*This* is the Trendiest Nail Color of the Season

Though fall doesn’t officially begin until later this month (mark your calendars for September 21st,, y’all), we already feel the change in the air. And sure, it might be a bit premature to pull your sweaters out from storage, but it’s certainly not too early for a seasonal polish change.

Stumped on what to paint your nails? According to every upcoming launch we’ve previewed so far, there is one shade that will be everywhere this season: green. All variations of it—from a muted moss to a vibrant matcha—and every khaki, olive and emerald hue in-between.

5 Ways to Wear Nail Polish in 2021 (And 2 Looks Best Left in Pre-Pandemic Times)

1. Olive & June Nail Polish In “geometry”

Raise your hand if you were the type of student who looked forward to the start of another year (or at least the chance to buy new supplies). This crisp hunter green is as classic as they come and will bring you right back to homeroom.

2. Orly Breathable Treatment + Color In “detox My Socks Off”

This creamy turquoise straddles the line between the blue and green and is satisfyingly vibrant on your nails (yes, even after your summer tan fades and your winter pallor sets in).

3. Essie Nail Polish In “my Happy Bass”

Essie’s fall collection is inspired by a “glam garage band jam session.” This is evident in all six of the delightfully unusual shades, but our favorite is this chartreuse green that’s absolutely electrifying on your tips.

4. Jinsoon Nail Lacquer In “palma”

Speaking of brighter greens, “Palma” is another solid choice if you’re looking to make a statement. Drawing on the work of Luis Barragan, a Mexican architect who often used a similar shade in his work, this particular hue mimics the vibrant greens you see in nature.

5. Opi Nail Lacquer In “my Studio’s On Spring”

The iconic polish brand’s latest collection pays tribute to downtown Los Angeles, a city that’s known for its colorful street art and wide-open skies. Of the 12 shades, this lush pine green is a clear standout.

6. J. Hannah Nail Polish In “patina”

Fun fact: This shade was inspired by the dusty greenish tint that comes from oxidized metals. Rest assured; it looks far prettier than it sounds (especially when paired with an olive sweater).

7. Ella + Mila Elite Collection Nail Polish In “bon Voyage”

Picture the sort of moss green you’d see on a camouflaged jacket and you’ll get a sense of what this polish would look like on your fingertips. With a hint of gray undertones and a buildable opacity, “Bon Voyage” is a classic fall color you’ll return to year after year.

8. Auda B Beauty Nail Polish In “road To Riches And Fame”

This sparkly emerald pops against all skin tones thanks to its rich pigmentation. The metallic finish is just shiny enough without being too over the top (though it will definitely dazzle come December).

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