‘Thor’ Star Tessa Thompson Reveals Her List of Simple Self-Care Go-Tos

tessa thompson self care

When it comes to balancing work-life and self-care, actress Tessa Thompson has pretty much mastered it. 

Last week, Thompson hosted the first-ever American Express Platinum House to celebrate Small Business Saturday. During the event, she opened up exclusively to PureWow about her approach to self-care. 

“For me, I love to spend time with friends and family, because that's so rare,” she said. “I love facials and massages, I love to pamper myself I hate to say.” Us too. 

And with such a busy schedule—the actress is currently working on two new films, Thor: Love and Thunder and Passing, and a new season of Westworldthe 36-year-old prioritizes finding those little moments to dedicate to her well-being.  

“With my career, the hours can be really hard and in my profession, a self-care routine is really important,” she said. “Rescue Spa is really fantastic. I came to know them when taping Creed and Creed 2 because their first location is in Philadelphia. I also love to walk, and New York is the perfect place for that. Just grab a coffee, walk around and sit on a park bench.” Strolls as self-care? Sign us up. 

A girl after our own coffee-loving heart.

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