Trader Joe’s Now Carries ‘Everything but the Bagel’ Dip (and Is This What Dreams Are Made Of?)

If you thought the vegan ranch dip was a hit, wait until you check out the next big party staple in town.

Trader Joe's is adding to the Everything but the Bagel family with a new Greek yogurt dip. The dip features the same components of our favorite seasoning (sesame seeds, sea salt, poppy seeds, garlic and onion) mixed with the Greek yogurt to make it a necessary upgrade for our party snacks.

Did we mention it's only 60 calories per serving? (We would've eaten it anyway, but nice to know it's somewhat healthy.)

While there's no information on when it'll be in stores nationwide, many fan accounts have showcased the creamy container, so only time will tell when we'll have it in our fridge.

Sorry hummus, it's time to take a back seat and let us double dip in peace (no judgment please).

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