All the ‘Bridgerton’ Characters, Ranked from Worst to Best

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Now that Bridgerton season 2 is streaming on Netflix, we can’t stop thinking about the lovable cast. The new episodes are totally different than the first installment, focusing on an entirely different member of the Bridgerton family: Anthony. Because of this, some characters (like Daphne) are fading into the background, while others (like Eloise) are shining brighter than we ever expected.

In honor of the premiere, we compiled a list of Bridgerton characters ranked from worst to best. From Queen Charlotte to Penelope Featherington, keep scrolling for details.

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bridgerton characters ranked simon basset

12. Simon Basset

Played by: Regé-Jean Page

Simone Basset (AKA the Duke of Hastings) stole America’s heart in season one, when he courted the one and only Daphne Bridgerton. Despite the character’s popularity, he doesn’t make a single cameo in the new installments. And for that reason, he’s no longer at the top of the list.

bridgerton characters ranked lady featherington

11. Lady Portia Featherington

Played by: Polly Walker

Sure, Lady Portia Featherington has good intentions, but the way she goes about them is all wrong. While she’s desperate for her daughters to find love, she goes to extreme measures to get her way. This involves manipulating Cousin Jack into marrying her daughter, Prudence, and launching a fake gemstone business to hide her dwindling fortune.

bridgerton characters ranked cressida cowper

10. Cressida Cowper

Played by: Jessica Madsen

Cressida Cowper is pegged to be the villain, but we feel kind of bad for her. Although she’s trying to find a husband like everyone else, she becomes the innocent target of Lady Featherington’s schemes (which is the only reason she isn’t ranked last).

bridgerton characters ranked queen charlotte

9. Queen Charlotte

Played by: Golda Rosheuvel

Queen Charlotte may be royal, but we have to agree with Lady Whistledown: The monarch’s concept of selecting a “diamond” each year (or the girl who stands out the most) is outdated.

bridgerton characters ranked kate sharma

8. Kate Sharma

Played by: Simone Ashley

Kate Sharma is one of the new characters in season two. Although Kate is single (like her sister Edwina), she swears that she wants to stay that way and plans to return to India once her sister gets married. She’s not afraid to speak her mind, even if it offends Lady Danbury, but her lack of communication with her sister causes a family rivalry no one saw coming.

bridgerton characters ranked daphne

7. Daphne Bridgerton

Played by: Phoebe Dynevor

What’s not to love about Daphne, who’s now a wife and mother? We don’t have anything against the character, but she’s no longer the focus of the story. Therefore, she didn’t shine as bright as her siblings this season.

bridgerton characters ranked theo
Dave Benett/WireImage

6. Theo Sharpe

Played by: Calam Lynch

Another new character, Theo works at the print shop where Lady Whistledown sends her manuscripts. When Eloise discovers this secret, she develops a playful banter with Theo that’s frowned upon simply because Theo is considered a blue-collar worker. Social status aside, we’re 100 percent on #TeamTheo.

bridgerton characters ranked lady danbury

5. Lady Danbury

Played by: Adjoa Andoh

Lady Danbury acts as a sponsor to those who are entering the social world, housing them and offering advice as they court suitors. This includes the Sharma family, who have a controversial past. Despite Kate’s rebellious nature and Edwina’s role in the spotlight, Lady Danbury has solidified her status as one of the most respectable elders in the Ton…and it shows.

bridgerton characters ranked anthony bridgerton

4. Anthony Bridgerton

Played by: Jonathan Bailey

Anthony Bridgerton let Daphne shine in season one, but in season two, he’s the star of the show. The second installment kicks off with Anthony meeting a rebellious mystery woman in the woods. At the ball, he hits it off with Edwina (the new diamond) and learns that she’s related to Kate. Although he makes several bad decisions, his intentions are good…and that’s all that matters.

bridgerton edwina

3. Edwina Sharma

Played by: Charithra Chandran

Meet Kate’s sister Edwina, who enters society under the supervision of Lady Danbury. She’s immediately paired up with Anthony Bridgerton, but she later learns that he’s already fallen for Kate. Her change in demeanor—from classy lady to revengeful sibling—is simply delightful.

bridgerton characters ranked penelope featherington

2. Penelope Featherington

Played by: Nicola Coughlan

Penelope (or “Pen”) is the underdog of Bridgerton. She’s often overlooked by suitors, but she’s far more powerful than what meets the eye. Not only does she moonlight as Lady Whistledown, but she can also change the narrative with her words (or lack thereof).

bridgerton characters ranked eloise bridgerton

1. Eloise Bridgerton

Played by: Claudia Jessie

Eloise is—hands down—the breakout star of season two, maintaining a no-nonsense attitude while addressing her privilege head on. After meeting Theo, it doesn’t take long for them to form a connection. However, Eloise soon realizes that her family’s status in society has restricted her dating pool to exclude people like Theo. Her reaction made us gain mad respect for her.

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