see a man by her side who isn’t Barack Obama. But yes, that’s Michelle’s prom date standing close as she sits in a wicker chair. And let’s face it, only the former first lady could pull off a satin, polka-dotted dress. She admitted to Ellen DeGeneres that her dress was a little too revealing: “That split was a little high. I don’t know if I’d let my kids go out with a split that high.”

5. Kerry Washington

Washington shared this sweet prom pic with her fans on Instagram, but not without reminding them that this was just one of the many proms she attended. “I’m throwin’ it back…to prom! Well, one of em. I went to a few. Tee hee,” she captioned the post.

6. Alex Guarnaschelli

Well, someone doesn’t age.

7. Gwen Stefani

According to the singer, she and her mom actually made this masterpiece when she was just 17. Their inspiration? Grace Kelly’s dress in the movie Rear Window. Nailed it.

8. Rita Wilson

Before she was married to Tom Hanks, Wilson attended prom with this handsome mystery man. And is that a white boa we see?

9. Tracee Ellis Ross

“18 year old me in 1990 ready for my prom in this @giorgioarmani dress, bangles and shoes,” Ross captioned a series of throwbacks on Instagram. Remember, folks: This is now one of the most stylish women on the planet.

10. Candace Cameron-bure

It’s true—the Full House actress took her then-TV boyfriend Scott Weinger (aka Steve) to her real-life senior prom.

11. John Stamos

You knowwww…maybe we’ll forgive the hair.

12. Bethenny Frankel

The Real Housewives of New York City star shared this bright throwback on Instagram and asked her followers, “Who else rocked the 80s puff-sleeved prom dress look?!”

13. Paul Scheer

No, you’re not imagining things—that really is a gummy bear corsage.

14. Joey King

The Kissing Booth star tweeted this prom pic back in 2016. “When @kfc makes all your prom dreams come true. We’re so happy we could cry #ChickenCorsage #TooBlessed,” she wrote. According to Yahoo! LifeStyle, King actually reached out to the fast-food restaurant directly. “I contacted KFC, and I asked them to make two chicken corsages for me. I had heard these corsages were a thing,” she said.

15. Matthew Mcconaughey

After McConaughey won his Oscar in 2014, one Twitter user seized the opportunity to share a photo of her aunt from her senior prom. Of course, when we look through our old family photo albums, all we have are throwback pics of Uncle Joe dressed as Santa at the Christmas party.

Alright. Alright. Alright.

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