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Your morning routine: The alarm goes off at 6. You hit snooze, oh, five times before finally crawling out of bed at 7. Then, instead of making lunch, meditating or doing any of that other stuff you promised yourself you’d do, you’re frantically running all over the house because you’re already late.

Tomorrow morning, it’s time make a clean break with the snooze alarm. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Place your alarm clock (or phone) near your bedroom door. (If your bed is by the door, place the alarm in a spot you can’t reach without getting up, like on your dresser.)

Step 2: Set your alarm to the time you actually need to wake up. No backup alarms or extra buffer time allowed.

Step 3: Hear alarm. Get up, walk across the room and turn it off. Go immediately through the door and into the bathroom to pee. (Hey, you’re awake now, aren’t you?) 

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