3 Beauty Risks I’m Taking This Year

I’ve made a lot of New Year’s resolutions over the years that just didn’t…stick. You know the usual: limit social media usage, work out more and read more books. But when it came to my beauty regimen, I was shocked to look back at 2021 and see that I’ve accomplished everything I wanted to try and do. From cutting my curly hair to booking frequent facials and revamping my products, I’m excited to push myself even more out of my comfort zone and take risks in the year ahead. Here are the three beauty risks I’m excited to take in 2022.

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1. A Major Color Change

In 2015, after rocking a butchered bronde for years, I decided to stop dying and bleaching my hair. While I could have made things easier by dying my hair to match my natural shade or simply cutting it all off, I spent the last five years letting the color grow out on its own. This meant having three-toned curls and blonde split ends for a long time.

Last year, I finally got to a place where I was wearing my natural hair color. Honestly, it’s been a weird feeling. Don’t get me wrong, I love my dark hair, but I’m ready for a major change soon. I’ve been bookmarking the biggest hair color trend of 2021(that will continue this year): red. From auburn to ginger to just about any shade in the red family (sans a fiery red), I’m nervous but ready to go crimson. And now that I researched the best curly hair salons in New York that caters to coloring curls, I feel more at ease going through the process again.

2. Luxury Skincare Services

In 2021, I made it my mission to indulge in more luxury skincare services. From massages to facials, I was ready to open my wallet to the finer things in life. Before 2021, and before I started writing about beauty, I never considered these services. Don't quote me but I thought they were pointless. (I know, I know.) I thought I could achieve similar results at home (which you can to some degree) or they were going to break the bank. But as the wise Donna and Tom once said, “Treat yo’ self.”

I realized that getting these luxury skincare services wasn’t just about treating myself, but how I felt afterwards. Massages restored me every time I was feeling burned out or stiff from sitting all day. Facials helped me understand my skin better (because hello, maskne is still prevalent) and feel more confident. And this year I’m ready to try more interesting and pampering skincare services that still follow the question of, “How will this make me feel physically and mentally?”

I’ve already booked brow lamination as my first luxe appointment of the year. This buzzy brow treatment has been around for a minute and it’s the first of many services I’m saying “You know what, treat. yo. self" to in 2022. My brows have always been one of my favorite features, and in the past few months, I've sadly been neglecting them. My last brow appointment left me searching for a new alternative to getting better defined arches again (which makes sense since I was getting them threaded for less than $10). I’m pumped to see them become the star once again.

3. Smarter Beauty Purchases

As I continue to write about beauty and dive into new territories, I’m ready to be more conscious of what I’m using in more ways than one. As fellow PureWow editor Anna Smutny pointed out recently “recyclable, reusable and refillable beauty products will be huge this year,” so I want to start being more eco-friendly with my purchases.

I also want to start understanding my skin, body and hair better, which means looking more closely at the ingredients I’m using. (Just last week, I realized glycolic acid doesn’t work for me.) This meant taking the time to research and analyze what works and what doesn’t. It’s so easy to say YES to cute packaging, a celeb name or the trend factor, but it’s even more rewarding to use things that actually work.

Another big goal of mine is to support more local brands, more BIPOC-owned brands and more clean beauty brands. The beauty world can be overwhelming and is overly saturated, so keeping these things in mind can help guide my purchases so they’re smarter in the long run.

I’m raising a glass to trying one or all these beauty risks this year. I hope that by writing it all down, I’ll be able to look back and pat myself on the back for taking the plunge on revamping my look and practicing more self-care. Cheers!

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