The 8 Best Period Subscription Boxes on the Internet (That Feature More Than Just Tampons)

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It’s like clockwork: Every 30 days (or so), we have to make a late-night trek to CVS because, oh, look at that, we’re down to our last tampon. Frankly, we’re over it. So we’ve made the decision to leave the tampon and pad restocking duties to the pros (and no, that isn’t code for asking our partner to do it). We’re talking about period subscription boxes.

Whether you’re looking for a basic box that contains the exact ratio of regular and super tampons you need each month (yes, that’s a thing) or one that comes stuffed with extra goodies like chocolate and beauty products, there’s a period subscription box for you. Here, the eight best period subscription boxes on the internet.

The 50 Best Subscription Boxes for Everyone

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1. lola

Each person’s flow varies throughout their cycle, but all the major period care brands still offer limited options when it comes to light, regular, super and super plus combination boxes. Lola solves that problem. You can select exactly how many tampons or pads you’d like at each absorbency, and they’ll deliver them to your door every four to eight weeks, depending on your preference. Shipping is free on every order, and you’ll get 15 percent off if you’re a first-time customer.

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Athena Club

2. athena Club

Sure, you need tampons and pads every month. But you probably buy other essentials like deodorantrazors and body wash on the reg as well. Thanks to Athena Club, you can get all those necessities in one easy box. Simply select each item, how often you’d like to get it (every two, three or four months) and let Athena Club handle the rest. It doesn’t hurt that the packaging is pretty too.

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3. rose War Panty Power

Each box contains 15 organic pads and/or tampons, two new pairs of underwear and three to five lifestyle gifts (they vary each month, from skincare to home decor). Simply share your size, age and period product preferences so they can curate a box tailored to your needs. “I received this box a while back as a gift and absolutely loved it! I’ve tried every period box, and this was by far my favorite,” one Cratejoy user raves.

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4. lady Box

Want easy access to organic feminine care products, snacks and comfort items during that time of the month? Then this subscription box is for you. Simply choose the Lady Box that best fits your needs. They vary from “Basic Lady Needs,” which comes with organic pads and/or tampons, panty liners, hygiene wipes, an organic snack and an organic comfort item, to “Pampered AF Lady Box,” which features the same basics plus three organic snacks and five organic comfort items. Finally, a subscription box that changes based on how high- or low-maintenance we’re feeling.

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5. happygal Monthly

Full transparency: When we’re on our period, all we want is a box of our favorite cookies to eat in bed. And HappyGal Monthly gets that. Their monthly delivery includes your customized supply of tampons, pads and liners as well as a bag of your favorite treats and one to three surprise beauty gifts, selected from your list of favorite brands. Just make sure to pick the HappyGal Monthly Original Plan to ensure you get the add-ons.

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6. shark Week Survival Kit

We’re partial to this particular subscription box because they prioritize sourcing their contents from small, female-owned businesses—save for mainstream chocolate brands, of course. Each package contains ten organic pads and/or tampons, three panty liners, two ibuprofen tablets, feminine wipes, a chocolate bar, a backup pair of underwear and additional self-care items like a soothing tea or a candle. One woman dubs the Shark Week Survival Kit’s contents “thoughtful” explaining, “I gifted this to my young daughter and she loves it. She says it makes her feel so pampered.”

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Grove Collaborative

7. grove Collaborative

OK, so technically Grove Collaborative regularly ships all kinds of eco-friendly home and personal care products to your doorstep, but they do have a pretty extensive feminine care section. Select a menstrual product or two, and they’ll send them to you each month. But don’t worry, Grove Collaborative will send you a reminder before your items are shipped, so you can skip a month or cancel outright if you’re still working through your current supply.

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8. rael Period Care Subscription Box

The pads and liners you need, plus the natural personal care products (like pimple patches and sheet masks) you’ve been dying to try. Each month, Rael will send you a box complete with period products and new beauty and personal care items they’ve just launched. Just note that the tampon version of this kit is currently sold out.

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