Your Monthly Horoscopes: April 2021

As April begins, we’re still in Aries season—making bold moves! Asserting ourselves! Saying goodbye to our inhibitions! Communication planet Mercury joins the party in the sign of the ram on the 3rd, further amplifying the fiery energy. We’re asking for what we want when we want it! The new moon in Aries arrives on the 11th and is a moment to proudly declare our intentions without worrying about anyone else’s feelings. This is not a time for tact.

Comfort takes the wheel on the 14th as love planet Venus enters Taurus. The last time Venus transited the fixed earth sign was during those halcyon days of early quarantine. Remember the sourdough starters, endless Netflix binges and quirky puzzles galore? When it all still seemed cozy and fun? Perhaps this year, we can experience some of these lovely vibes outside of the house! Both Mercury and the sun enter Taurus on the 19th as well, kicking off the season of the bull—happy birthday to our stubborn yet iconic bulls from Cher to Penelope Cruz to Cate Blanchett!

The month ends on a heavier note than it began as action planet Mars leaves chatty Gemini for sensitive Cancer on the 23rd. Under this influence, we tend to go into every conflict (or really, every conversation) with our hearts on our sleeve, so get ready for some teary Zooms! The full moon in Scorpio on the 26th also clears out any of our lingering resentments like a cosmic pore scrub.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

12 aries

It’s still your season, Aries so enjoy it while it lasts! You hit peak confidence and self-expression when Mercury scoots into your sign on the 3rd, so don’t hold back any of those hot takes. At the new moon on the 11th, set intentions for how you’ll keep prioritizing self-care, even when all eyes aren’t on you. Your ruling planet, Mars, moves into sensitive Cancer on the 23rd which brings the heat to your living situation. Your unruly roommate is causing drama and disrupting any semblance you had of a routine. This tension may have you consider moving (to a new apartment or a new city) and you might be surprised how quickly the plan comes together over the next few weeks. No matter how you spin it, you’re being literally or metaphorically uprooted.

Love Horoscope: Though this month is more self-focused than relationship-focused, some tension builds with your partner from the 11th through the 17th when you’re extremely fixated on work. If you can’t close your laptop for even one meal, how are you ever going to solve the problems in your partnership?

Money Horoscope: Money planet Venus dips into your finance sector on the 14th and for once, you’re not cringing when you peek at your checking account balance. Then on the 26th, the full moon in Scorpio brings a huge boost to joint business income or your stock portfolio. Though you aren’t known for your patience, investments you made back in October are paying off now.

1 taurus

With the sun, Mercury and Venus traveling through your unconscious sector at the top of the month, you’re getting lots of extra sleep and feeling generally disconnected from the world. Sure, you see your coworkers on Zoom everyday but when was the last time you really got involved in their lives? It feels good to lay low, doesn’t it? Enjoy the vacation from reality—which peaks at the new moon on the 11th—while you can. Once your ruling planet Venus moves into your sign on the 14th, things start moving quickly and change is the only constant. Use your season (from the 19th) to update your wardrobe, upgrade your skincare and finally get back to therapy. Self-care is worth the investment.

Love Horoscope: Whether you’re single or taken, the full moon in Scorpio on the 26th brings all of your unhealthy relationship dynamics to the surface. Scorpios don’t stop until they get to the heart of a situation, so if you’ve been avoiding a conversation with a new partner, it’s time to get real.

Money Horoscope: While you’re feeling pretty out to lunch for the first half of the month, avoid buying things beyond what you need. You’re bound to make some purchases you later regret. (Do you really summer Uggs?) Once your season begins on the 19th, you’re much more in touch with your own aesthetics and are ready to splurge on your wellbeing.

2 gemini

With Mercury—your ruling planet—running around the zodiac at the top speed (just the way you like it, TBH), your month can be divided into three distinct eras. The first era (through the 3rd) is career-focused with some vital boss energy. The second era is for networking and getting back in touch with friends. This peaks around the new moon on the 11th when an awkward situation reminds you to be intentional about who you connect with. (Repeat after me: You don’t need to be friends with everyone.) Finally, the third era starts on the 19th and is a time for you to rest and relax. Use Taurus season to take a break from your group chats and catch up on your reading.

Love Horoscope: This month is more about friends than lovers, but if you’ve been harboring a crush, you may have no choice but to blurt out your feelings when Mars connects with Jupiter on the 17th. You’re not usually one to hold your tongue, but you’ve been waiting for the perfect atmosphere for this romantic gesture. Take the leap!

Money Horoscope: Mars moves into Cancer and your personal income sector on the 23rd which means you might be spending way more money than you have. Though the second part of the month is for taking a break, you might have to pick up some extra work at the full moon on the 26th to fund all those splurges.

3 cancer

You’re all business at the top of the month as the sun, Mercury and Venus move through your career sector. Though you’re usually the friend and family member who everyone comes running to for emotional support, you just don’t have the time. At the new moon on the 11th, you’re ready to release all the things that have been holding you back from your dream job. This might include letting go of relationships that you’ve outgrown along the way. Taurus season begins on the 19th and has you focused on networking and community building. How can you get more involved in making a difference in your little corner of the world?

Love Horoscope: Though this month is all business, the full moon on the 26th falls in your pleasure sector and could be a wonderfully romantic night. If you’ve been seeing someone new, this evening could make or break your connection.

Money Horoscope: You’re working way more than usual this month, which hopefully corresponds with extra compensation. If you work freelance, Taurus season (from the 19th) is the best opportunity you’ve had all year to connect with new clients and colleagues. As the sun (ego) meets Uranus (shock and awe) on the 30th, you’re pleasantly surprised when a friend picks up the tab for your expensive website relaunch.

4 leo

Whether you’re super religious or a diehard atheist, life is feeling spiritual these days. Maybe you’re getting to know your future in-laws who take religion much more seriously than you—who knew there were so many steps to a Passover Seder? At the new moon on the 11th, you’re inspired to make a whole ritual out of setting your intentions for the month ahead. Lighting candles, calling in cosmic guidance: You want it all. Then on the 19th, Taurus season begins and, though you don’t totally forego your spiritual growth, you’re much more focused on the material world. Your career to be exact. Big changes are coming for your public image that might even uproot your living situation around the full moon on the 26th.

Love Horoscope: In the second part of the month (from the 19th), your super focused on work and getting ahead which could cause a rift with your partner. This all comes to a climax around the 25th when he gives you an ultimatum about the relationship. If you decide to stick it out, the boundaries you put in place—like no work calls on the weekend—will benefit you in the long run.

Money Horoscope: Mercury is the planet of communication but also of commerce, and as it moves at lightning speed around the zodiac this month, you’re finding lots of opportunities to bring in more cash. After the 19th when Mercury hits your career sector, push for a raise, higher rates from your clients or better hours.

5 virgo

With your ruling planet Mercury moving like a busy bee through the zodiac, this month is divided into three distinct sections. Through the 3rd, you’re closing out some confusing relationship issues that came up in March. Get ready for some final tears! After the 3rd, you’re focused on settling debts and working out the details of a business partnership, especially around the new moon on the 11th. Then on the 19th, Mercury glides into Taurus, shifting your focus to travel and higher learning. A serendipitous opportunity to get away (or take a course or training you’ve been eyeing for years) comes up on the 24th. Take the chance while you can!
Love Horoscope: Chatty Mercury connects with life-changing Pluto on the 2nd and if there’s a deep conversation you’ve been avoiding with your partner (or a friend with benefits), the floodgates open and you get it all out.

Money Horoscope: Through the 14th—while money planet Venus is in Aries—you’re all about sorting through your debts and negotiating better loan terms. At the new moon on the 11th, you’re ready to make a huge investment. Whether that’s moving into a larger apartment with your boyfriend or launching a new service with your business partner, there’s going to be a lot of maintenance. Trust that it’s worth it!

6 libra

As the month begins, you’re either feeling super loved or super suffocated by all the attention you’re getting. Or both! You’re putting all of your energy into your relationships whether it’s throwing an amazing second annual Zoom birthday for your BFF or rapidly falling in love with someone who you thought would just be a fling. Your ruling planet Venus moves into Taurus on the 14th which shifts the focus to joint resources as well as shared debts. A loan or business investment that was giving you problems in January and February finally works itself out—in an unexpected way—around the 22nd when Venus meets innovative Uranus. It turns out that working collaboratively is much easier than trying to do everything by yourself.

Love Horoscope: If you’ve been feeling like you need to hit the reset button on your relationships, you get the opportunity at the new moon on the 11th. You’ve done a lot of work over the last month to let go of toxic entanglements and lingering crushes and now’s the time to focus on partnerships that really support your needs. The final test is when a hookup who drives you crazy contacts you on the very same day. Find the strength to ignore the message.

Money Horoscope: Though Taurus season (from the 19th) puts a focus on your joint finances, the full moon on the 26th is a culminating moment for your personal resources. Let yourself receive this abundance without questioning your worth.

7 scorpio

April, for you, is for figuring out sustainable routines. It’s about sipping instead of scrolling. It’s about finding a work-life balance when you actually live at work. It’s so hard, but we promise it’s worth it. The new moon on the 11th falls in your daily grind sector and is the perfect moment to really commit to a healthier lifestyle. Then your ruling planet Mars moves into Cancer on the 23rd increasing both your curiosity and your wanderlust. How can you make that dream trip into a reality by turning it into a toe-dip trip? It’s time to start plotting. The full moon on the 26th is in your sign so treat yourself. What do you need that no one else can give you?

Love Horoscope: Taurus season begins on the 19th and for you this is all about relationships. But not in the way you expected. With Venus in Taurus as well, you’re really feeling loved and appreciated by your partner, but you’re also feeling like you’ve fallen into a rut. How can you liven things up? Use the full moon in your sign on the 26th to assert what you really need.

Money Horoscope: With Mars in your debts and taxes sector through the 23rd, you’re working through the toughest part of getting a lease, acquiring a loan or budgeting for a home improvement project. Just when you’re thinking you can’t afford the dream, money comes through as Mars connects with Jupiter on the 17th. Miracles do happen!

8 sagittarius

April is divided into two very distinct periods for you, Sagittarius. The first part of the month (Aries season) is all sunshine. Whether you’re spending extra time with your kids, going on some whirlwind dates or deep in a creative project, you’re feeling the full vibrancy of spring! Enjoy it while you can—especially around the new moon on the 11th. Once Taurus season begins on the 19th, April showers (and those grey days) arrive and all you do is work. How can you optimize your routine to improve not only your work but your health? The full moon on the 26th is a chance to rest and take a break from the daily grind.

Love Horoscope: As mentioned, Aries season is all romance and risk-taking for you, peaking at the new moon on the 11th. But if what you’re looking for is a committed partner, that could be more difficult to find. If you’re already partnered up, your person is likely on the move and hard to pin down this month, especially after the 19th when things get busy for you too.

Money Horoscope: Your cash flow has been totally under control this year which is why it could be a shock when Mars moves into Cancer on the 23rd, bringing issues with loans or debts to your attention. Maybe the deal you got on that car loan wasn’t so amazing after all. Things will work out eventually but only after much negotiation. Start making those calls now!


As much as you want to get out and enjoy the warmer weather and the light at the end of the tunnel of this pandemic, you keep getting stuck at home. Whether it’s construction on your house, an extended visit from your in-laws or a trip to see your mom, you can’t seem to get outside. Luckily, once Taurus season begins on the 19th, you get some recreational activity back in your life. Even frisbee with the dog in the park sounds amazing at this point! By the full moon on the 26th, you’re feeling a social groove while already wondering when you’ll next get the chance to hibernate.

Love Horoscope: Things have been pretty stable in your relationship (or you’ve been living your best single life), but that all changes when Mars goes into your partnership sector on the 23rd. Get ready for conflicts you’ve been avoiding to surface with lots of emotional late night chats. If you survive the next six weeks, your relationship only gets stronger.

Money Horoscope: 2021 has truly been your year of saving. On some days, you feel like you’re rolling in cash and on other days, you feel like you’ll never catch up to your financial goals. For example: At the new moon on the 11th, you’re celebrating finally saving that down payment only to realize once Taurus season begins on the 19th that you need to start thinking about a college fund for your kids.

10 aquarius

Everyone needs your attention right now, or at least that’s how it feels. With the planets piling up in Aries and your communication sector, your inbox is constantly full, and your BFF is calling six times a day about her recent breakup. Use the new moon on the 11th to set some stricter boundaries around your time. Don’t feel guilty for going on “Do Not Disturb!” Taurus season begins on the 19th and could bring major changes to your living situation. Whether you’re optimizing your home office or literally packing up to move to a different city, nothing is staying the same.

Love Horoscope: With action planet Mars bringing the heat to your relationship sector for most of the month, you’re getting more action than you have in a long time. Though you’re living your best life while playing the field, on the 17th, you find yourself ready to commit after the first date. Maybe getting serious is the ultimate kink.

Money Horoscope: A huge moment for your career arrives with the full moon in Scorpio on the 26th. Seeds you planted at the new moon back in October are blooming and you’re finally getting the recognition you deserve. Though this may not financially pay off until later this year, you’ve got the momentum to build something now.

11 pisces

As April begins, you’re all about increasing your assets and enjoying the abundance that comes with it. Through the new moon on the 11th, there’s nothing getting in the way of this lifestyle. If you want a bottle of natural wine, you’re getting a bottle of natural wine. Once Taurus season begins on the 19th, your schedule starts filling up and you realize that none of this wealth means anything if you can’t manage your time. All the budgeting and scheduling pays off at the full moon on the 26th when you get the perfect offer to take a course or get away.

Love Horoscope: If you’re in a relationship, your partner is both very busy and very frugal this month. It’s harshing your abundance mindset! If you’re single and feeling out of the loop, things heat up for you romantically once Mars goes into Cancer on the 23rd.

Money Horoscope: At the new moon on the 11th—after weeks of sorting through your bank statements and settling old debts—you want to leave all your past financial mistakes behind. But not so fast! On the 16th and 17th, you must pay the last of an egregious medical bill or finally sort out who owes what with an ex-roommate. Only then can you truly start over.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram , @jaimeallycewright, or subscribe to her newsletter.



Jaime Wright is an astrologer and writer based in NYC. She has been writing PureWow’s weekly and monthly horoscope columns since 2019, and also authors the cult favorite...