37 Natural Hairstyles for Black Women, from Casual to *Very* Special Occasion

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A new year means stepping out of your comfort zone and trying out a new hairstyle, right? Whether you attempted the quarantine chop, worked a protective style (aka braids) or managed your bountiful curls last year, there are a ton of fun and simply styles to revamp your look. From box braids to curly updos, we’ve rounded up 37 natural hairstyles for Black women to try now—for all textures and hair types—so you can skip the endless Pinterest scrolling this time.

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1. Messy Bun

It may be coined the ‘messy bun,’ but it’s far from messy. It’s the chic way of looking like you put in effort without actually doing so. Curly gals: Simply wrap your hair in a silk scrunchie and let a few curls drop down for a casual updo. Even add a headwrap or headband to complete the style (but it’s completely optional).

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2. Cornrows

If you’re starting your natural hair journey and looking for a protective style, look no further than simple cornrows. It’s totally up to you how many braids you’re going for (and how far apart you want them), but if you want to recreate Indya Moore’s look, grab a comb and part your hair in five sections. Begin braiding down before wrapping all of the braids into a low bun.

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3. Braided Low Ponytail

All hair types can enjoy this fun style. As soon as you place your hair in a pony, choose between a regular twist, french or fishtail braid. The best part? You can easily upgrade your braided ponytail with beads and other accessories. Have short hair? No problem. Reach for extensions or a pony piece and follow the same steps.

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4. Sleek Bob

Hello, silk press. A good heat protectant and a flat iron can achieve this sleek look. Try Jennifer Hudson’s side part for daytime, or try a middle part for your next virtual date night.

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5. Fluffy Curls

Turn your defined curls into a voluminous curly fro. Use a hair pick or comb to tease the strands for a bigger and bolder effect (and yes, to create a bit of frizz). And FYI, this look is great for third or fourth day hair.

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6. Curly Faux Hawk

Want the mohawk look minus shaving the sides of your head? Go for a curly faux hawk. You can either grab a banana clip and push your hair to the center, or, if you have thicker hair (and the thought of using a clip sends your mind straight to all the tangles and knots), try dividing your hair into three sections and creating small puffs to the center of your head.

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7. Box Braids Top Knot

When you have box braids, the style possibilities are endless. Enter: a high bun. Just begin twisting and wrapping your hair at the crown of your head and viola, you’re done. No brush or gel needed.

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8. Box Braids Ponytail

Speaking of box braids, opt for a high pony to elevate the style. Just a good ‘ole hair tie will do the trick.

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9. Braided Half-up Do

Staying on the box braids (or micro braids, knotless braids, etc) train, try a half-up do. Section your hair and focus on creating a high bun (or ponytail) at the top of your hair, while leaving the rest down.

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10. Top Knot

Grab a brush, gel and a few hair ties (maybe even bobby pins) to get this sleek top knot You’ll want to apply gel before brushing towards the crown to avoid flyaways, and secure it into a ponytail first. Then, begin wrapping the pony around the hair tie to make the bun. In Nicki Minaj’s case, she used extensions to create the braided dimension effect (which is a route you can also choose).

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11. Blowout

To achieve a nice blowout, use two tools—a blow dryer and a round brush. Begin by sectioning your hair and using the brush to pull and smooth each strand into bouncy, loose curls for a bombshell look. Consider setting the style with rollers to give volume to your roots and help the curls hold their shape.

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12. Messy Ponytail

We talked about messy buns, how about a messy pony instead? If you’re just binging Bridgerton or working from home, opt for a casual look that takes less than a minute to do.

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13. Side Swept

A simple side part can change a look dramatically, especially for short hair. It doesn’t only provide definition to one side, but it gives you an elegant updo that is great for a night out (or in with the beau). Also make sure to slick down the other side with gel to avoid flyaways.

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14. Halo Braid

Channel your inner royal and sport a crown made of hair. All it takes is a quick wrap around (that requires you to brush up on your dutch braiding skills) and securing with a few bobby pins.

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15. Bangs

Yes, this is your sign to try bangs. Whether it’s curtain, blunt or curly bangs, try spicing up your everyday hairstyles with a new cut.

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16. High Ponytail

A high ponytail is the perfect way to create some drama (and yes, even short hair can get the long pony look with a hair piece or extensions). A good, secure hair tie can have your ponytail reaching the tip of Mount Everest. Plus, have fun with your parts like Regina King.

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17. Side Twist

A simple side twist can upgrade your coils (and give your favorite side some attention). Start by twisting the section inward and securing with a bobby pin (or a snazzy hair clip) to keep in place. This side twist style can work with your hair out, in a ponytail or bun.

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18. Space Buns

We all love a bun moment, but how about two? Divide your hair in the middle before creating two ponytails and wrapping each section into a bun. No, it’s not just for young people—these can be rocked at any age.

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19. Braided Pigtails

Janelle Monae shows us exactly how to rock pigtails as grown woman—jewels and all. Similar to space buns, divide your hair into two sections and create low ponytails. Then, braid them in any style (french, fishtail, etc) and securing the ends with hair ties or elastic bands. Elevate the look by adding jewels, beads or cuffs.

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20. Marley Twists

FYI, this protective style requires patience (especially depending on your hair length and texture). You’ll need a comb, gel and elastic bands to complete the look. Use a comb to section hair, the gel to bring shine (and make it easier to detangle and twist) and the elastic band to secure the ends once you’re done twisting. Similar to the box braids, this style is pretty versatile when it comes to creating updos.

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21. Fulani Braids

This look takes cornrows to the next level. The traditional braids can be styled differently with all hair textures. There’s no set direction these braids can go (so definitely give your braider a reference when getting it done).

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22. Slick Back

The slick back gives us major editorial vibes. Once you brush back your hair, apply a styling cream or gel to give it extra shine and hold. (Looking for volume? Consider taking the front section of your hair, running a round brush and your hair dryer through it to bring some lift.)

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23. Finger Waves

The ocean has nothing on you if you’re showing off these impressive waves. Bring in the tides with a comb, mousse, gel and freeze spray. First, part your hair before applying mousse (the more mousse you apply, the easier it will be to create the waves). Next, start at the part and work the comb downwards before lifting the hair up (almost like a check symbol). The next section is going in the opposite direction (like waves) and you continue from there. Here’s a handy tutorial to get you started.

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24. High Puff

The fluffy bun is great for coily textures and shorter hair. It’s similar to a regular bun, but it provides more definition to the puff.

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25. Twisted Pompadour

When you have high-textured hair, you can work it into unique shapes, like the pompadour which lets you structure your hair for any occasion. Add an headband to turn it from a day look to night style in seconds.

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26. Pixie Cut

It’s the perfect time to do “the chop,” and Teyana Taylor’s pixie cut is just the inspiration you need. This short hairstyle provides layers and a chic look to try in 2021.

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27. Locs

Locs are a big commitment, but the end result is worth it. You’ll want to stay on top of maintenance, but overall, it’s one of the best protective styles if you’re looking for hair growth.

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28. Curl Rods

There are tools to help you achieve bigger, coiler patterns. Flexi rods, rollers and even twisting your hair before bed is a great way to recreate Taraji P. Henson’s look. The smaller the sections, the more fullness your style will have.

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29. Afro

A full fro coming right up. It’s pretty simple (especially if you have short or 4C hair). After washing your hair, blow dry (or air dry) before reaching for a hair pick to develop the shape and volume you’re looking for.

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30. Dutch Braid

Whether you want one (like Danai Gurira’s) or two, the Dutch braid is a quick and easy style to recreate. It’s similar to the French braid as you divide your hair into three sections, starting with one piece and bringing it under the other (and continuing that motion all the way down).

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31. Side Braids

A few small brands add subtle interest to hair of any hair length or type. If you’re an experienced braider, consider twisting several onto one side for an edgy style.

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32. Shaggy Curls

Sometimes, all you need is a shape change. A new curly haircut can be determined by the shape of your face to better show off the volume and definition.

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33. High Braid Pony

We love a good high pony, but when you add a braid to the piece, it just makes it ten times better. Similar to a regular high pony, secure it at a high point on your head, then begin to braid it all the way down. And don’t forget to lay down your edges.

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34. Pineapple

Some curly gals love to just whip a pineapple look before bed (or for a quick Zoom meeting), so why not rock it all the time? It’s the quickest style for curls and all it takes is a good hair tie to bring all your hair to the center (or as close to the hairline) as possible. If a few curls in the front slip out, even better.

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35. Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are one of those hairstyles that are so versatile and great for many hair types. The protective style can have as many mini buns as you like in any direction. Plus, it’s a great style to use before bed, so win-win.

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36. French Braids

Move over, Dutch braids. This style can be done on wavy, curly or coily hair. Simply divide your hair in the middle and get to the work on the braids. Even make it your own by adding accessories similar to Alicia Keys’.

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37. ‘lemonade’ Braids

We won’t judge if you start breaking into song from the Lemonade album. Known as the side braids, this protective style is sure to be hit at your next shindig.