J.Lo Gets Candid About Work/Life Balance & Implies She May Step Back from the Spotlight

Jennifer Lopez is getting candid about establishing a healthier work/life balance.

In the May edition of her newsletter, On the JLo, the 53-year-old singer and entrepreneur not only gave fans an intimate look at her relationship with Ben Affleck, but also, she discussed her desire to focus on her family. And something tells us that she might've been hinting at a possible career hiatus.

In the newsletter, she wrote, "It's super important for me, especially now, to prioritize my personal life and not just my work life. When I had kids 14 years ago was when I started thinking differently. Things changed for me. Little by little, my perspective has turned into a healthier work-life balance."

The Marry Me star, who was still engaged to Affleck at the time, also explained that she intends to set new boundaries and be more selective with her future projects. She continued, "Now that I'm getting married, it's about my family first and foremost. It’s about having enough time to be the woman, the mother, the partner and the person that I need to be for the important people in my life. It must be a very special project if it’s going to take time away from my family."

In a 2020 interview with WSJ magazine, Lopez echoed the same sentiments while speaking about an honest conversation she had with her twins, Max and Emme Muñiz. The star described it as "eye-opening" and revealed that it caused her to reassess her priorities. She said, "You thought you were doing OK, but you're rushing around and you're working and they're going to school and we're all on our devices...They need us in a different way. We have to slow down and we have to connect more. And, you know, I don't want to miss things."

It seems this may be Lopez's way of confirming that she will scale back on juggling so many projects (from her skincare line and fragrances to her new music and on-screen roles). Either way, Jenny from the Block will still have our full support.

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