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We’re pretty tired of shelling out hundreds of dollars a year on tampons and pads—not to mention their negative environmental impact. So when we learned that special underwear for periods works just as well as its disposable counterparts, we were kinda excited (yes, even about that time of the month).

Just like tampons and pads, period underwear works by absorbing menstrual blood. And no, they aren’t bulky or diaper-like at all (we promise). They look just like your fave thong or boy briefs, but they’re made from super-absorbent fabric to keep you feeling dry and leak free. Most pairs can hold as much as two to three tampons, which means they’ll last the whole day (unless your flow is super heavy).

But not all period underwear is created equal. And the last thing we want is a pair that underperforms. So we did our research, scoured reviews and found the best of the best. Here are the eight best pairs of period underwear for every need—heavy, light and all the days in between.

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1. Thinx Hiphugger Underwear

Best for: Lighter days

This full-coverage pair was Thinx’s OG iteration back in 2015, and it’s still a best seller—which says a lot. They’re made from an ultra-soft nylon-elastane blend that holds up to two regular tampons’ worth of blood. And the comfy lace waistband is most welcomed…especially when you’re feeling uncomfortable and bloated. Wear these on lighter days or as a backup for your tampon or menstrual cup if you’re nervous about leaks.

Available in sizes: XS - XL

Buy It ($34)


2. Knix The Dream Short

Best for: Overnight use

There’s nothing worse than waking up on your period and realizing that you’ve stained your favorite sheets. But thanks to these babies, you no longer have to worry about that. They can absorb three tampons’ worth of blood and are made with patented leakproof technology so you’ll stay fresh and dry all night. Sweet dreams.

Available in sizes: S - XXXL

Buy It ($38; $30)


3. Knix CoreLove Leakproof Postpartum High Waist Panties

Best for: New moms

Ditch the ugly hospital underwear stat, because Knix has you covered. This high-rise pair is made with velvet compression bands that will give your core some extra support and stability. Psst, it features an extra-long gusset that’ll catch postpartum leaks.

Available in sizes: XS - XXL

Buy It ($$36; $29)


4. Bambody Absorbent Hipster

Best for: Workout wear

That time of the month shouldn’t keep you from being active, and these undies make sure that it won’t. Silky-smooth bamboo fabric and a front-to-rear leakproof layer ensure that you’ll be comfy and period protected while you sweat it out. Best of all? They’re cheaper than most period underwear, so you can invest in a few pairs without breaking the bank.

Available in sizes: XXS - XL

$15 at Amazon


5. Thinx Period Proof High Waist Panties

Best for: Heavy days

Contrary to popular belief, period underwear isn’t just for your light days. According to Thinx’s site, these are your best bet for heavier days. Plus, the high-waist mesh design will help you feel less bloated. They’re pretty sexy too. “They make me feel confident and sexy even when I’m bleeding,” one reviewer writes. We’re all for it.

Available in sizes: XS - XL

Buy It ($38)


6. Yoyi Fashion Bamboo Viscose Fiber Menstrual Leakproof Panties

Best for: Saving $$$

Investing in multiple pairs of period underwear doesn’t have to cost a pretty penny. In fact, this set of five from Amazon costs just $27. Now you can have a pair for every day of your cycle with ease.

Available in sizes: XS - 3XL

$27 at Amazon


7. Thinx Period Proof Cotton Briefs

Best for: Comfort

When we’re on our period, we just want to cuddle up with a hot water bottle and relax. So underwear that make us feel restricted and uncomfortable? No thank you. That’s why we love these cotton briefs. Plush organic cotton makes them so soft that we’re tempted to wear them all month long.

Available in sizes: XS - XL

Buy It ($34)

Dear Kate

8. Dear Kate Ada Thong

Best for: Wearing with leggings

Yeah, you can wear a thong smack-dab in the middle of your period. And a cute one at that. Say goodbye to your old blood-stained underwear. This thong has three layers of breathable, leak-resistant, stain-releasing fabric to get the job done. Just note that it only absorbs one light tampon’s worth, so plan accordingly.

Available in sizes: XS - XL

Buy It ($32)

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