8 TikTok Beauty Trends Worth Trying, According to Someone Over 25

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Look, we appreciate the many beauty tips and tricks we get from TikTok, but the trends are constantly changing and it’s hard to keep up with every single one. That said, there are a select few we actually stand behind. Whether we’ve tested them out ourselves or gotten a stamp of approval from a dermatologist or hairstylist, here are eight TikTok beauty trends worth trying out. 

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1. Skin Cycling

When it comes to skincare trends on TikTok, you’re either faced with the most outrageous hacks (like sunscreen contouring) or tried-and-true techniques that have been around forever but have been reintroduced to the masses with a buzzy name attached to them like skin cycling. Coined by dermatologist Whitney Bowe, this trend involves alternating exfoliation days with recovery days in your routine so you get the benefits of your products without aggravating your skin barrier. As Bowe told PureWow, “The beauty of skin cycling is that you can adjust your cycling schedule to meet your skin where it is.” 

2. Skin Flooding

The latest skincare method to take the top spot on our FYPs is skin flooding. Similar to skin cycling, it’s not a new concept and has been a K-beauty staple for ages. The key to this trend is using humectant ingredients (usually hyaluronic acid) and layering an emollient (a creamy moisturizer) on top to seal in moisture. To incorporate the skin flooding trend into your routine, use a gentle cleanser, followed by a toner mist, then a hydrating serum and a moisturizer. 

3. Glazed Donut Nails

In 2022, glazed donut nails were everywhere. The glossy look is simple, chic and suitable for any season. While other nail trends can be complicated (and require intricate, stress-inducing nail art), this one only takes four steps to achieve. All you’ll need is a base coat, a soft white nail polish, a top coat and a chrome effect lacquer to bring the whole look together. (Psst, if you’re looking for something a bit more neutral, consider the latest Lip Gloss Nails trend instead.) 

4. Micro French Manicure

French manicures will always be in. However, these days we’re opting for shorter nails and thinner tips instead. Once you apply a base coat, use a striping brush (or a template) to create a thin, pristine line along the tips of your nails before applying a top coat to seal in your look. FYI: You don’t have to stick to the standard white tips for your micro French mani. Consider lining your nails in black or perhaps a brightly colored polish just in time for spring. 

5. Shag Cut

There have been plenty of trendy haircuts over the years (i.e, butterfly, octopus, wolf), but there’s nothing quite like the classic shag cut. This style adds texture and volume to strands and screams rock ‘n roll. It features lots of layers on top and choppier ends to give a tousled texture. The best part: The shag cut works on all hair types and lengths. To style the look at home, apply a texturizing spray (or an air dry cream) throughout to bring out the layers.  

6. Bottleneck Bangs

Curtain bangs walked so bottleneck bangs could run. This fringe features short wispy hairs that sit just below the brows and longer face-framing layers on the sides. Similar to the shag cut, bottleneck bangs can easily be customized to fit your hair type and face shape. One PureWow editor tried them out recently and loved them. “After transitioning from curtain bangs to bottleneck bangs, I may never go back. If you’re anything like me and always feel a pang of apprehension when trying out new styles, bottleneck bangs will be the perfect dip-of-the-toe-look,” she explains. 

7. Barbiecore

Whether you call it Barbiecore, coquette aesthetic or balletcore, soft pink looks are everywhere this year. The shade adds a playful touch of color without being overpowering, and there’s plenty of room to build on the look if you’re going for a bold all-pink finish. All it takes is a rosy blush, a shiny lip gloss and some pink-toned eyeshadow to live out your Barbiecore dreams.

8. Grunge Makeup

Another fan favorite? Grunge makeup, which is the complete opposite of Barbiecore and continues to gain popularity on TikTok these days. Featuring bold looks involving metallic eyeshadows and dramatic liner techniques (as seen with siren eyes), brown lipsticks and even bleached brows, the ‘90s and early ‘00s aesthetic is back in full force and we’re not mad about it (though we may skip the brow bleaching this time around).  

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