This ‘Bachelor’ Star Almost Joined ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’

In honor of The Hills: New BeginningsBachelor alum Vanessa Grimaldi is opening up about the time she almost joined the reboot.

No, really. The 31-year-old reality star appeared on a recent episode of iHeartRadio’s Pratt Cast podcast, where she revealed The Hills producers contacted her about joining the show.

She said, “I don’t remember what his name was, but I get a message from someone saying hey and to give them a call for a new—well, I don’t even think they used the word new—but a reality TV show that they would be interested in me being a part of the cast.”

Grimaldi went on to explain how she fit into the picture, adding, “They said that they are looking for new faces for The Hills and asked if I was still living in L.A. and if I was single and what my work was like. Basically, some background information on what I’m doing and where I’m living.”

The Bachelor star also admitted that it came down to a lack of interest on her part. “I don’t think I seemed that interested,” she continued. “When you did a reality show you already know the back end of what happens behind the scenes. At that point, I was single and I’m not dating anyone. They were like, ‘You’d be the single girl coming on the show,’ and I was like, ‘I don’t want to be the single girl coming on the show and starting s--t between people.’”

Grimaldi originally appeared on season 21 of The Bachelor. Although she got engaged to Nick Viall during the finale, the pair called it off a few months later.

Sooo…does this mean Bachelor in Paradise is off the table?

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