3 Ways to Build Self-Confidence, According to an Expert

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Confidence coach and author Tiwalola Ogunlesi is giving us the 411 on how to be more confident, and we're already taking notes.

In the latest episode of 3 with Me, a YouTube series that walks you through how to achieve certain goals in three smart and easy steps, PureWow Creator Kate sat down with Ogunlesi to discuss the best ways to build self-confidence. Together, the pair addressed body neutrality, imposter syndrome and the power of journaling when it comes to keeping a positive mindset.

Watch the video below to see Kate’s full interview and keep scrolling for a few highlights from their talk.

3 Ways To Be More Confident:

Tip 1: Articulate what your strengths are

As Ogunlesi says, simply acknowledging your best skills or strongest qualities can be "empowering words and ammunition" against negativity. She told Kate, "Think about moments when you've been proud of yourself. What strengths did you demonstrate in those moments? Think of your degree if you have one, or your first job. What strengths did you demonstrate? Create a list of all your different strengths. That's the first step because the foundation to confidence is knowing what strengths you have inside of you."

Tip 2: Know what you're passionate about

It sounds simple enough, but it's a powerful way to shift your mindset and boost your confidence. "What sets your heart on fire? What gets you energized? What makes you so angry that you want to do something about it? Because when you know what you're passionate about and you know what really matters to you, you create something called your power circle," Ogunlesi said. "Your power circle is where your strengths, your passions and your values meet."

Tip 3: Practice gratitude

It's true what they say: An attitude of gratitude will get you far. Ogunlesi explained, "It is scientifically proven that people who look back at their life with a sense of accomplishment, feel more confident and optimistic about their future. So every day, I would write down three things that I'm grateful for. And that also begins to program your mind for positivity."

Looks like we'll be starting a gratitude journal.

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