3 Easy Ways to Knit Without Needles (Including Step-by-Step Instructions)

PureWow Creator Kate understands that knitting is “the Olympic sport for grandmas everywhere,” but she also acknowledges that it’s “not just for woman in the corner of a bus with a million bags.”

In the latest episode of 3 with Me, a YouTube series in which we show you the three smartest ways to do something, Kate reveals that knitting is no longer an age-restricted hobby—it’s a “cool” one. To prove her point, she walks viewers through three needle-free knitting techniques that don’t require any prior experience.

Watch this video to see Kate’s foolproof methods for yourself (and check out the instructions below).

3 easy ways to knit without needles:

Method 1: Floor Knitting

  1. Using yarn, create a basic loop knot. (Beginner tip: Start with a chunky material—like thick wool yarn.)
  2. Grab one end of the yarn and loop it through the knot you just tied, creating a new loop. Repeat this process to achieve a braid-like structure. (FYI, this will be the length of the piece, so you can customize to your liking.)
  3. Once it reaches the desired size, feed the yarn through the top of the braid to create—you guessed it—more loops. At the end of the piece, repeat the process in the other direction.
  4. When you reach your desired length, begin by creating two loops. Take the first loop and put it over the second. Repeat this process across the top to create a braid-like structure.
  5. Tie a knot and cut the yarn.

Method 2: Knitting Machine

  1. Thread the string through the black needle.
  2. Slowly crank the machine as you thread the string through each needle in an under-over pattern. Repeat this process until it’s fully threaded and reaches the black needle.
  3. Crank away! Turn the wheel until the piece reaches your desired length.
  4. When finished, cut the string but leave an extra-long piece on the end. Thread a plastic needle through the yarn.
  5. Slowly crank the machine, allowing the device to drop-stitch each stitch. With every dropped-stitch, thread the plastic needle through the loop. Repeat this process until the circle is complete.
  6. Remove the piece from the machine, tie a knot and enjoy!

Method 3: Finger Knitting

  1. Loop the yarn around your thumb and weave it through your fingers in an under-over pattern. Repeat this process four times to create a base that excludes your thumb.
  2. Grab the bottom loop and pull it over each finger.
  3. Next, take the yarn and weave it through your fingers, beginning with your pointer finger in an over-under-over pattern. When you reach your pinky, reverse the process in the same over-under-over pattern.
  4. Then, take the bottom loop and pull it over each finger. Repeat this process until you reach desired length.
  5. When you’re ready to tie-off, take the loop on your pointer finger and move it to your middle finger. Grab the bottom loop and pull it over your finger. Repeat this process until your reach your pinky. (It should create a braid-like structure.)
  6. Tie a knot and cut the yarn.

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