*This* is The Most-Requested Hair Color of 2021

After more than a year of DIY trims and dye jobs due to COVID-19 restrictions, many people are eagerly returning to their salons for a professional refresh. And according to a recent trend report from Wella, there’s one shade in particular that’s in hot pursuit: red.

Whether it’s a bright crimson, a softer strawberry, a deeper mahogany or a few statement streaks, variants of red are being requested in salons across the country. But enough talking— let’s see the different ways you could rock the color in the months ahead.

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1. Multi-tonal Red

At this point, we’ve almost forgotten that Sarah Hyland hasn’t always been a redhead. Part of what makes her color look so natural is the blend of lighter and darker pieces, which give her hair dimension.

2. Strawberry Red

The indisputable queen of redheads, Christina Hendricks wears a soft strawberry red that has hints of copper and gold in it that are especially flattering in the sunlight. (Tip: Red is notorious for fading quickly, so protect your color by using a sulfate free shampoo like Kérastase Reflection Shampoo.)

3. Mahogany Red

For an even subtler take on the hue, you can always go with a warm mahogany brown like Zendaya’s. These deeper reddish-brown tones reflect light well on darker hair colors.

4. Auburn Red

If you have a more olive-toned complexion, try a shade of auburn. Note: Reds with slightly cooler undertones (like auburn or copper) will pop against your skin, as opposed to warmer, orange-toned reds, which can clash.

5. Fluorescent Red

After the year that we’ve had, perhaps you’re in a more celebratory mood these days? In which case, a neon red may be just the festive hue for you. (Tip: Keep your color bright by misting it with a UV protectant before you head outside.)

6. Red Streaks

Remember the money piece highlights that were all the rage last year? Well, they’re still going strong into this summer. Only now we’re extending beyond just the two front highlights and adding a few more streaks throughout to create more impact, like Tariji here.

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