Should You Shower in the Morning or The Night?

Your hard-hitting cleanliness questions answered

Are you an “up-and-at-em” morning shower girl… or a woman who thinks it’s gross to get into bed with grime still on your bod?

Read on to see which is better.

Pros Of The Morning Shower:

You can skip the coffeeA morning shower helps increase circulation and blood flow--way more effective than that third latte you've been relying on.

It relieves muscle tension. Wake up with a stiff neck? A hot shower helps tight muscles loosen. (We recommend doing some light stretching while you're in there.)

It’s better for oily skin. If you’re prone to shine, you know your grease gets way worse as you snooze. A shower (especially in cold water) gives you a chance to rinse off, then naturally seals pores to protect against dirt.


Pros Of The P.m. Shower:

It’s the ultimate workday wind-down. In fact, that after-hours shower can help lower your blood pressure and reduce stress.

You’ll get to sleep faster. A quick rinse off before bed--in warm water--is a tried-and-true insomnia cure. Why? It’s soothing and it signals your body to start releasing melatonin, a reminder that sleep is near.

Your sheets won’t get gross. Even if you’re the cleanest gal in all the land, dirt collects. A p.m. scrub-down means your sheets will stay pristine. 

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