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A new season is always a great excuse to switch things up. Whether it’s trying a new color, getting a bold hair cut or just adding a new hairstyle to the mix, the opportunity for a change is in the air. And while we prepare for cozy sweaters and a warm cup of Joe, we’ve seen a rising trend for curls, coils and everything in between this season. So, we tapped three hairstylists to give us the hottest natural hair trends for fall—plus all the products and tools you need to perfect the looks at home.

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natural hair trends for fall big bold curls
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1. Big, Bold Curls

If last year taught us anything, it’s to be bold, so it’s time to experiment with your hair’s volume. (Basically, go big or go home.) “Natural hair comes in many ways and we will be seeing a lot more of this big, bold and curly texture for fall,” said Takisha Sturdivant-Drew, celebrity hairstylist and Tangle Teezer stylist ambassador. “This look is EVERYTHING because it’s sexy, edgy and [it makes a big] statement!”

How to achieve the look: First, divide your hair into sections. She recommends starting with a wet base and styling your hair using leave-in conditioner. Then grab a brush (like the Tangle Teezer Naturally Curly Detangling Brush) and run it through your hair to get defined locks. Finally, let it air dry and when it’s completely dry start pulling apart a few curls for a voluminous look.

natural hair trends for fall curly faux hawk
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2. Curly Faux Hauk

There’s no need to shave your sides to achieve the mohawk look. We have just the trick to rock the style without reaching for the clippers. “The shape is coiffured tightly on the sides bringing balance, shape and shine. You can achieve this look with great sculpting and hydrating gels for long lasting memory,” said Robin Groover, Atlanta hairstylist and African Pride brand educator.

How to achieve the look: A strong gel and a bristle brush is the way to go to keep your faux hawk in place. Groover suggests blow drying (or brushing your hair out) before creating the style. Next, you’ll apply some gel (like African Pride’s Black Castor and Jojoba Oil Protect & Hold Max Hold Styling Gel) to the sides and brush your hair upwards. You can use a banana clip, bobby pins or hair ties to secure the sides.

Once the sides are smooth and pinned, focus on the loose strands. (Here is where the fun begins.) “This style is perfect for all textures and types because the shape is the winner,” Groover added. Try using flexi rods, perm rods or twists to define your curls. Or you can even brush your hair out for maximum volume (especially for thick and/or coily hair). Don’t forget to add defining gel or cream to your routine to shape, hydrate and secure the look.

3. Loose Twists

While some of us rely on this look as a sleeping style (just to unravel the next morning), there’s no shame in rocking twists outside of the bedroom. “They are not just a set anymore that you can’t wear out but more of an artistic style in such a big way,” Studivant-Drew added. “This stylish hairstyle will be in such demand for the 4c ladies this fall. This is also a great look for those who are beginning their natural hair journey.”

How to achieve this look: It’s important that your hair is damped before styling this look. (Psst, we recommend investing in a hair mist spray bottle to get the job done.) Start by sectioning your hair, styling with your go-to leave-in, cream and/or oils and running a brush through the section for definition. FYI, it's totally up to you how little or big you want your sections. “It depends on your texture and how much volume you want to create,” Studivant-Drew points out. Finally, you want to divide each section, begin twisting the strands together and repeat throughout.

natural hair trends for fall cat
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4. Voluminous Curly Cut

This curly cut (whether you call it the wolf cut, the shaggy mullet or the big bang) is one of the biggest trends for all hair types this season. “This style is going to be popular for fall because everyone is more conscious of getting haircuts after fall 2020 and not being able to see their stylist,” said Cataanda James, celebrity hairstylist and The Mane Choice brand educator. “This fall is the time to unleash and shape up with style because change for the good of your hair is necessary.”

For curly gals specifically, it’s all about the definition and volume—regardless of texture and type. “Curly girls want a shape and frame facing style. It gives modern afro vibes,” said Groover. It’s also a style that requires low maintenance. Just think Tracee Ellis Ross, Zendaya and Jennifer Hudson for reference.

How to achieve the look: “The trick is to cut long bangs and shape them with medium to large flexi rods for soft and bouncy curls,” Groover explains. “The bang fringe is a seamless line shaping the face, so keep the shape blended into the longer layers.” And once you make a visit to your stylist, maintain your cut by using hydrating and defining products (like a handy leave-in conditioner, gel and mousse).

natural hair trends for fall curly pixie cut
Maury Phillips/Contributor/Getty Images

5. Curly Pixie Cut

Whether you’re ready for the big chop or looking for a new style on your short curls, try a pixie cut. “I live for this short style, with designs and a splash of color, something I foresee many rocking this fall,” said Studivant-Drew. You can truly make this style your own. How about a snazzy undercut for a bold look? Or maybe vibrant color will do. The stylist recommends diving into fall’s biggest shades like emerald green and rosy red.

How to achieve this look: We suggest booking an appointment if you’re ready for a major haircut (because you don’t want to get too scissor happy at home). But if you’re already a part of the short curl team, a good wash (like using a great scalp tool) and styling products is just what you’ll need to make your coils pop.

6. Bubble Braids

We saw bubble braids blow up on TikTok this year and we can definitely see why. It’s not only a simple braid to recreate but there’s so many variations to try for all hair types and lengths. “The versatility of this style is limitless!” James expresses. “It can be considered more of a hair adornment because it can accessorize just about any look.”

How to achieve this look: James recommends wrapping your hair into a ponytail before adding elastic bands two inches throughout the length of the pony (although you can place the bands as close or far apart as you like). And to give it fullness, try separating the sections apart to make it look like bubbles and finish the look by decorating it with ribbons, clips or bobby pins. “[Plus, a great tip for curly hair that is more susceptible to breakage, dip your elastics in The Mane Choice Hair Growth Oil to provide some extra slip prior to application.” she added.

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