Dry, damaged hair can be the result of anything from a bad diet to a curling-iron addiction. Whether your hair suffers from heat, bleach, towel twisting (a real thing) or general environmental factors like an arid climate, there are products just waiting to repair that damage. These are your new go-to shampoos, conditioners and treatments for dry, damaged hair.

1. Pureology Precious Oil Conditioner

Pureology is a fantastic line for anyone with color-treated hair. They understand what it takes to lock in color (no fading here) and restore strength to each strand. The Precious Oil Conditioner detangles, adds shine and softens even the most brittle hair. The secret? Sunflower and coconut oils. (Psst: Pureology also makes a hydrating conditioner that smells minty fresh and works just as hard for your locks.)

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2. Moroccanoil Hydrating Shampoo

Even if your hair is dying of thirst, you’ve got to wash it every now and then, right? Look for a super-hydrating shampoo if this is the case. Washing your mane will actually keep it healthy, as long as you use a nourishing formula like Moroccanoil Hydrating Shampoo. This product is full of vitamin A and red algae, which thickens strands. There’s no fretting with this shampoo, because it soothes hair even if you wash with it daily (though it’s best to give hair a break every now and then).

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3. Nexxus Keraphix Conditioner for Severely Damaged Hair

Hair needs protein to fuel regrowth and prevent split ends. This conditioner uses keratin protein and black rice to rebuild weak locks. According to Nexxus, the glutamic acid in black rice restores amino acids that are crucial to adding volume and length. Even though the Keraphix conditioner is fortified with thick proteins, it still feels weightless after use—good news for heads of all strand varieties.

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4. It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product

Beyond shampoo and conditioner, tons of leave-in treatments and hair masks exist so you can continue treating your hair well beyond your morning routine. Dryness and damage often leads to frizz, which is where It’s a 10 comes in. This leave-in conditioning spray not only hydrates but also controls flyaways and seals cuticles to prevent future breakage. The real miracle? It also protects against heat, so if you use a flat iron frequently, it can dramatically decrease the amount of damage done to your mane.

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5. Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Anti-Breakage Leave-In Treatment

Redken is another brand that understands color protection and damage control. This product penetrates deeply into each strand to rebuild it from the inside out. Not only will your hair get an infusion of moisture and strength at its very core but your strands will look (and feel and be) healthier on the outside thanks to the treatment’s ability to smooth, soften and protect with proteins. Again, if you love heated hair tools, this is a must-have.

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6. Joico K-Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor

Masks are not just for faces. The Joico K-Pak is a hair mask you comb through clean, damp hair, wait five minutes and then rinse out before styling. It’s formulated with fine hair in mind, but any locks in need of intense restoration or future protection from the elements can benefit from this mask. Why? Oh, just the 19 essential amino acids, evening primrose oil and aloe extract waiting to rehydrate your hair.

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7. Aussie Paraben-Free 3 Minute Miracle

Yes, the Joico K-Pak takes five minutes, but if you’re in an even bigger rush you’ve got no excuse, because Aussie’s mask takes only three. This product has a dedicated following and it’s easy to see why: Its quick absorption formula unleashes a waterfall of avocado and jojoba oil onto your hair. You use it in the shower after you shampoo, so it’s like a conditioner that you leave on for at least three minutes. It smells like heaven too.

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8. Pureology Strength Cure SuperFood Treatment Mask

There’s a reason Pureology makes an appearance twice on our list: It’s tried and true, and it caters to color-treated hair, which is where a majority of damage can come from. This superfood treatment is vegan and full of ingredients that get to work repairing broken strands immediately—we’re talking olive oil, goji berry extract and sunflower seed extract. See instant results and admire them for days to come as this mask keeps working for you.

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9. Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Hair Masque

Notice a theme with oils in these products? Shea Moisture’s honey and mafura oil mask is best for curly hair, which can see a lot of breakage in its lifetime. This product is meant to be massaged into the scalp first before working it through your mane because manuka honey is an anti-inflammatory and soothes dry skin up top. Plus, there’s vitamin C, organic shea butter and other all-natural ingredients. Even if your hair isn’t super curly, this one is worth a try.

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10. OGX Thick & Full Biotin & Collagen Weightless Healing Oil Treatment

Time to bring in the buzzwords biotin and collagen. Typically associated with skin treatments, biotin and collagen are just as important to healthy hair. Run this oil through clean, damp locks to infuse them with tons of nutrients before styling (don’t rinse it out). As vitamin B7 (aka biotin), collagen and wheat protein soak into your hair, rest easy knowing you’re on your way to a luscious, healthy mane in no time.

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