12 Outdated Beauty Trends We're Ditching in 2023...and What to Try Instead

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As we dive into the new year, we’re ready to change up our beauty routines. While 2022 was filled with so many great trends, we’re ready to say goodbye to a few for good in 2023. To that end, we asked hairstylists, makeup artists, skincare experts and nail artists to share the beauty trends they’re ditching in the new year. Plus, the latest looks and techniques to try instead.

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From Spiky Buns to Velvet Nails, Here Are 16 Beauty Trends That Will be Everywhere in 2023


beauty trends out in 2023 warm toned eyeshadows photos of alexandra daddario
Instagram: @alexandradaddario

1. Out: Warm-Toned Eyeshadows / In: Cool Gray Eyeshadows

We’re putting away shades with bronze, peach and red undertones in favor of cooler colors in 2023—and we have the grunge aesthetic to thank for that. “The ‘90s grunge look is coming back, which is all about unfussy, smudgy cool gray tones,” says Patinkin. “[This type of] color palette, with soft grays, taupes and charcoal colors makes the whites of your eyes look brighter. Plus, the classic smoky look is so easy to achieve without a ton of effort,” she explains.

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beauty trends out in 2023 glass skin photo of model and zendaya

2. Out: Glass Skin / In: Satin Skin

“Unless you have no pores, fine lines or wrinkles, the glass skin trend actually emphasizes skin texture and flaws. Also, if you live in a warm climate, glass skin reads like oily skin. A softer, controlled glow is more realistic for most people to achieve and less high maintenance,” Tardif tells us. While we don’t want to completely say goodbye to glowy skin, Tardif suggests the satin skin finish, which offers a blend of matte and glowy benefits that works on all skin types. “The satin finish is what I consider the most universally flattering for all skin types and it’s the most wearable every day—not just for photo ops,” adds Tardif.

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beauty trends out in 2023 middle parts photo of emma chamberlain and amanda seyfried
Instagram: @emmachamberlain/@mingey

3. Out: Middle Parts / In: Side Parts

Sorry Gen-Z, but middle parts are officially out for the new year. We’ve slowly seeing side parts come back, making millennials giddy again (or cringe depending on how you wore your side part in the early ‘00s). “Your part should complement your facial features and some people actually pull off a side part better. We’ve even seen a few celebrities recently bring back a side part like Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez,” shares Taylor. “Although I love a middle part, nobody should be married to one. Middle parts can be cute for being out and about during the day, but at night when you need to glam up a little bit, I’m totally for a more glamorous side part.”

beauty trends out in 2023 mullet photo of miley cryus and florence pugh
Instagram: @mileycyrus/@florencepugh

4. Out: Mullets / In: Bixies

We saw the popularity of mullets skyrocket in the beginning of 2022, but we’re switching things up in favor of haircut hybrids (a la the butterfly cut) and shorter ‘dos this year. The biggest contender for 2023? The Bixie. “The shorter in the front, longer in the back cut that celebrities like Billie Eilish, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna donned last year is being replaced with a more relaxed, graduated Bixie cut,” says Riley.

“This combination of the pixie and the bob haircut gives the fullness of a short pixie, while keeping the length and versatility of a bob. While the choppy fringe remains, the sides are shaggier and less dramatic, making it infinitely more wearable,” adds Riley. To maintain your fresh new cut, Riley notes styling products—like texturizing spray and pomade—will bring more texture and definition to your short locks.

beauty trends out in 2023 platinum blonde photo of kim kardashian and kelly ripa
Instagram: @kimkardashian/@kellyripa

5. Out: Platinum Blonde / In: Blended Balayage

Platinum blondes (also known as 'Ice Cube' or 'Icy' blonde) were having a moment in 2022. We like to think House of the Dragon and celebs like Megan Fox had a hand in making silver fox a thing. But now, we're scaling back on high-maintenance color treatments. “While ‘expensive brunettes’ and ‘expensive blondes’ were very on trend in 2022, we are seeing a lot of our guests opt for a low-maintenance, easy-grow out option for blondes. The balayage is definitely here to stay in 2023, where beautiful brightness begins midshaft and gets denser at the ends, allowing for healthier locks and a seamless grow-out, adding tons of dimension,” explains Riley.

beauty trends out in 2023 money pieces photo of dua lipa and ciara
Instagram: @dualipa/@ciara

6. Out: Money Pieces / In: Subtle Highlights

Money pieces were everywhere in 2021 and 2022, but this year we’re putting these face-framing highlights into the vault. “Money piece highlights have been a staple for those trying to go brighter and blonder over the past few years. They have also been popping up more recently as a micro trend with Gen Z adding these chunky highlights to their hair in a myriad of fun colors,” explains Hazelton. “But instead of the chunky money pieces, we’re keeping the idea of brightening the face by creating more balanced dimensions and picking shades that are closer to one’s natural color.” But if you still have an itch for something with a two-toned contrast, we hear Gemini hair is going to be a hit in 2023.


beauty trends out in 2023 10 step skincare routines a woman going through her beauty cabinet
Ildar Abulkhanov/Getty Images

7. Out: 10-Step Skincare Routines / In: Skinimalism

In 2023, we’re no longer crowding our beauty cabinets with skincare products. Instead, we’ll be practicing skinimalism. “A great skincare routine is not about the quantity but rather the quality of the products you’re using. You do not need to use a 10-step regimen daily, as we’ve grown accustomed to seeing on social media,” says Carbonari. Similar to a closet refresh, consider looking through your skincare collection and throwing out (or donating) products you don’t need anymore. Carbonari also suggests looking closely at the ingredients in every product. “Choose products that work with your skin and not against it,” adds Carbonari.

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beauty trends out in 2023 one size fits all skincare routines a design photo of three women looking in the mirror
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8. Out: One-Size-Fits-All Skincare / In: Personalized Routines

Speaking of routines, Carbonari believes micro skincare trends are a thing of the past. “Trends like skin cycling and slugging have been all over our feeds in 2022. But the reality is, the ingredients in these popular routines may not be suitable for all skin types,” says Carbonari. “Our skin can tell you what it needs, you just have to listen. Do your research and speak with your dermatologist or facialist to determine which ingredients and routines are best for you.”

beauty trends out in 2023 at home chemical peels a photo of a woman with a face mask
g-stockstudio/Getty Images

9. Out: At-Home Chemical Peels / In: Gentle Skincare

At the start of the pandemic, trying professional treatments at home was big. Now, experts are warning people to hold off. “Some people are buying chemical peels that require licensed medical supervision because they penetrate the skin quite deeply and work aggressively to correct skin damage,” says Koestline. “However, more and more people are complaining about skin irritations (i.e, weakened skin barriers, imbalanced skin, perioral dermatitis, rosacea flare ups and more) due to overexposure to exfoliating acids. In short, they’re burning their skin with acid all to achieve “glowing” skin.”

While Koestline strongly recommends skipping at-home chemical peels, there are a few gentler alternatives that won’t cause as much irritation to the skin. Look for peels with anti-inflammatory properties like sea buckthorn berry and azelaic acid, and make sure to replenish your skin post-peel with facial oils that add nutrients back to the skin.

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beauty trends out in 2023 extra long nails a photo of cardi b and halle berry
Instagram: @iamcardib/@halleberry

10. Out: Super Long Nails / In: Shorter Tips

“While nail length is a personal preference and you should rock whatever length makes you feel confident, 2023 will be the year of the shorties,” says Russell. “Shorter lengths, sheer nude polishes and healthy-looking nails will be all the rage in 2023” Bottom line: If you’re trying to keep things simple and low maintenance, consider a shorter style this year. One way to do this? Shorter press-ons for a stylish, but temporary look.

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beauty trends out in 2023 matte top coat a photo of a matte manicure and a glossy manicure
Instagram: @nailsbyzola

11. Out: Matte Top Coats / In: Glossy Manicures

Glossy manicures are still going strong, which means matte looks don’t stand a chance in the new year. “We saw a boom of matte finishes in 2022, which gave a soft, almost velvet finish to polish. But in 2023, we're saying goodbye to flat colors and hello to extra glossy shine,” says Russell. “Now is your chance to invest in an ultra glossy fast dry top coat. They last longer than a matte top coat and give your manicure a gorgeous high shine runway look!”

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beauty trends out in 2023 bleached eyebrows a photo of kendall jenner and hailee steinfield
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12. Out: Bleached Eyebrows / In: Fluffy Eyebrows

As trends like “Rockstar Girlfriend” and “Indie Sleaze” took center stage last year, celebs like Bella Hadid and Doja Cat bleached their brows. Now, we’re looking for safer (and much subtler) brow alternatives. “I love the [bleached eyebrows] look. It’s high fashion, it’s edgy and it can really change the way you look. That said, please be aware that if you’re going for this look it should be done by a professional. Bleaching your eyebrows [especially at home] can lead to skin irritation. You can also run the risk of your eyebrows not growing back how they should [because of the chemicals involved],” explains Taylor.

Instead, Taylor recommends using sculpting wax or brow gel to fluff and shape up your arches. And if you’re still super into the bleached style, here’s another idea: the concealer hack, which will yield a similar look that’s temporary (and bleach-free).

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