Facial Memberships Are Trending: These Are the Best 6 in NYC

Netflix. Hulu. Spotify. HBO Go. Amazon Prime. ClassPass. Equinox. Rent the Runway. Blue Apron. The only part of your life that doesn’t have a membership is your face. (Well, until now.)

Now, your visage can get the subscription service treatment thanks to a growing number of salons and spas in NYC offering facial memberships. It’s a no-brainer: Instead of booking a $200+ facial a few times a year to tackle a skin freakout, getting regular “tune-ups” can help keep your skin consistently flawless, sans filters.

These six NYC spots make getting a facial easy, fun and affordable.

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heyday spa
Courtesy of Heyday


Friend of a Friend’s Liv PerezBrooklyn Nine-Nine star Stephanie Beatriz and Y7 yoga studio founder Sarah Levey are all repeat customers of for-the-masses skin care brand and facial shop Heyday. Licensed aestheticians (called “skin therapists”) go the extra mile to give you a customized facial experience.

Memberships, which start at $76 a month, include a facial that will help you reach your skin care #goals, along with 10 percent off all products, 10 percent off additional facials and $5 off enhancements (like light therapy and microdermabrasion). Treatments range from 30 to 75 minutes and are performed in semi-private rooms.

Multiple locations;

skin spa1
Skin Spa/ Facebook

Skin Spa

The folks at Skin Spa believe that facials should be a regular part of your beauty routine to keep skin free of congestion. And its monthly membership deal is pretty juicy: One treatment is included every month, and you pay $50 for each additional treatment. Plus, you get 25 percent off any other services and 10 percent off all product purchases. Skin Spa’s Custom Facial is the most popular, featuring gua sha and high-frequency lasers.

“It’s important to get a facial every month,” Skin Spa aesthetician Ava Lu tells us. “Our skin cells renew themselves every 28 to 35 days (slower as you get older). With all the congestion and pollution your skin experiences every month, you want to make sure you give it a good deep cleanse to help bring new skin cells to the surface and to keep your skin healthy.” 

Multiple locations;

clean market spa
Clean Market

Clean Market

Founded by Lily Kunin of @cleanfooddirtycity, Clean Market is a one-stop shop for all things wellness. In addition to housing an IV drip lounge, infrared saunas, a cafe and a wellness retail shop, Clean Market offers a credit-based membership program for cryotherapy facials.

“Cryofacials apply cryogenically cooled air of up to -160°F to your face and skin,” Kunin explains. “Although it’s extremely cold, the treatment is incredibly relaxing and suitable for sensitive skin. Benefits increase when the treatments are done weekly—they work to decrease inflammation, boost the production of collagen, minimize fine lines, reduce blemishes and gradually clear acne and eczema. Treatments last 12 minutes and can be administered with or without makeup on.”

CM recommends starting with one or two facials weekly. A la carte, cryofacials are $60, but with the membership credit system, you can save up to 45 percent. Members also receive loyalty credits quarterly (which can be used on additional cryofacials or other treatments, like whole-body cryotherapy or infrared saunas), along with discounts at the café and shop, so you can bring a bit of the experience home. 

240 E. 54th St.;

skin laundry spa
Skin Laundry

Skin Laundry

This laser-based facial joint is zapping New Yorkers’ skin without zapping their wallets. Skin Laundry uses medical-grade lasers and intense pulse light (IPL) devices to rejuvenate skin cells, boost collagen production and improve clarity for transformative results in 15 to 30 minutes, with zero downtime.

The most popular service is the Light & Laser Treatment, a quickie that takes just 15 minutes. Basically, you could pop out for lunch looking a bit drab, grab your Sweetgreen salad, pop in for a facial and waltz back into the office within the hour. With the membership, your first Laser & Light facial is F-R-E-E. A single session is a cool $75, but the bundles are the real deal: A three-pack is $210, while a ten-pack is $600.

Suki Waterhouse, Lauren Bushnell and Shay Mitchell are all fans of the laser-loving facial spot. (And they’re pretty gorgeous, so we’re sold.)

Multiple locations;

face haus
Courtesy of FaceHaus


Think of this West Coast transplant as the Drybar of facials: It’s an open and welcoming facial concept that bypasses the stuffy, fussy medical spa environment—but with spa-grade, professional facials. Its “facials for the people” are performed by expert aestheticians, called “esthies,” who will thoughtfully analyze your skin to determine what treatment is best for your dermis. The signature Haus Special ($65) provides a quick glow, skips the painful extractions and ends with an oxygen blast. The surprisingly affordable packages start at three facials for $185, plus 10 percent off retail.

Oh, and fun fact: Thirty percent of FaceHaus clients are men (because why can’t dudes score a good deal on a facial?).

1140 Third Ave.;

silver mirror
Courtesy of Silver Mirror

Silver Mirror Facial Bar

Most facial spas offer add-on treatments, but at Silver Mirror, the extras are not only included, but an integral part of the whole facial.

“Facials here include a variety of high-end modalities and products,” says Cindy Kim, cofounder of Silver Mirror Facial Bar. (Think microdermabrasion, hydradermabrasion, chemical peels, advanced LED therapy, dermarolling, electrical muscle stimulation and specialty masks.) “They are included in the facials, whereas at other places, many of these technologies and products are treated as expensive add-ons or make the actual cost of the facial very high.”

But Silver Mirror’s membership prices are actually pretty reasonable: A 50-Minute Targeted Facial Membership for acne, anti-aging or brightening is $108 a month (normally $135), while a 30-Minute Signature Facial Membership will cost you $64 a month (normally $80). Membership also includes discounts on store products and guest vouchers.

862 Lexington Ave. and 20 W. 22nd St.;

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