Your Weekly Horoscopes: January 17 to 23, 2021

To kick off the week, expansive Jupiter squares off with innovative Uranus on the 17th—an aspect that’s associated with political revolutions (sounds about right), scientific breakthroughs (vaccine anyone?) and major contributions from our favorite artists (we’re living for this Harry Styles/Olivia Wilde mashup). This energy disrupts the norm and sets cultural trends so obviously, it can be found in the charts of evergreen tastemakers like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Now’s the time to go for it, no matter how crazy it seems. Then on the 19th, Aquarius season begins as the sun joins Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn in the waterbearer’s sign. With so many planets in the same part of the sky, there’s going to be an intense collective focus through mid-February on the ways we can best contribute to progress in our communities.

Watch out for a conflict to reach its breaking point as Mars meets explosive Uranus on the 20th. Luckily this is likely the last eruption of that particular tension—for now—and a group of constructive aspects on the 23rd has us focusing on growth and reconciliation.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)


Some might say that love is a losing game, but this week you’re feeling like you made the right investments. A big boost of confidence comes on the 17th as you make progress on an artistic project, move things along with a crush or just have a lovely, lazy Sunday with your kids. If what’s bringing you excitement is a romantic prospect, just be careful not to let things get out of control on the 20th when you feel like starting an argument just because. Aquarius season for you is about getting your assets in order. Make some time on the 23rd to update your budgeting spreadsheets and don’t forget to treat yourself!

This week’s mantra: Don’t doubt your happiness.

10 aquarius

It’s become obvious that you have a leading role to play in the huge shifts that must be made in your close community and also in the world-at-large this year. As Jupiter squares off with Uranus on the 17th, you might face some unexpected opposition to your newfound power from a family member or someone else who you thought was on your team. This conflict escalates on the 20th so if at all possible, try to keep yourself out of the fray. It’s not always necessary to immediately respond. Your season is going to feel supercharged this year and though you usually like to avoid the spotlight, let your people celebrate how wonderful you are!

This week’s mantra: It’s OK to shine.

11 pisces

You’ve had a lot of time to reflect so far this year and with solitude comes clarity. As your ruling planet, Jupiter, squares off with Uranus on the 17th, it’s time to integrate some of these solo realizations into your daily schedule. You don’t need to make rest and meditation a special occasion. Add it to the calendar—even on your busiest day. A blowout argument with your sister or a neighbor on the 20th further proves that you always need space to clear your mind. Aquarius season for you is about finding more structure on what feels like an extended retreat. Are you writing down your realizations?

This week’s mantra: Be your own favorite curator.

12 aries

The Jupiter-Uranus square on the 17th has you finally connecting with your audience. Whether it’s discovering your true allies at work, gaining tons of Instagram followers or just figuring out the perfect roster for your biweekly feminist book club on Zoom, this transit reminds you of the vastness of the world. Friendship is a resource, so don’t waste the connections that you have! Just be cautious about your spending on the 20th as Mars’ clash with Uranus encourages some reckless purchases. Aquarius season is all about operating from a place of abundance. Let yourself be seen.

This week’s mantra: There’s nothing like a friend.

1 taurus

Perhaps more than anyone else, you made some major moves during the craziness that was 2020. You moved out of state! You applied and went to grad school! You somehow completed a yoga teacher training over Zoom! But now that the dust has settled, it’s time to practice what you preach. The Jupiter-Uranus square on the 17th opens up major opportunities for your career that reflect how much you’ve changed. Harness the power of Aquarius season to really establish yourself as the leader that you are. It’s time to embrace responsibility.

This week’s mantra: Practice what you preach.

2 gemini

Let yourself dream bigger, Gemini. As optimistic Jupiter squares off with Uranus on the 17th, release the need to have your hands in every little detail of a project and embrace the bigger picture. Though some big existential questions might come up—especially on the 20th—about whether you’re making the right decision. Don’t let anxiety control your choices and remember that your impulses are usually correct. Aquarius season is all about expanding your mind, so don’t leave any stone unturned. Use the constructive energy of the 23rd to solidify an educational or travel plan coming up later this year.

This week’s mantra: Worry about the details later.

3 cancer

Whether you’re a freelancer or just trying to work your way up within your field, you’ve known for a few years now that you have the power to earn more. Unfortunately, you haven’t been in the right time or place to cash in on what you deserve. Use the Jupiter-Uranus square on the 17th to make some riskier investments or just bet on yourself. Claiming your potential might aggravate some of your colleagues though so try to avoid any workplace squabbles on the 20th. Aquarius season for you is about building community through shared resources. What are you willing to give and where can you ask for more help?

This week’s mantra: Trust the universe.

4 leo

For a few years now, you’ve been ready to level up in your career or make a big shift out of your current field. And though you’ve been trying your best to make a change, you’ve struggled to find the momentum. Finally, on the 17th as Jupiter squares off with Uranus, lean into the encouragement you’re getting from your partner or a business contact to make some moves. Aquarius season is going to be about humbling yourself and admitting that you can’t do it alone. Who doesn’t need a partner in crime?

This week’s mantra: Why do it alone?

5 virgo

You love to be a busy little bee but how much you’ve overextended yourself—especially when it comes to tasks at work or DIY projects at home—starts to take its toll this week. Are you sure that you really need to be handling this project alone or can you delegate some of your tasks? Aquarius season for you is about building sustainable routines and taking care of your body so put your health first! Watch out for a clash with a mentor or teacher on the 20th when you realize that you two never actually saw eye to eye. You might have to rework the plan from the ground up.

This week’s mantra: You can’t do everything.

6 libra

If you’ve been thinking about diving into a collaboration, this is the week to do it! As Jupiter squares Uranus on the 17th, ideas are flowing and financial support for your fledgling project or dream business is totally possible if you seek support from the right people. It’s difficult to humble yourself enough to ask for what you need so be careful not to snap at someone’s generosity on the 20th just because you wish you could do it all on your own. Accepting help doesn’t mean you’re weak. Aquarius season is a time to renew your relationship to creativity and play. Stop taking yourself so seriously and have fun!

This week’s mantra: Letting go isn’t giving up.

7 scorpio

Whether you’re married or have been single AF for the last few years, you’ve been opening yourself up to all kinds of committed relationships. And though you perhaps haven’t been successful in finding “the one,” you’ve also learned that maybe “the one” isn’t what you need. As Jupiter squares off with Uranus on the 17th, you have the chance to embrace a foundational change in your relationship dynamics. You’re finally opening up and letting go! Amidst this newfound freedom, just be cautious about starting any arguments with your partner—or jogging buddy—on the 20th as things could easily blow up beyond your control.

This week’s mantra: Change is good.

8 sagittarius

With your ruling planet, Jupiter, squaring off with radical Uranus on the 17th, you’re feeling like a hero on a mission. Even if that mission is just getting your inbox to zero or potty training your toddler. Every victory is worth celebrating in these times. Aquarius season arrives on the 19th and reconfirms for you that this year is all about sharing your resources with your community. Yes, that means contributing financial resources but it’s also about sharing your energy. If you haven’t yet found the perfect volunteer opportunity, check out some local options on the 23rd. You never know who you might meet at the neighborhood cleanup.

This week’s mantra: Participation is the invitation.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram @jaimeallycewright or subscribe to her newsletter.



Jaime Wright is an astrologer and writer based in NYC. She has been writing PureWow’s weekly and monthly horoscope columns since 2019, and also authors the cult favorite...