You Have to Hear the ‘Super Wise’ Marriage Advice Jennifer Lopez Got from…Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

When you're a normal person, you get marital advice from your parents, married friends and the woman serving you coffee. When you're a famous person, you get marital advice from a Supreme Court justice.

While appearing on Good Morning America, Jennifer Lopez revealed the advice she recently received from 86-year-old U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Lopez, 50, explained that while she was on tour in Washington, D.C., she and her fiancé, former MLB star Alex Rodriguez, visited Ginsburg, who was happily married to husband Marty for more than 50 years before his death in 2010.

Jenny from the Block explained, "I was there with Alex and I was like, 'What’s the secret? Tell me something. I've been at this for a minute and I need some advice,'" Ginsburg's sage words? "She was just beautiful and she said, 'Sometimes it helps to be just a little bit deaf'—if you hear an unkind word, let it go.' It was super wise."

On Twitter, Lopez elaborated on her admiration for Justice Ginsburg, writing, "It was an honor to meet RBG… I so look up to her as a person, a woman, and a human being; but also as a wife, a working woman, and a passionate advocate for equality for women and minorities, the underprivileged of this country..."

The duo we never knew we needed.

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