Your Monthly Horoscopes: January 2021

Twenty-twenty has finally come to pass, and who isn’t ready for a fresh start? Though last year was difficult to say the least, it did give us some much-needed perspective. 2021’s astrology isn’t quite as tumultuous, but it’s still no walk in the park. Personally, and collectively, we’re on the precipice of a lot of change.

January begins with Mercury, Venus and Mars all changing signs, which sets things up to feel totally different than how we left them in 2020 right off the bat. Mars enters slow, steady and stubborn Taurus on the 6th. Mercury enters innovative Aquarius, and Venus joins the sun in pragmatic Capricorn on the 8th. The new moon in Capricorn on the 13th is the moment to set big intentions for 2021. With careful planning, we can make our dreams come true.

Aquarius season begins on the 19th—happy birthday to all of our misunderstood-yet never disrespected babes from Oprah Winfrey to Harry Styles to Paris Hilton! (That those three are all Aquarians both makes no sense and makes all the sense in the world—just how Aquarius likes it!) The full moon in Leo on the 29th is a night to celebrate and could also bring some unexpected or shocking events.

To close out the month with a bang, Mercury goes retrograde on January 30th. Instead of fearing the inevitable interruptions, confusions and technological breakdowns, let’s embrace the pause and remember that there’s nothing wrong with taking things slow.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)


For you, Capricorn, 2021 really is a “new year, new me” vibe. Though there’s a lot of work to be done in regard to your finances as well as your values, you’re done with being so hard on yourself. Venus enters your sign on the 8th giving your confidence a major boost. Is it time to invest in some new looks for the home office? Then on the 13th, the new moon is in your sign so make self care a priority. Have you been slacking on your skincare regimen? Skipping Zoom yoga? Avoiding those morning pages? Do it for yourself! The full moon on the 29th brings a culmination to a joint investment or collaboration. Are you taking on projects that truly reflect your values? If it no longer works, there’s no shame in walking away.

Love Horoscope: Action planet Mars moves into your romance sector on the 6th, cranking those flirty vibes up to a ten. Though you’re having fun, it’s important not to let your guard down, especially on the 20th when a date that seems promising takes an unexpected turn. If you’re partnered, the full moon on the 29th comes with a revelation about your relationship. The secret’s out and now you have to clean up the mess together.

Money Horoscope: With Saturn and Jupiter now in your financial sector, get ready to make money moves, especially once Aquarius season begins on the 19th. Remember that power often comes with way too much responsibility. Mercury retrograde begins on the 30th and should be used to evaluate your budgets and adjust your expectations. Stability isn’t easy.

10 aquarius

It’s all about you this month, dear Aquarius. Though you’re used to chiming in from the sidelines, now you can’t help but be center stage. You do get a brief respite at the new moon on the 13th which falls in your unconscious sector, giving you time to reflect and retreat. How can you implement rest now that the pressure is on? You only get one day off the grid because Uranus stations direct on the 14th bringing a sudden shift to your family or living situation. Would you be happier living in a smaller place and paying way less rent? It’s worth thinking about. Your season begins on the 19th and that’s when things really start moving. You’re feeling the pressure to perform—especially on the 23rd and 28th. Remember that everyone is looking up to you for a reason.

Love Horoscope: Though this month —and to be real, this year!—is very much all about you, January also has some romance in store. The full moon on the 29th is an auspicious day to lock down your cuffing season boo or just plan a romantic evening with your partner.

Money Horoscope: On the 11th, you have an opportunity to pay off a loan or consolidate some debt that is a game changer for your credit score and also somehow, your self confidence! Get back in contact with clients or business contacts who fell off your radar when Mercury stations retrograde on the 30th. There are people are waiting to give you money!

11 pisces

For better or for worse, 2021 is very My Year of Rest and Relaxation for you, dear Pisces. With your ruling planet Jupiter gliding through your unconscious sector, it’s time to expand your relationship to stillness and rest. But before you totally retreat, the new moon on the 13th is a moment to set goals for your social life. How can you stay involved while giving yourself space? Though you’ve struggled with not feeling like you’re a part of things for the last few years, you do have a roster of solid friends. Around the 28th, consider inviting some of your favorite people into your world whether that’s a literal cabin in the woods or telling them about a top-secret creative idea of yours. Isolation doesn’t have to be lonely.

Love Horoscope: Whether your partner is out of town or your usual hookups are leaving you on read, you just aren’t getting the love you need this month. This gets especially tough once Mercury stations retrograde on the 30th. Hang in there though and pay attention to the new connections that are coming into your life. Your friends can provide comfort.

Money Horoscope: Mars finally leaves your finance sector on the 6th after six months of money being a constant stressor. A new income stream comes into the picture around the 20th, and whether it involves writing, speaking or community organizing, you’re earning money through your ideas. To close out the month, the full moon on the 29th illuminates what isn’t working in your daily routine. How can you make your workflow work for you?

12 aries

Your ruling planet Mars finally leaves your sign and enters Taurus on the 6th. After six months of being hot and bothered, you’re feeling way less pressured to “make something of yourself.” Now it’s just your spending habits that cause daily stress! This is the perfect time to declutter, sell your old boots on DePop and figure out what you really need to feel successful. Then use the new moon on the 13th to set goals for your career. No more feeling underappreciated! By the time Aquarius season begins on the 19th, you’re finding your way as a valuable part of the team. On the 23rd, a sweet note from a coworker makes you feel like your effort has been worth it.

Love Horoscope: With Venus entering Capricorn on the 8th, both you and your lover are more focused on work than you are on each other. Take some time—particularly on the 29th–—to close your laptops and do something indulgent together. If you’re single, a hot prospect comes through with a super romantic gesture on the 9th. When’s the last time you found someone swoon-worthy?

Money Horoscope: At the top of the month, you’re feeling jealous AF of a coworker who got a raise or started a booming Etsy business and seems to be swimming in cash. Focus on your own paper. Uranus—planet of sudden events—stationing direct on the 14th sparks a brilliant idea for a side hustle that starts to take shape after the 20th. Abundance comes when you’re open to it.

1 taurus

After feeling out of the loop for most of 2020, January gets you back into a groove. Venus moves into sensible Capricorn on the 8th, and you’re inspired to dream bigger than you could have imagined last year. Whether you’re starting grad school, teaching a class or looking into publishing, the new moon on the 13th helps you realize that it’s possible to make an impact. Not just on your close social circle, but on your larger community. The full moon on the 29th brings a culmination to an ongoing saga with your family or living situation. Get cozy in some fancy pajamas and celebrate your toxic roommate moving out or your mom finally apologizing for her freak out at Zoom Christmas. You’re finally letting yourself feel at home!

Love Horoscope: Good news, Taurus. After six months of feeling totally disconnected from your partner—and other people in general—Mars moves into your sign on the 6th. Suddenly, you’re getting all the attention! If you’re still feeling tense about last year’s miscommunications, things could explode on the 20th. Remember that you have more power than you think you do. Be gentle.

Money Horoscope: With Mercury and the sun both moving through your career sector this month, you’re making moves to get ahead. Not only are you getting respect, you’re getting paid! If you’ve been eyeing a promotion, it could come as soon as the 23rd. If you’re starting a new job, make sure all of your paperwork is in before Mercury retrograde begins on the 30th as that transit is bound to cause delays on your direct deposit hitting your account.

2 gemini

The month begins with a lot of stress as you work through money issues with your partner. On the 4th, you get some unsettling news that causes you to rethink combining your resources. It’s hard to sit with this revelation but you’re better off knowing than staying in the dark. On the 8th, your ruling planet, Mercury, enters Aquarius and your focus shifts to travel, spirituality and education. What do you want to learn and where do you want to learn it? If you’ve already been looking into grad school or another kind of class, both the full moon on the 29th and Mercury stationing retrograde on the 30th could bring some exciting options to the table. Hold out on committing to anything until next month when Mercury goes direct.

Love Horoscope: With luck planet Jupiter now in your house of travel and foreign affairs, you might be pining for a long-distance lover, crushing on your professor or plotting how to safely get overseas with your boo. Both the 11th and 17th are auspicious days to connect with someone who feels far away.

Money Horoscope: You’re in such a better place with your finances than you were at this time last year. Don’t take that for granted! A life-changing loan or investment opportunity comes your way on the 4th, but you have to act quickly to make it happen. Don’t worry about those credit card bills from the holidays that you’re still paying off. It will get handled in time. Focus on consolidating your resources and getting into the good kind of debt.

3 cancer

With Mars exiting your career sector on the 6th, you’re able to slow down and realize that maybe you don’t need to push so hard to get ahead. Maybe the job of your dreams is the one you already have…with a little salary negotiation. Venus moves into your partnership sector on the 8th and then the new moon on the 13th is an invitation to set goals in your relationship. How do you want to grow and build more stability together? There are opportunities throughout the month to get more involved with your community, especially on the 9th, 20th and 23rd. Perhaps the commitment you most need to renew is your commitment to progress. Grab some friends and get to volunteering!

Love Horoscope: Venus enters Capricorn on the 8th, bringing some much-needed positivity to your intimate relationships. If you’ve been feeling especially worn-down by the difficulties of the last few years, the new moon on the 13th lets you renew your literal or figurative vows with your love. If you’re single, this lunation is also perfect for getting clear about what you really want in a partner. You don’t need to make any more exceptions.

Money Horoscope: Whether you’re building a collaborative business or making a big purchase with your partner, 2021 is all about joint investments. If you’ve been holding off on paperwork, use the energy of the sun meeting authoritative Saturn on the 23rd to sign on the dotted line. You might be pleasantly surprised by the balance in your account at the full moon on the 29th when some direct deposits finally hit. Treat yourself!

4 leo

Capricorn season has you doing nothing but work. By the end of this month, you’ll be running your day like a well-oiled machine. With Mars moving into your career sector on the 6th, you’re also getting tons of opportunities. Use the new moon on the 13th to evaluate your routines and set healthy habits. Now’s the time to prioritize what feels good in your body. The full moon on the 29th is in your sign, so why not make a scene? Get glammed up and make an entrance wherever you go. Even if the only person you chat with that day is your favorite cashier at the grocery store. Don’t waste this boost of self confidence! You might make someone else’s day.

Love Horoscope: With Venus in your romance sector through the 8th, you start the month feeling fun and flirty, but once the sun moves into Aquarius on the 19th, you have to leave the courtship stage and get serious. If you’ve been unsure where you stand with someone, clarity comes on the 23rd or 28th. Both of you might change your mind though with Mercury stationing retrograde in your partnership sector on the 30th. Don’t rush into anything.

Money Horoscope: While you’re examining your routines, don’t forget about your budget! If you’re the type who avoids checking your balance, build that habit now. It can feel redundant, but things grow when you pay attention to them. An unexpected career development around the 13th may also put you in the position to have more cash on hand than usual. Get ahead of it now.

5 virgo

January is all about the fine line between doing what you want and doing what’s required. Your ruling planet, Mercury, begins the month in your pleasure sector, putting romance on your mind. And on the 4th, whether you’re embracing your inner child or having the time of your life on a promising date, you realize that pleasure should always be a given. Then on the 8th, Mercury moves into Aquarius, and your focus shifts to your daily grind. Throughout the rest of the month, you’re facing constant challenges in the workplace and an extremely simple task might throw you for a loop when Mercury stations retrograde on the 30th. Read all of the instructions twice! The full moon on the 29th falls in your unconscious sector so use it to shamelessly go off the grid. You deserve a break.

Love Horoscope: With Venus gliding into your dating sector on the 8th, things are heating up. The love planet connects with Mars on the 9th encouraging you to make the first move so by the new moon on the 13th, you have the confidence to seal the deal. Though Venus’ meeting with Pluto on the 28th has you feeling anxious or obsessive about the future, isn’t it fun to go off the deep end sometimes?

Money Horoscope: Projects you’ve been working on for months finally start to gain traction around the 9th or 13th and this time, your hard work comes with a huge payoff. At the very least, you’re in a position to become better known in your field and have many opportunities coming your way. Explore all your options now.

6 libra

As January begins, you’re incredibly busy checking in with old friends and planning your sister’s Zoom baby shower. But on the 8th, Venus moves into calm, collected Capricorn and you spend the rest of the month in deep hibernation. You’re finally loving where you live and getting along better with your family, so now it’s time to make your house into a home. The new moon on the 13th is an invitation to claim all the things you want for your space. Once Aquarius season begins on the 19th, you start exploring creative endeavors or spending more time with your kids. It’s not a waste of time to have fun. The full moon on the 29th is the most social night you’ve had since before the pandemic. Don’t be shy about getting involved with your community.

Love Horoscope: 2021 is going to be a huge year for your romantic life. You’re ready to leave all of your toxic hookups on read and find yourself the partner of your dreams. On the 23rd, you risk it and ask a once casual fling if they want to get serious. Even if this isn’t the person you’d usually date, have any of those people ever worked out anyway?

Money Horoscope: Mars enters your shared resources sector on the 6th. If you’ve been skipping payments or avoiding a negotiation, it has to be handled this month. You may get an unpleasant surprise on the 20th when you lose a freelance client or realize you have an egregious outstanding dental bill. Paying off this kind of debt is going to require a creative solution so don’t be shy—crowdsource your friends for advice.

7 scorpio

Since last June, you’ve been working yourself to the bone. But on the 6th, Mars enters Taurus, and you finally feel accomplished enough to let yourself take a break. If only for a minute. The new moon on the 13th is your opportunity to evaluate the toil of the last six months and set new limits for your schedule and communications. Give all your attention to your boyfriend or your BFF and leave everyone else on read. When Aquarius season begins on the 19th, you’re going to want to spend way more time at home. The next few years are going to crack open your relationship to comfort. What are the first steps to creating your ideal private world?

Love Horoscope: Mars moves into your relationship sector on the 6th and suddenly all of your energy is going to your partner. You get so much pleasure from taking care of your loved ones, but their neediness may be sucking you dry. Mars clashes with Uranus on the 20th bringing an unexpected development to this story. Whether you’re breaking up or suddenly getting serious about someone you thought would never be the one, everything is happening very quickly. Remember to advocate for your needs too.

Money Horoscope: The full moon in Leo on the 29th marks a huge moment for your career and public image. Seeds that were planted during the new moon on August 18, 2020 are starting to sprout. Whether you get a call back about your dream job or finally convince your boss to be more charitable with PTO, you’re definitely getting set up to thrive.

8 sagittarius

Twenty-twenty-one is all about expanding your reach, whether that’s on social media, through communications at work or building a solid chosen family. January begins with love planet Venus in your sign, and you’re definitely feeling pretty. Take advantage of this transit—through the 8th—and slap on some makeup for those Zoom meetings. Though most of this month is very busy, you’re particularly crazed on both the 17th and the 23rd. Usually, most of your free time is spent on long trips and intellectual deep dives but this year, you’re going to expand your mind through staying where you are. The full moon on the 29th lights up your travel and spirituality sector. Though you can’t go on a vacation, celebrate the occasion by ordering some Japanese takeout and watching a foreign film. You don’t have to go far to dream big.

Love Horoscope: Since last summer, you’ve been struggling with romance. Whether your partner has been out of town or your hookup buddy has been in constant crisis, what used to light you up is now a source of stress. This all changes after the 6th though and on the 9th, you solidify a relationship that has always felt like a question mark. Just stay honest and communicative as misunderstandings are possible after Mercury stations retrograde on the 30th.

Money Horoscope: The new moon on the 13th falls in your money sector and marks a fresh start for not only your finances but your self esteem as well. You really are worth it so why not dress like you are? This month is a great opportunity to update your wardrobe and shape up your home office. Surround yourself with abundance and you’ll feel rich.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram, @jaimeallycewright, or subscribe to her newsletter.



Jaime Wright is an astrologer and writer based in NYC. She has been writing PureWow’s weekly and monthly horoscope columns since 2019, and also authors the cult favorite...