Bubble Braids are Back. Here Are 7 Ways to Rock the Trend Now

We’re going to let you in on a little secret: We never quite mastered any braid beyond a simple three-strand number. French braids? Non. Waterfall braids? TLC told us to stop chasing them. So, the fact that this summer’s trendiest style is a braid that doesn’t require a 20-minute YouTube tutorial to try makes us feel seen.

Enter the bubble braid, a simple braid that requires no more skill or tools than a handful of elastics and the ability to put your hair in multiple ponytails. Wear it high up or down low, with clear elastics or colorful ones, on stick straight hair or natural curls: it is the rare style that pretty much everyone can wear to great effect. We’ll show you what we mean ahead.

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1. Natural Bubble Braid

Looking for a no-heat style that also helps you keep cool? Take a cue from Tika here, who wore her natural hair in one long bubble braid down her back.

2. Smooth Bubble Braid

Celebrity hairstylist Sunnie Brook recommends brushing out your ponytail and applying an even mist of hairspray through your lengths before sectioning if off into bubbles. This will ensure you get the smoothest, flyaway-free finish.

3. Teased Bubble Braid

For more of a statement look, gather your hair in a high pony and tease out each section generously (until they’re *almost* about to burst). Tip: Use clear elastics or ponytail holders that match your strands for a seamless style.

4. Double-dutch Bubble Braids

Why settle for just one bubble braid when you can have two? Keep a few face-framing strands and the ends loose for a sportier vibe.

5. Double-accent Bubble Braid

Speaking of face-framing strands, if you have curly hair or shorter strands, you can still rock the style. Just wear the braids as smaller accents in the front. We love the way Cecilia used colorful elastics to (ahem) pop against her bubbles.

6. Frontal Bubble Braids

Gigi wore a similar style but brought the bubbles down the length of her hair. (Again, if you have shorter strands, simply adjust the number of bubbles in your braid.)

7. Accessorized Bubble Braids

We’re not going to say we saved the best for last chic are these ribbon-adorned bubble braids on Tessa Thompson?

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