Gemini Introverts: What It Means When You’re the Sign of the Twins

It’s another one of those nights. You and your friends have had a few glasses of wine and the resident astrologer of the group starts giving everyone reads on their zodiac sign. True to type, your Capricorn friend is obviously the manager of everything, and your Taurus BFF provides all the snacks. But when it’s your turn, she sighs, “You just don’t really seem like a Gemini. Are you sure your parents aren’t lying about your birthday?”

Geminis are known for being gregarious and outgoing, always the class clown type. But you’re happy spending the night at home with a good book and a glass of Merlot. The truth is, not all Geminis are as wild as Stevie Nicks (May 26th) or as talkative as Kanye West (June 8th). Some Geminis do keep to themselves (think: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen—born on June 13th—huddled in their layers of designer garb, sipping Starbucks and refusing interviews with the press). Here’s what it means to be an introverted Gemini.

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1. You’re a Bookworm

Gemini is ruled by Mercury—the planet of writers and readers. As a Gemini, you’re like a curious child, always asking “Why?” Being more introverted though, you ask less of other people and choose to get lost in a novel instead. Whether you’re constantly checking out psychology books from the library, or keeping on top of all the latest bestselling fiction, you’re perpetually hungry for information. You’re likely the first person to declare her Reading Challenge on GoodReads every year and unlike your flaky Sagittarius friend, you actually pull through with your goal. You also love sending book recs to friends and come out of your shell a bit when you’re describing something you read and loved.

2. You’re a Total Nerd (and Probably Have a PhD.)

Geminis are smart—like, really smart. Once you become obsessed with something, you want to know everything about it, whether that’s collecting all the inside details on the making of Game of Thrones or completing a PhD. in Comparative Literature. Let’s face it: You probably have a few advanced degrees that you signed up for on a whim or at least have a DIY Masters from all those pop nonfiction books you’re constantly reading. Who needs an active social life when you’re vying to become an expert in everything?

3. You May Not Go to a Lot of Parties, But You’re Famous Online

You turn down a lot of party invitations because your gift of the gab translates better online than it does IRL. Seriously. Though you tend to clam up when an attractive stranger approaches you at a party, you have absolutely no problem flirting with mutuals on Twitter. You worry about other people judging your thoughts in the moment, but you never mind posting long, thoughtful captions on Instagram. Friends you’ve met online are probably shocked that your IRL persona is much more quiet, down to earth and reserved.

4. Your Sense of Adventure Comes Out in Relationships and With Those You Really Trust

Yes, you’re shy, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a sense of adventure. And though you might be satisfied with digging deep into the drama of Greek myth, you also like to go outside every so often. But because you (and even the more gregarious Geminis too) can find immense comfort in being alone, you need someone else to pull you out of the cave. Romance is always a wild ride for you and getting to know someone else one-on-one is one of your favorite intellectual undertakings. It’s in partnership (with a lover or your BFF) that you’re able to really let loose and perhaps do karaoke all night in a foreign city.

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