Archie Was Given a New Name in South Africa, and This Is What It Means

He may be only 4 months old, but baby Archie is already on his first royal tour.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry brought Master Archie along on their historic royal tour of Africa, and the littlest Sussex has already received his first royal tour gifts (the milestones just keep on comin', you guys). The family of three touched down in Cape Town, South Africa—can you EVEN with that little hat?!—and Meghan and Harry attended their first two events: one in the Nyanga township and one to a museum.

On their first stop to Nyanga to visit the Justice Desk Project, the parents received a miniature black hoodie sweatshirt that read "Be a voice for justice," along with another very special gift for their 4-month-old.

"Archie was also given the gift of the name of Ntsika - the traditional Xhosa name which means pillar of strength," Rebecca English of The Daily Mail wrote on Twitter.

The executive director of the Justice Desk Project, Jessica Dewhurst, said that the grandmothers of Nyanga typically welcome newcomers by giving them a name in the traditional Xhosa dialect, according to Town & Country. Archie was given "Ntsika."

“The reason we chose that was mostly because Archie means the same thing that Ntsika does. So Archie means strength, it means bravery and the South African equivalent of that is Ntsika,” she told the magazine.

“When you get your traditional name it’s what you will look up to be. So when they give you a name it’s your wish for you and your future.”

Not even in Africa for two days and he's already the most popular royal on tour. Bravo, Archie...or should we say, Master Ntsika?

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