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Thanksgiving dinner is the gift that keeps on giving. First, you get to enjoy the best meal of the year, and then you have the luxury of eating delicious leftovers for days afterward. For those days, here are 11 unexpected recipes that use all the extras from your holiday table.

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Turkey Stromboli

This stuffed bread is way tastier than the average turkey sandwich.

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Eggs Baked with Stuffing

Breakfast is ready in four very simple steps.

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Butternut Squash and Goat Cheese Pasta Salad

Got leftover squash? Whip up this fall pasta salad.

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Cranberry Apple Danishes

Yesterday's cranberry sauce makes for a perfect dessert.

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Egg and Veggie Breakfast Bowl

Throw in some leftover brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes and call it breakfast (or lunch).

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Dutch Apple Pie Milk Shake

Don't let pie go stale (or worse, throw it out). Turn it into an epic milk shake.

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Waffle-Iron Sweet Potato Hash Browns

Grab your waffle maker to whip up a non-boring breakfast side dish.

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The Best Croutons Ever

Turn extra bread into croutons to throw into all those salads you plan to eat the week after Thanksgiving.

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Arugula, Kale and Broccoli Pesto

Transform any of these leftover green vegetables into pasta sauce.

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Sweet Potato Toast

Sub slices of sweet potato for bread for an energizing snack.

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Baked Eggs and Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are the perfect vessel for serving eggs.

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