55 Black-Owned Haircare Brands to Shop Before Your Next Wash Day

From Briogeo to Hello Updo

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a collage of black owned haircare brands
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For a long time, there was a lack of BIPOC representation in the beauty space, especially when it came to natural hair. Brands were often shoved into the “ethnic” aisle, or worse, offered a limited number of options for all hair types and textures.

Thankfully, the industry has started to take note of our needs. The natural hair movement has made great strides when it comes to more accessibility and visibility of these haircare brands, with companies like Shea Moisture, Mixed Chicks and Carol's Daughter becoming household names whether you're just starting your natural hair journey or simply need a new product to elevate your wash routine.

Fast forward to now, and there are a ton of brands dedicated to curlscoilsprotective styles and everything in between. While some of the brands are no longer Black-owned, there are still so many companies that are—from Briogeo to Melanin Haircare. We compiled a list of 55 Black-owned haircare brands to shop before your next wash day.

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1. Briogeo

Whether you have dry, dull or damaged hair, Briogeo has a collection for you. Founder Nancy Twine started making products right out of her NYC apartment using her grandmother’s recipes before creating the clean beauty brand that we know today. You’ll find that all the products have natural ingredients (like avocado oil, shea butter and tea tree oil) to hydrate, moisturize and protect all hair types.

2. Adwoa Beauty

If you have coils, Adwoa Beauty’s Baomint collection can keep your hair looking and feeling healthy. The brand’s minimalist packaging alone is enough reason to consider adding it to your routine, but don’t worry, the results justify the choice. The combo of baobab, peppermint, spearmint and wintergreen oil works to promote hair growth, treat scalp conditions (aka dandruff and flakes) and provide moisture.

3. Eden Bodyworks

After suffering from a chemical hair burn, founder Jasmine Lawrence vowed to create natural products that nurture and restore hair for all curl types. You’ll find seven different collections to target different hair issues like breakage, dryness or itchiness for as low as $5.

4. Camille Rose

Founder Janell Stephens searched far and wide for natural hair products that didn’t include harmful and harsh ingredients for her children, and found that there was a gap in the hair industry. So, Camille Rose was born to help people of all ages find products that repair, replenish and restore hair.

5. Mielle Organics

Mielle Organics took the natural hair community by storm when it launched just nine years ago. Founder and former nurse Monique Rodriguez used her expertise in health and science to develop a wide range of curly- and coily-focused products. The mixture of herbs, amino acids and minerals can be found in every collection to improve the health of your locks.

6. Alikay Naturals

At 22, YouTuber Rochelle Alikay Graham-Campbell began making products straight from her kitchen while at the same time bringing viewers along her own natural hair journey. In 2008, she launched Alikay Naturals, and the products have become a big hit for their natural, organic ingredients like honey, shea butter and coconut oil.

7. Miss Jessie's

Inspired by their grandmother (the source behind the brand’s name) and her homemade hair recipes, founders (and sisters) Miko and Titi Branch brought Miss Jessie’s vision to life with styling creams, conditioners and moisturizers. Celebs like Alicia Keys, Lupita Nyong'o, and Viola Davis are just a few A-list customers who have raved about the brand.

8. Uncle Funky's Daughter

Looking for a sustainable, eco-friendly haircare line? Well, Uncle Funky’s Daughter strives to use plant-based ingredients like aloe, coconut and olive as the base for all of their products. This natural brand works to detangle, moisturize and define curls, coils and waves.

9. Pattern

In 2019, our favorite TV mom launched her very own haircare brand and it has become a go-to for many curly gals. Tracee Ellis Ross spent over ten years perfecting the range in order to create a collection that “empowers your curl pattern.” The best part? Each product is labeled to let you know if it works best for curls, coils and tight textures.


Celebs like Alicia Keys, Tia Mowry and Halle Berry can’t get enough of this haircare brand. CURLS's most popular collection—Blueberry Bliss—has a distinct blueberry scent no one can seem to get enough of and yes, it's worth splurging on. There’s even a collection for the kiddos, too.

11. Design Essentials

One of the OG natural haircare brands out there, Design Essentials has catered to all hair types since the '90s. A combo of vitamins and proteins can be found in each of their products to condition, nourish and restore your hair.

12. TGIN

TGIN (or Thank God It’s Natural) brings natural, organic ingredients (like shea butter and olive oil) together at an affordable price. In 2009, former founder and CEO Chris-Tia Donaldson sought to make a collection for naturalistas. While Donaldson passed from breast cancer in 2021, her vision still lives on as TGIN continues to be one of the biggest haircare brands for natural hair, with products in more than 10,000 stores nationwide.

13. Taliah Waajid

Speaking of OGs, Taliah Waajid was one of the first to have a complete line for curls, braids and locks. All of their products contain 100 percent natural ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil (or as they call it, “shea-coco”) and apple cider vinegar.

14. Melanin Haircare

Sisters Whitney and Taffeta White started this natural haircare brand nine years ago and garnered attention for their styling products and satin head wraps that protect your hair while you sleep. (Three PureWow editors who put the line to the test gave the brand their stamp of approval).

15. TPH By Taraji

Actress Taraji P. Henson took her own experiences with taking care of her hair and created a natural line, specifically for scalp care. One of the most popular products, the Master Cleanse, has a unique applicator that makes it easier to apply product directly onto the scalp—even if you're rocking a protective style. Overall, the products aim to cleanse, soothe and improve hair health overtime.

16. Oyin Handmade

The brand’s name translates to honey, which means you’ll definitely find the sweet ingredient in all of their products. When founder Jamyla Bennu couldn’t find products to suit her coily hair, she decided to make her own collection and Oyin Handmade was born.

17. Hair Rules

Celebrity hairstylist Dickey knows a thing or two about natural hair (he counts celebs like Sarah Jessica Parker, Rihanna and former First Lady Michelle Obama as part of his clientele). What started out as a guidebook about how to take care of your hair turned into a product line for all textures to use at home or at his NYC salon dedicated to curly hair.

18. Kinky Curly

Founder Shelley Davis took her knowledge of herbs and plant-based ingredients to create products for all natural hair types. Whether you’re looking for softness, shine or control, Kinky Curly has a product suited for your routine.

19. Bread Beauty Supply

OK, the name is enough to entice you to check out the haircare brand. Bread Beauty Supply is bringing you back to the basics with core products to help you not overdo wash day. The Australian brand caters to people with 3A to 4C curls with steps like cleansing, masking, oiling. It’s vegan, cruelty-free and filled with Australian native oils to keep curls moisturized and hydrated.

20. Sunday II Sunday

Say goodbye to scheduling a workout around your next wash day. Founded by beauty veteran Keenan Beasley, Sunday II Sunday is making it easier to stay active without worrying about your natural hair sweating out (in under 15 minutes, FYI). All products feature botanical ingredients to remove sweat, balance moisture and reduce itchiness, so go schedule that spin class.

21. The Doux

Whether you have curly hair or prefer blowouts, The Doux has a product for every hair type. Plus, the packaging stands out in the beauty aisle and we can't get enough of the names like "Big Poppa," "Mousse Def" and "Sucka Free."

22. Soultanicals

Founder Ayo Ogun created Soultanicals to find a better detangler for her daughter's hair. The vegan brand uses organic, plant-based and African botanical ingredients in every product to keep hair tangle-free, soft and moisturized, especially for dry, coarse and coily hair.

23. Luster's Pink

For 67 years, Luster’s Pink has been at the forefront of the natural hair community. Whether you’re looking for a hair oil, moisturizer or styling cream, the OG brand has something for all hair types and textures for the whole family.

24. Diva By Cindy

After learning how to make hair products from a chemistry teacher, Cindy Tawiah sought to make a beauty brand with natural hair in mind. Years of research and testing brought DIVA by Cindy to life, and the brand focuses on ingredients like aloe, peppermint oil and vitamin B for hair growth, scalp care and moisture. Aside from being a go-to for anyone dealing with hair loss and shedding, the proceeds from product sales go to Cindy’s program "Diva Project," an organization to support victims of domestic violence.

25. Kurlee Belle

CEO Terrinque Pennerman decided to honor her late mother and continue her family's traditions by starting Kurlee Belle. Every product stems from homemade recipes passed down from generations of Bahamian women before her. You'll find ingredients like coconut, hibiscus and banana throughout the collections for natural, curly and relaxed hair.

26. Kreyól Essence

After years of using chemicals and straightening her hair, Yve-Car Momperousse thought it was time to create products to reverse the damage and bring back moisture to her natural hair. From shampoos to lotions, Kreyól Essence (KE)'s products have one thing in common—Haitian Black Castor Oil. The key ingredient come from Haiti, whee Momperousse made sure to provide jobs after the devastating earthquake in 2010. In 2021, she brought her brand to Shark Tank, where she struck a deal, so we haven't seen the last of KE.

27. Curlmix

CurlMix went from a DIY subscription box to a full-fledged haircare brand (that was also featured on Shark Tank). In 2018, the brand launched its first line after identifying customers’ needs and concerns in a private Facebook group. Started by Kim and Tim Lewis, the clean beauty brand caters to all curly gals who are looking for hair growth, hydration or strength.

28. Mixed Chicks

Founders Wendi Levy and Kim Etheredge created Mixed Chicks to tap into a part of the market that wasn't focusing on curly hair. Coining themselves the "mixed chicks," their mission is to have a line for all curly textures regardless if you're strictly a 2A or an in-between 3C and 4A. Celebs like Jennifer Hudson, Tracee Ellis Ross and Ciara can't get enough of the brand.

29. Righteous Roots

When you invest in a hair oil, you're really investing in your hair's health. Enter Righteous Roots. This growth serum puts frizz and tangles to rest thanks to its essential oils blend (like black castor oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil and argan oil). From a hot oil treatment to styling, the product can be used pretty much at any step in your routine.

30. Kaleidoscope

In 2013, Jessica Dupart started Kaleidoscope to help people with hair loss and scalp conditions. Her signature product—Miracle Drops—was a way to combat those woes and promote healthy hair growth. The mix of peppermint oil, tea tree oil and aloe makes for a lightweight oil that nourishes the scalp and adds shine. In addition to other haircare products, you'll also find collections for kids and men as well as celebrity collaborations (like the Da Brat line).

31. Organi Grow Hair Co

Who would've thought a bad haircut could lead to a natural haircare line? Well, Kay Cola’s bad experience led her to make products to fix the damage and bring life back to her curls. The vegan brand offers a host of products, especially hair oils, targeted to each texture, type and porosity.

32. Sienna Naturals

Hannah Diop and Issa Rae (yes, from Insecure) started chemical-free haircare brand Sienna Naturals as a cleaner alternative, incorporating ingredients like coconut, castor and baobab oil to repair, nourish and soothe. Their top three products work on all hair types (curls, coils and waves) and will solve any hair woes you may have.

33. 4C Only

4C Only is a brand catered to coily textures. The Too Easy Collection (consisting of a shampoo, conditioner, leave-in and styling cream) helps detangle, moisturize and defrizz hair. One PureWow editor even tried the brand and she was definitely not disappointed with the results.

34. DreamGirls

When sisters Tonya Thompson and Sharie Wilson opened up their first salon back in 2006 and began exclusively using their own products, they never dreamt it would expand to the public. Fast forward 18 years later, and DreamGirls's 5-Step Healthy Hair Care System is now available internationally.

35. Naturalicious

CEO Gwen Jimmere turned her homemade hair products into a collection that can be found in your go-to beauty stores for all curly types. Naturalicious follows a three-step process of cleaning, treating and styling hair. For the best results, use the products in the order you'll find right on the bottles.

36. Rucker Roots

Rucker Roots is based on family and traditions. Sisters and founders Ellen and Ione used their mother's homemade recipes (and her key ingredients like avocado, eggs and mayonnaise) to create their natural haircare brand. These core components and pure oils work to soothe, soften and moisturize your locks.

37. Miche Beauty

In 2016, Michelle Ballard founded Miche Beauty. As a former content creator, she loved educating others on how to care for their natural hair. Her collection caters to all hair textures and types with moisturizing formulas that include castor oil, shea butter and honey. The brand also offers accessories and bundles to complete your full wash and styling experience.

38. Alodia Hair Care

Founder Dr. Isfahan Chambers-Harris has a holistic approach when it comes to natural hair. After experiencing a bad reaction (and excessive hair damage) from products with heavy, chemical-laden ingredients, Alodia was born. Dr. Harris used her science background to develop a line that features organic and natural ingredients. Since 2016, the products have gained a reputation for promoting hair growth, boosting hydration and offering heat protection.

39. Curls & Potions

Curls & Potions bridges the gap between beauty and wellness. In 2007, CEO Michelle Nicole Fontaine-Jones stopped using relaxers after she saw how much they damaged her hair. She began testing natural ways to style her hair by trying traditional recipes and experimenting with clean ingredients. By 2015, the brand was born with a mission to promote healthy hair and healthy living. The pink packaging is a tribute to Michelle’s biggest inspiration, her mother, who passed away from breast cancer and continues to live on as the heart and soul of the company.

40. E'TAE

Whether you have natural, color-treated or transitioning hair, E’TAE has a product for your needs. The brand relies on 20 key ingredients (like honey, tea tree oil, argan oil, shea butter and aloe vera) to deliver softness, growth and moisture. The proof: the Hair Food Thickening and Growth Drops. Just a quick look on their site and you'll see before and afters of their customers ranging from two weeks to three months of hair growth.

41. Earthtones Naturals

Earthtones Naturals believes in the importance of clean beauty for the overall health of your skin, hair and body. As stated on their site, the brand strives for others to "understand what you put on your body is just as important as what goes into your body." It's the reason why the whole collection utilizes over 80 percent of natural ingredients (like avocado oil, cocoa butter, jojoba oil and cupuacu butter, to name a few). From cleansers to scalp treatments, each product is gentle, safe and hypoallergenic.

42. Boucléme

Founder Michele Scott-Lynch didn’t start appreciating her curls until her 30s. By the time she had her two daughters, she wanted to become a role model for them, especially as someone who embraced her natural hair. The UK brand prioritizes using gentler ingredients and following sustainable and cruelty-free practices. While you can buy the products individually, Boucléme also offers 30-day kits to keep you on a strict wash routine (and help you spend less money and time in the beauty aisle).

43. Alaffia

Alaffia goes beyond providing body, face and haircare products. Their goal is to empower African communities by locally sourcing their ingredients and using a portion of their sales to improve the living conditions for these underserved communities. Every collection includes ingredients that come straight from West Africa like shea butter and argan oil.

44. Flawless By Gabrielle Union

If we’re not saving Gabrielle Union’s incredible fashion moments on Instagram, we’re double-tapping photos of her hair journey. So when she partnered with her longtime hairstylist Larry Sims to create her own brand, we were ecstatic. Flawless is all about providing luxury products that won't break the bank. The wide-reaching collection is versatile for any style you choose to rock—from curls to braids to weaves—and will maintain the overall health of your hair.

45. Hairbrella

Some of us know a little too well what it's like to spend hours getting our hair done only to be met with pouring rain that can jeopardize our spankin' new style. Well, CEO Tracey Pickett found the solution to our number one woe. Enter Hairbella. A brand centered around "The Rain Hat" which blends fashion and function together. From the visor shielding your face away from the rain or the waterproof exterior to keep your hair dry, this hair accessory is a must-have. Plus, we can't forget the stain-lined interior to reduce any frizz or breakage. Talk about a win-win all around.

46. NaturAll Club

When founder Muhga Eltigani decided to chop her hair off and start over, she opted to use only natural ingredients in her routine. Soon after, she joined an online community, where she swapped recipes and helpful ingredients with other members. Once she experienced the benefits of these natural formulas on her hair, she decided to launch NaturAll in 2015. In the nine years since, the brand has been offering clean haircare products with ingredients sourced directly from small farmers in Jamaica and Ghana.

47. Qhemet Biologics

Qhemet Biologics was developed with the idea of combining history, culture and beauty together. In 2004, historian and founder Felis Butler sought to use plant extracts, herbs and oils (i.e., cocoa butter, grapeseed oil and alma) to create nourishing products for the hair, body and skin. Whether you have dry hair, thinning hair or 4C hair, there's a product for you—which explains why celebs like Simone Biles, Keri Hilson and Regina King are all fans.

48. Grace Eleyae

We won't deny that wash products are important, but the accessories are just as crucial to a naturalista's routine. Grace Eleyae has been offering stain caps, silk pillowcases and knit beanies to keep your hair protected and frizz-free since 2014. In case you didn't already know, silk and satin have been proven to minimize friction, lock in moisture and promote healthy hair growth. So naturally, all the products feature a silk (or satin) lining to keep your locks in top shape all day and night.

49. Honey Beauty

For years, founder Genesis Dominguez noticed the industry didn't represent women like her—an Afro-Latina with thick coily hair. And despite the constant hair discrimination and microaggressions, she embarked on a journey of connecting closer to her roots (literally and figuratively). After studying abroad in the Dominican Republic and traveling around the world, she launched Honey Beauty as a way to teach others how to embrace their natural hair and ways to take care of it. Her entire collection uses natural ingredients (like honey and argan oil), while building an inclusive community for all.

50. Hello Updo

Inspired by a scorching hot day in the Dominican Republic, founder Magdaline Hurtado wanted to create hair ties that can tackle her mane without snapping or causing tangles. After sewing her first item—the Biggish scrunchie—right in her abuela's kitchen, she decided to introduce Hello Updo to the world. In three years, the accessory brand has expanded to include other silk hair tools, like the Silk Pillowcase and Silk Pañuelo (aka silk scarf), catered to curly and coily hair.

51. 4U By Tia

In 2023, Sister Sister star Tia Mowry joined her fellow celeb curly gals (like Ross, Rae and Henson) and launched her own haircare brand, 4U By Tia. As stated on the brand's site, "We started 4U to take the guesswork out of curl care. Our job is to make your natural hair journey truly your own." The collection offers clean and science-backed ingredients (like hemisqualane and apple cider vinegar) that are safe for the whole family to use in their routine.

52. Holy Curls

As a child raised in Sweden, founder Badria Ahmed found it difficult to find hair products for her afro. After years of chemical relaxers and limited haircare options, she sought to begin her natural hair journey. Once she did the big chop, Ahmed started experimenting with natural ingredients and developed Holy Curls in 2019. The London-based company uses only natural ingredients (like baobab oil, cucpucau butter and aloe vera) to nourish curls, coils and waves.

53. Afro Unicorn

Afro Unicorn strives to make haircare for you and your kiddo. Inspired by a friend calling CEO April Showers a 'unicorn' due to how she balanced life, work and parenting, she used the magical creature as a symbol of inclusion. Just a look at the packaging showcases different shades of unicorns to represent all women of color. By May 2022, Afro Unicorn became the first Black-owned business to own a licensed character brand in major retail. Aside from haircare, the brand also offers apparel, accessories and toys.

54. Rebundle

Rebundle is changing the game when it comes to buying hair extensions. CEO Ciara Imani May found herself constantly getting an itchy, irritated scalp every time she wore a protective style and sought out a solution. After years of research, she worked with a women-led team to create an alternative to plastic synthetic hair. Made from repurposed biopolymers, each bundle is free from toxins, it's vegan-friendly and overall a great option for those with sensitive scalps.

55. Inala

Actress and TV personality La La Anthony launched her own haircare brand, Inala, to strengthen her locks again. Two years in, the brand continues to offer products that tackles breakage, thinning and brittle strands. Thanks to its key ingredient, rice water, customers can work on their hair health during washing and styling sessions.

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