‘Bridgerton’ Co-stars Simone Ashley & Jonathan Bailey Left Gifts for Each Other While Filming Season 2

Anthony Bridgerton may be the definition of problematic on Netflix's steamy drama, Bridgerton, but actor Jonathan Bailey is quite the opposite.

Actress Simone Ashley—who joined the cast of season two as Anthony's love interest, Kate Sharma—recently chatted with Glamour UK and revealed that Bailey welcomed her with the sweetest gesture. When she arrived on set for the first time, she discovered that he left flowers for her in her trailer. This prompted her to return the favor by leaving him snacks.

The 26-year-old star told the magazine, “I would always leave him his favorite snacks in his trailer. We had a very unspoken rhythm going on in that sense, leaving gifts in each other’s trailers.”

Bailey isn't the only co-star who Ashley has bonded with, however. In her interview with People, she gushed about her friendship with Phoebe Dynevor, who plays Daphne. She said, "She's so lovely. There was one week I was feeling quite stressed out about certain things, and she took me to a reformer Pilates class and that was really nice. And we just had some girl time."

In case you missed it, Netflix already dropped a riveting trailer for season two, which is set to premiere March 25. And in typical fashion, we're greeted by the voice of Lady Whistledown, who teases what we can expect—especially when it comes to Anthony's quest for love. She says, “Dearest reader, it has been said that competition is an opportunity for us to rise before our greatest of challenges.”

In the clip, there are several shared scenes between Ashley and Bailey. And though their chemistry is through the roof, one question still remains: Is he prepared to settle down? Lady Whistledown adds, “I cannot be the only one wondering if this former Capital R Rake is ready to flourish.” 

Meanwhile Kate has to navigate her own issues as she develops feelings for the handsome nobleman. While discussing her character with People, Ashley said, "She listens to her own instincts, and she's not easily swayed by what everyone else is doing. We meet her in different vulnerable moments and discover her background a little bit more and the family trauma that she holds. There's a lot of common cause for an audience to relate to her."

Yep, March 25 couldn't get here fast enough.


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