30 Natural Hair Bun Styles to Try—From the Super Chill to the Downright Glamorous

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We love a ponytail moment, but bun styles will always hold a special place in our hearts. Exhibit A: The messy bun. This classic look can be whipped together in seconds and still looks effortlessly chic. Exhibit B: The sleek top knot, which makes anyone feel glamorous. Simply put, a bun is a versatile updo that can be worn all the time. Whether you’re rocking a silk press or box braids, we found 35 natural hair bun styles to suit every hair type and occasion.

34 Short Natural Hairstyles, from a Sleek Pixie to a Box Braid Bob

natural hair bun styles messy bun
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1. Messy Bun

Ciara has a solid recipe for a messy bun: a few front pieces to frame the face, a solidly wrapped bun with plenty of height and little to no flyaways.

natural hair bun styles top knot
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2. Top Knot

Enter one of the most iconic bun styles out there—the top knot. To recreate this look like Sofia Wylie, you’ll want to grab a boar bristle brush, gel, hair ties and bobby pins. Start by brushing all your hair up into a ponytail and securing it with a hair tie. Next, begin wrapping the tail around the hair tie until you reach the ends and pin them in place with some bobby pins to finish.

natural hair bun styles intricate top knot
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3. Intricate Top Knot

This intricate style goes beyond the traditional top knot above and weaves in more defined details. To get a look that’s similar to Issa’s, you can weave smaller braids into the bun to create dimension. You can also add additional hair to make the bun fuller and a few gold coils and cowrie shells to take things to a whole new level of chic.

natural hair bun styles ballerina top knot
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4. Ballerina Top Knot

There’s the top knot and there’s the ballerina top knot. The latter relies heavily on playful placement, meaning it will require a bit more time to brush and secure the bun towards the front of the hairline for maximum effect.

natural hair bun styles sleek low bun
Jeffrey Mayer/Contributor/Getty Images

5. Sleek Low Bun

This low-maintenance look keeps everything sleek and smooth. To recreate this red carpet worthy low bun, brush your hair back into a low ponytail that sits at the nape of your neck. Next, wrap your hair around the tail and secure the ends in place with some pins and viola.

holiday hairstyles slicked-back bun
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6. Sleek Mid Bun

With a sleek updo at the crown of your head, you can unleash your inner Duchess, too.

natural hair bun styles sock bun
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7. Sock Bun

If you’re not the best at styling buns, don’t fret. The sock bun technique will help you get the cleanest, most precise bun. First, you want to create your own accessory by grabbing a thick sock (or two) and cutting the ends off before rolling the sock into a donut shape. (FYI, the thicker the sock or the more socks you use, the easier it will be for your new hair accessory to hold its shape.) Once your DIY sock donut is ready, slide it over your ponytail so it sits snug on top of your hair tie. Then, start combing your hair out and over the sock bun until it completely covers the fabric. Lastly, grab another hair tie to go over the sock bun and secure it before tucking any flyaways underneath. (And if you need more guidance, here's a helpful tutorial.)

natural hair bun styles curly bun
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8. Curly Bun

Curly queen Yara Shahidi offers proof that you don’t need to rock a sleek, pristine bun all the time. Show off your curls by pulling out a few pieces all around and adding some bangs to further round out the style.

natural hair bun styles coily bun
Amy Sussman/Staff/Getty Images

9. Coily Bun

And hey, tight coils are fun, too. Logan Browning wears hers in a high puff to show off her stunning spirals.

natural hair bun styles space buns
Pierre Suu/Contributor/Getty Images

10. Space Buns

This double bun look is out of this world (pun intended). Janelle Monae took things up a notch by including some bold accessories to make her space buns really pop.

natural hair bun styles braided double buns
Amanda Edwards/Contributor/Getty Images

11. Braided Double Buns

Again, double buns are a fun choice. The ‘90s trend can be tweaked by wrapping braided ponytails around instead.

natural hair bun styles box braids double buns
Kevin Winter/Staff/Getty Images

12. Box Braids Double Buns

Those with box braids can join in on the double buns fun, too. This protective style can be worked into many different looks including double buns. (P.S. Here's 25 ways to style box braids for every occasion).

natural hair bun styles box braids top knot
Angela Weiss/Contributor/Getty Images

13. Box Braids Top Knot

Want more proof that you should get box braids? Take a look at Tia Mowry’s braided top knot, which is certified gold in our books.

natural hair bun styles wrap around braided bun
Lester Cohen/Contributor/Getty Images

14. Wrap Around Braided Bun

Whether you prefer the front to be decked out in intricate rows or kept simple with two large braids around your bun, your braids can be weaved in any way you prefer.

natural hair bun styles headband braids
Dimitrios Kambouris/Staff/Getty Images

15. Headband Braids

Give your low bun some love with front braids running across your hairline. Don’t forget to sleek down your baby hairs for a casual ‘do.

natural hair bun styles high puff

16. High Puff

This high puff gives more texture and definition than your average bun. Plus, it’s a great option for coily textures and short hair.

natural hair bun styles voluminous puff
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17. Voluminous Puff

It’s time to take your bun to new heights like Lupita Nyong’o here. If you have thicker and/or coarse hair, don’t be afraid to brush out your mane to achieve this look—or you can add some extensions to make the bun fuller.

natural hair bun styles afro puffs
Jon Kopaloff /Stringer/Getty Images

18. Afro Puffs

Similar to space buns but brushed out. The puffs can be big (like Storm’s) or small, depending on your hair length. Tip: Invest in a hair pick to get and maintain maximum puffiness.

natural hair bun styles cinderella bun
Taylor Hill/Contributor/Getty Images

19. Cinderella Bun

If you’re going for an ultra-glam look, consider Tessa Thompson’s jumbo bun. A smoothed down side bang adds the icing on the cake.

natural hair bun styles twisted bun
J. Countess/Contributor/Getty Images

20. Twisted Bun

Twisting your hair adds depth and body to a regular bun. Once you have your ponytail in place, start twisting the ends around the hair tie and tuck them in with some bobby pins to finish.

natural hair bun styles flat twist bun
Karwai Tang/Contributor/Getty Images

21. Flat Twists

OK, we talked about twisting the actual bun, but what about the rest of your hair? Zendaya’s twisted updo is broken into three separate sections that are woven all the way down her head until they are added into a low bun using bobby pins.

natural hair bun styles spiked bun1
Rodrigo Varela/Stringer/Getty Images

22. Spiked Bun

The spiked bun is all about height and design. It’s also a fun look you can make entirely your own. Like Meg, try pulling out loose strands throughout the bun and focus heavily on customizing your edges.

natural hair bun styles bantu knots

23. Bantu Knots

The possibilities are endless with these mini buns. You can add as many bantu knots as you want and place them in any direction. Oh, and they can be worn to bed as a protective style as well.

natural hair bun styles headwrap style
Amy Sussman/Staff/Getty Images

24. Headwrap Style

Listen, sometimes we don’t have the time (or the energy) to do our hair. A headwrapped bun is a great alternative that’s convenient, stylish and protective of our mane. There are many ways to rock one, but we’re using Kiki Layne’s look as a reference.

natural hair bun styles money buns
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25. Money Buns

Add some money pieces to frame your face and bring everything together. Run the chunky strands through your curling iron like Mary J. Blige to give them shape and soften the overall look.

natural hair bun styles bedazzled buns
Kevin Mazur/MG21/Contributor/Getty Images

26. Bedazzled Buns

Why not decorate your bun in some gems and jewels? Honestly, any accessory (i.e. headbands, tinsel, hair clips) works to elevate this look.

natural hair bun styles half up buns
Earl Gibson III/Contributor/Getty Images

27. Half-up Bun

You can show off your flowing locks and a bun with this half-up ‘do. Divide your hair into two sections and mold the top section into a loose bun for added height.

natural hair bun styles triple buns
Kevin Winter/Staff/Getty Images

28. Triple Buns

Usually a half-up ‘do features one bun, but Marsai Martin switched up the rules by styling her box braids into three mini buns. (We’re definitely saving this look to our hair inspo folder.)

natural hair bun styles mini bun
Jason Merritt/TERM/Staff/Getty Images

29. Mini Bun

Yup, even with short hair, you can still rock a sleek mini bun. If you have a hard time wrapping your ponytail, try using bobby pins to secure the shorter pieces. Plus, a good curl gel can keep things slick and smooth.

natural hair bun styles layered bun
Gareth Cattermole/Staff/Getty Images

30. Layered Bun

Step out of your comfort zone by recreating Lizzo’s three-tiered bun. The layered look defines gravity and will definitely turn heads at your next shindig.

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